Sunset Shimmer Fans from all over the world! I give you a place to express your love, small or big, for Sunset Shimmer! A.K.A The Best Pony/Equestria Girl!
Come here for Stories, Shippings, An occasional Adult story (No, not with sex tag, not until the members want it), and much more. ALL with Sunset Shimmer, of course.
What are you waiting for?

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At first, I didn't like Sunset Shimmer. Then the second EQG film came around and showed the world how you redeem a character on the moral AND meta level! Shimmer for life!
You have planted the seed of a new group and it took root. Congratulations!

I'm hereby informing you that I'm confiscating your group without your permission and placing it in the garden known as New Groups. Despite the relocation, you are still expected to take good care of your group. Any and all complaints should be addressed to the 'Talk To The Hand' department of the garden where they will be put into a drawer indefinitely.

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