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He couldn't let this lie, not now. This was his chance to pay back the one person who truly changed his life. Red Mann didn't give him this assignment, Red Sniper made this one himself. The others will not help him on this, the skilled assassin decided this was a job he can only do himself. No other shall get involved, her life was his to save... No one else's.

The BLUs were after the one that pulled him out of the gutter, out of the darkness within his mind. They showed him quite a time, and always had that smile on her face. She made him feel good about things, made him want to keep seeing the next day. To keep fighting on, so that she could keep smiling.

That's a promise, and a professional keeps his promises.

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6865836 Yes, may he keep a good eye on Twilighr, from that Sniper's Nest in the Sky.

And then the Re-Spawner kicks in and he finds himself back at 2Fort...

Only thing that I can say is, you shouldn't have even gotten out of bed. Chrysalis learned that the hard way

wish it was a little longer, like how she showed up in tf2, how she got home, and if there was a romance in the works or if it was strict friendshipping.:twilightsmile:
all in all that was sad seeing that ending.:pinkiesad2::fluttercry::applecry:
god speed Sniper keep them in your sights and never lose your resolve.:twilightsmile:

6865882 RED sniper is my favorite sniper. Ever.
Nice work, mate.:twilightsmile:

6867092 That was the point, my friend. I'm letting you all create the story itself :) allowing everyone to see all those videos made about the two, and see it all build up to this ending. I give it to you all, to have fun and play with :)

I ...I ... I ... ( sniffs ) starts crying uncortolable .:pinkiesad2::applecry::ajsleepy::raritydespair::raritycry::rainbowderp::facehoof::fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad: . :fluttershbad: I'm ok it's just a sad story. :'(
edit: this story makes it sounld like twilight and sniper were in love. where they?
Please responded.:fluttercry: please

6867580 what videos where that ?

6930768 no one knoooooooows if they were. Though, there is a video depicting of Sniper having a moment with Twilight where they were acting out a scene from the movie "The Professional". Though, there are MANY Sniper and Twilight Pairings out there. Just need to look them up ok YouTube xP

You will (not) be missed, and I will send my condolences to your kangaroo friends:fluttercry:

Are you gonna do this for all the classes? Plz do. :fluttershysad:

7720265 I am, there is already one for RED Engineer. Now, I just have to design for the others xD

7720474 pinkie pyro, spy rarity, scout rainbow?

Man that was sad, i like to think Twilight for some reason knew to make sniper caliber bullets and use the rifle

was there story that came before this or I don't get it.

I did it for people to think up what they wish for, was it a love interest? was it parent child? Was it some sort of friendship? I left this to you all... After all, everyone has their opinions on Sniper.

A real professional... Always finishes the job.

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