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An outsider's look into Twilight's mind while she is in the midst of the starry nebula with Princess Celestia, highlighting her thoughts as she discovers what the future has in store for her.

This is a third-person retelling and reinterpretation of the penultimate scene in the Season 3 finale, written to, and directly inspired by, the soundtrack of the So Great and Powerful tribute album, Sori 52. Listening to the whole album at least once before or while reading is recommended, but not required.

A short, on-the-fly one-shot I couldn't stop writing until I was finished.

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After a mysterious and widespread spell causes ponykind to vanish, Fluttershy is left behind to cope with what the future has in store for her and the remains of Equestria.

In a matter of days, the once-prosperous nation begins to descend into a harsh and unforgiving place. While cities crumble around her, Fluttershy finds herself living in a land rife with dangers and heartbreaking reminders. With nopony to turn to, Fluttershy is forced to learn to fend for herself, discover what happened, and, if possible, find a way to reverse it.

Survivor Shy is an illustrated story following Fluttershy in the weeks after a magical cataclysm. While the last pony relives her past, readers are offered a vivid glimpse into Fluttershy's mind and are led on a harrowing journey through the ruins of Equestria and beyond.

Story branches out before Season 3 Finale.

In-progress Reading by Finish Line available
In-progress Russian translation by Papilion_star available.

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