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Things didn't go, as planned, in the Crystal Empire. Sombra was defeated, but he used a clone to try and take the Crystal Heart. Now, he has Twilight Sparkle captive, and trying to force her to become his student. Celestia, stricken with grief, sends every pony she has to search for her valued student, who was like her daughter... Not knowing, another has come to help. A being that has been around far longer than any other. One that was old when Celestia was but a foal, and has sensed the trouble within Equestria. Knowing he could not physically help, the being decided to assist Twilight in learning a power that many consider dangerous... But it is, truly, the only way to defeat Sombra.

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Great Story 10 out of 10 :heart::derpytongue2::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

This is interesting, though, who is Mr. H?

What or where is Helfrion from?

6750969 *points at the Author's Note* Mr. H is a creation of mine. From a Novel I wrote and designed.

6750969 No au tag, so he's an OC.

I loved this story.:heart::heart::heart: The ending was so sad though it made me cry:fluttercry::raritycry:

7468471 I'm good that you liked it :3

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!

Good Job on this story.

I wish you wrote more of that story I am in if you are doing more!

Good Job on the story. : )

wow that was sad, and happy at the same time

It was obvious that Twilight Sparkle *The Element of Magic* would manage to control and use Shadow magic XD

Gee, Is Mr. H a hand of God, is he a the dark messiah, is he a vengeful one? I don't know why but his description reminds me of the guy.

Rereading over this story brought up memories....


Chapter 1: I laughed at the authors note XD

Chapter 2: was a neutral chapter, but built up a heck of a lot of suspence as most of your stories usually do XD

Chapter 3: I cried at the emotional pain twily was feeling. Like-cried cried, I kid you not I actually did - I'M AN EMOTIONAL PERSON OKAY!?!?! :applecry:

Chapter 4: I realized Mr. H probably says the word 'easy' a billion times



Chapter 7: I smile a sugar load at the happy moments, realized how much Mr. H says 'easy/easily' and laughed, cried at more of the sad moments and at the VERY end with the message.

All in all, this story tends to be one of those stories that you love at first when you read, and when you read it again for the second time after a while, its still just as good as when you first read it. I also realised how much I miss reading the older stories that are kinda just THERE in my favorites and that I don't tend to pay much attention to, espeshially when you go to a completely different genre you'll forget about the other good ones.

Either way its a pretty good story and full of feels and tears Xxx


pupil-… No, her segregate daughter.

I believe the word you are looking for is surrogate, instead of segregate.

AWESOME story, Wish there was a sequel.

Still it's interesting...
And useful

I-I deserve this…. I broke the ultimate rule of magic, never use it to kill. She thought, curling up in her position.

Is this a rule a Rule.
In the other side universes is recommended not to kill unless forced .

So by this is self defense

Sing to me, the song of Darkness… Sing into the Night. For the King has come. The King of Shadows has come.

Distirbed the Vengeful one


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