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I enjoy transformers, star wars, power rangers, marvel and dc comics, and also old cartoons from 2007 to 2009.


Betrayed... Abandoned... Exiled. Once Twilight was the princess of friendship and a beloved figure of Equestria. But one day, the galactic republic arrives and Twilight is determined to create a friendship between Equestria and the republic but an assassination attempt to Celestia leads to her exile and sends her and her trusted allies Tempest Shadow and Flash Sentry to the clone army. As time went on as Twilght, Flash and Tempest gave the clone army victories in multiple battles, fate leads the three heroes and the republic back to Equestria where the brave heroes are in a race to search for a long hidden treasure before the Empire can find it.

This story is inspired by Star wars republic commando Equestria Commando but is different in every way. Also, I want to thank you guys for all the support during my families problems with my sisters ex husband. Anyway, enjoy the story and more chapters will be up soon.

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Comments ( 45 )

A little rushed, but you have my attention.

what happened to all the chapters

Very rushed and a lot of words written that were not needed. It might be good to ask around for someone to help proof read this, wether someone on this site or someone you know irl. I love this concept and really hope you can work through the problems it’s got right now



At least this prologue is much more better than the last one; not to mention that Flash and Tempest are also helping Twilight rescue Rex than rather letting her do it alone.

Awesome rewrite I can't wait for more. Good work, I take it they still are normal ponies and not anthro?


(grabs sniper, takes aim, fires at Celestia's head) Never underestimate those who never miss, (bleeps)(bleeps)face.

Celestia sure acts like a total bitch for not having faith in Twilight anymore. :flutterrage:

More than that. She overreacted. In banishing Twilight to Tartarus, she breaks the bonds of the Elements of Harmony. Therefore, crime, corruption, acts of war, violence, disharmony, and chaos will rise. It'll be a thousand years before the Elements choose new barers.

Wait, so since Equestria is technically corrupted now, does this mean that they're gonna join the Separatists?

Also, what do you think it was Celestia did for Twilight to try and assassinate her? There's gotta be a reasonable answer for it.

If I remembered correctly, they did mention that one of Celestia's generals was secretly plotting to frame Twilight by having one of Chrysalis' soldiers do the dirty work unnoticed in the previous story.

I suppose that would make some sense.

I was thinking that Flash Sentry could be a key witness that spotted the changeling assassin before Celestia was attacked. Yet, he failed to reason with the Princess when it was too late. I can't imagine something like this at Twilight's Trial:

Flash Sentry (gasped after seeing Twilight get taken away): Princess, with all due respect......
Celestia (in anger): DO YOU WANT TO BE NEXT?!!!!!

Did you just make a reference to the 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast?

Also, do you think Spike and Grubber helped free Twilight as well?

I can't say for sure; that will be up to the author for him to decide.

Right. Ten bucks says Sideous gets involved and exposes the general.

Hey, man, how long do I have to wait for a story to be approved.

It all depends if the story has meet the criteria in fimfiction.

Wait, what happened to spike? Is he also a trooper, or is he still with the rest of the main 5?

Uh... Will this be updated soon?

Yeah. Hey, awesomeavenger, if you are still alive, clap three times!

Calm down. I'm alive. I currently working on the chapter right now. I just trying to figure out how the space battle between the repubic and separatists plays out. Just give me time. ALso mostly because I've been busy with other story projects at the moment.

Optimus Prime lives! I think...

I can't imagine if Twilight would use her magic and her vibroblades to rip off Rainbow Dash's wings from the Pegasus' body, slams Applejack to a nearby wall with her magic, steals her hat, and fires a barrage of warning shots with her blasters, cuts off Fluttershy's tail, destroys Pinkie's party cannon, and cut off Rarity's horn out of anger for not defending her at her trial. Before they could say anything, Twilight starts using Rainbow's words against the Mane 5 and Shinning Armor, resorting to drill sergeant ranting in front of the them as if they don't deserve their roles anymore, and immediately teleported all of them straight to Tartarus, giving them a taste of their own medicine.

I can. I can see it with Sunset during the whole Anon-A-Miss incident.

Why would you think that Shinning Armor and the Mane 5 would let Celestia get away with her overreacted behavior, than rather help Twilight prove her innocence, whether or not she ran away from Equestria??

Because they aren't worthy of being her friends or family. The death that Brachy got in Fallen Kingdom, is the death they deserve.

Slow down. Everything will be revealed in due time. For now, be patient.

If Spike was with the Mane 5, he probably will never speak to them again. He might even try to find Twilight after she escaped and leave Equestria with her, breaking up with Rarity for good.

He could even go all NYSC-whatever the final letter is on her too.

When is the next chapter?

*in caveman voice* You write. update story. *proceeds to make ape noises*

Well are you going to update soon? If not at least I got a laugh out of you.

Don’t worry. More chapters are on the way. I guarantee.

And I also got a laugh out of you to boot.

Give Twilight some ice Jesse.

I ment Jesus

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