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I've been informed that my story has been added to your revievs, but even though I followed your upper right corner link, I can't seem to find the review itself.

Damn it. The new site layout doesn't let you access a user's Favorites anymore. I was using this account's Favorites to keep track of incomplete SA features so that I would know whenever they update.

Then again, I suppose I could use the new Tracking feature to do that. But that takes effort. :ajsleepy:

...Oh. Oops.
Well, I feel quite a fool. Thanks for that, Phazon. Please excuse me, everyone, I have to be going now... (Backs out of room slowly...)

Psst... this is just a joint user account for all of the reviewers in Seattle's Angels. Getting a fave from this isn't so much a case of someone liking your story (seeing as how at least two of them already do) as it is these guys getting their group's records up to date.

Hello there, my friend - just wanted to swing by and thank you for your favorite of The Tutelage of Star Swirl. Much obliged - hope you enjoy it!

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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