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Greetings have you ever thought about what to do with the amount of lore your story has?

Well Bookshelf is a group for stories that require an extensive amount of lore to both understand and enjoy.

Lore is information that explains the ins and outs of a certain something like event, character, faction, ect.

Usually stories on this site that have lore are big stories, ones that writers put a lot of time and effort in. As such this group only accepts stories with an extensive and unique history, not stories that say to place within the existing universe with the exceptions of the conversion Bureau, Fallout equestria and fall of equestria as they are considered fan-made by the community.

How we organised our collection of stories is like this

Standard stories: These are stories with lore written within them either in the story itself or through a AN, because of this some of these stories can be quite long or may seem like they have something missing but are no less enjoyable.

Codex stories: Codex stories by contrast are like books or mini-wikis containing information about a particular subject or story, these are separate from their sister stories so as to not have them be too big to read, an example would be The Edition Equestrian Codex by JawsOnYou67 for his story Fall of Equestria: New Eden

Adoption stories: These are stories that are no longer being worked on but have been given permission by the writer to be adopted by another writer. Only stories that have been approved by the writer may be put in this category.

1. Be kind and respectful to other writers.
2. Ask permission from me Blackwatch9 before adding your story to this group.
3. Have a good time.

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