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Product Ideas,feel free to use them if you need to · 7:32pm Saturday

These are product Ideas I have come up with, over the course of a few weeks or so, feel free to use these if you need to, and can't think of any

Equestrian Product Ideas


food ideas


Metal Tray TV dinners, except they are called pre made meals, or PMM's

Meal Ideas, Veggie loaf

Black Bean and cheese tamale

Sring onion rice noodle soup

Mac n cheese

black bean mango bowl

eggplant pasta dish

creamy onion soup

Carrot soup

Pea soup

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Equestrian product ideas · 11:46pm April 11th

Ello all, I wanted to see if anyone here wanted to help me make brand ideas for things that most equestrias in any story I write will have, like sodas, alcohol, chips, brands of guns, like the company that makes them, fast food joints, etc etc, all suggestions will , a car company, anyone that submits anything, please follow this basic format, any information you add after that is up to you if you wanna add more detail Brand name. What it does, or sells, and how much it might cost for said

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Outbreak update · 7:37pm April 9th

Before I write any further, I wanted to know, should I make my story 'Outbreak' fully anthro? or no? as for now, to me, it seems clunky for ponies to use guns while standing on their hind legs, and just seems weird and bugged me, so I wanted to ask you all before I decided, you will decide for me, before I write to far and them have to edit everything , if you want it to be an anthro story, say 'I want it to be anthro' or something along those lines, if not just say no

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Yet another question, perhaps you can help? · 8:05pm April 5th

I had a few ideas in mind for a few future stories, and wanted to know, how could non anthro ponies, hold guns like a lever action rifle? revolver? and no, this is for non unicorns, unicorns its pretty easy to see how they can hold damn near anythin they want to XD

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Sorry! · 1:34pm March 3rd

I am here to let you all know, that the reason I do not have a chapter for 'a displaced lich' will be awhile due to the fact, I now have a co author to help control the background characters, and he can't exactly write 24/7, so I wait for him to reply, we both write on the doc at the same time, so this is just a small explanation on why its taking so long, have a good day everypony!

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A question · 2:19am February 11th

What are the AA guns in battlefield one? and the rocket rifle, idk what its called, ya use it to take out tanks and aircraft sometimes

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A Question · 1:33am February 2nd

I've been wondering, if the brotherhood from fo4 WITH liberty prime, the nazis from wolfinstein, and the pre war government from fallout, and the terminators where all sent to one world, who the hell would win in the end?

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Do you want it? · 8:15pm Oct 12th, 2018

Now some of you may remember my story 'A New Empire' and when it was finished many wanted me to make a sequel, but the question is, do you want one? if so should it be a one shot like i have planned or chapter by chapter, keep in mind it took me months to put my fingers to the key bored of my laptop and months of thinking of ideas for said story before I even THOUGHT of writing it so if you want one post ideas in pm if its chapter by chapter, but if you want it to be a one shot comment oneshot

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Q & A ! · 7:43pm Jun 1st, 2018

Hello everypony! sorry for not writing for my bill cipher story for so long,but i was sick ;w; ,not sick anymore though and I want you to ask questions you would ask bill,and they will be put into the next chapter!,as a side note its 7:33 pm,i leave at 8 and since barely anyone responded to this i guess ill have to check tomorrow

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My followers · 8:14pm May 15th, 2018

While I know Im not the best writer here Im glad you ponies like my stories and bother to give the time of day to read em,ive even collected a small bit of fans who live my displaced bill cipher story ^w^ i never expected it to get popular as it is now but I lost the plans i had saved in a txt file for the story,my pc got reset so ill have to try and remember it so for now the chapters will just be random or go by the episodes

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