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This story follows immediately on the heels of "Swarm of the Century"

The parasprites have been sent packing and Ponyville is in pieces.

Who is this nondescript stranger, and what might she have had to do with the disaster?

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 25 )

Love your work, all of it.

Oh, oh, I remember reading this somewhere before! I liked it.

I wondered where this one got off to. This is one of the better "what if?" stories regarding Trixie.

Nice job!

A very nice take on a Trixie redemption story. I quite enjoyed it!

I've seen a few interpretations of what would happen if Trixie was exposed to Poison Joke, but this one here seems the most devastating. It's almost like she became Discorded.

It definitely left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling at the end as well. Good job!

A very interesting and believable story. Handles the matter of Trixie much better than some other stories I've seen. And having her be responsible for the parasprites, that's clever. Ditto the effects of poison joke.

Love it!

That was a cute little story! Fun read!


Trixie DID NOT bring Ursa in Ponyville. It was Snips and Snails. She tried to fight it , by the way, knowing she can't win.

Trixie DID NOT started humiliating AJ and others. THEY started interrupting her show first. They are wrong ones. And do notice, that Pinkie, Fluttershy and Twilight never gone on stage, or boasted that they can do something better than Trixie. So, she didn't do anything to them. AJ, Dash and Rarity? They were as arrogant as she there. RD even said that she's already better than the rest.

And about the ending... "YOu may have vanquised Ursa Minor but you'll never have amazing show-stopping abilities of the Great and Powerful Tirxie!" - it's TRUE. Twilight can't perform to save her life.

So, you as all authors, get your kicks humiliating Trixie and making her apologize and making everything her fault and making manecast all saints.

FUCK YOU. Redemption my ass. Trixie does not need any 'redemption'

Read "Trixcord" or "Great and Powerful" from fenwolf2003, or "Boast Busted". Some, you know, good fanfics where Trixie is not OOC.


Whatever problems you may be experiencing in your life that drive you to direct such anger and vitriol towards a complete stranger over a cartoon horse, I hope they rest lightly on your shoulders and get better with time and patience.


My problem is authors like you, who write about Trixie OOC and without any thought. I dislike thoughtless idiots who write about characters black-and-white like and turn manecast into some sort of always-right angels. Damn, RD is more annoying, boastful and irritating than Trixie.

If that is your only problem, rather than, say, petulance, poor impulse control, general immaturity, and a tendency to throw insult spewing tantrums about fictional characters in people's comment streams, then you really ought to count yourself fortunate. Those of us with more complex issues to deal with have reason to envy you.

Perhaps you should go bask in your life's copious blessings elsewhere, far away from authors like me.

Oh, you want to insult me and have only positive feedback and never become better author, writing same bad fics forever? Okay, so be it. Enjoy your good reviews.
Gosh, I'm so sick of same plots in 99% of Trixie stories... redemption. blame always on Trixie, manecast is right, she's wrong, but they forgive her, bla bla bla.


I fail to see how being told "FUCK YOU" and "I FUCKING HATE YOU", or being called a thoughtless idiot constitute much in the way of useful feedback.

Otherwise, thank you, I will continue to be grateful to the kind folks who stop in to read my stuff and are capable of leaving civil comments and observations.


Lulamoon, what are you doing now?

Damn, Trixie. This? This was the epic fail to end all epic fails. That was by far, the worst case of bad luck i have ever seen. Damn. That's insane the manner of terrible things. I feel awful for you and I pity you.


You know sir, I was contemplating watching you. I thought about making you a Trixster. I thought that since we both love Trixie we would get along.

Then I realized that you're a hater and a troll.

Your first comment

Reason 1.) Okay, I agree with that.

Reason 2.) I agree also

Reason 3.) However, here, you're just bashing on Twilight for no reason.

Add that to the fact that you cursed at the author and insulted an entire group of writers, of which I am apart of. Dude, chillax. I loved this story BECAUSE I love Trixie so you don't have to hate like that.

Comment 2:

Trixie is not OOC. I hate to admit it, but my waifu's entire personality seemed to be "Bitch" so OOC doesn't really apply here because it is QUITE Possible that The real Trixie would act like this, especially after a humbling. Trixie Is NOT black-and-white in this because she is not shown as directly good or evil since she did bad things for what she saw as justice, a common "gray" area.

You like Trixie so you hate on the mane six and the author? Not okay, dude. And this is a fellow Trixie-lover telling you this so you best listen.
Maybe the mane 6 WOULD react like this because they are generally good ponies, and need I remind you, that they represent the qualities that make a good friend. As such, they are not "always-right angels" as they do have their flaws. Evidence is in the canon like in "Party of One" and "Lesson Zero" To each their own opinion on who brags more, but don't hate on RD because of it WHEN YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER DOES IT HERSELF!!

Comment 3

You insulted the author. In none of the author's comments did they insult you. This is a great fanfic and a great author and after reading your stuff, I don't think that applies to you. If you don't like the plots then so be it. Don't read them. Trixie DOES need redemption because, as much as I still hate to say it, Trixie was an antagonist. The roles would be flipped if it was Trixie's POV but it doesn't change the fact that she is an antagonist. As such, the mane 6 wouldn't be that quick to trust her, as seen in the fanfic. Due to this, redemption stories work because we finally see Trixie as NOT hated by the Ponyvillians, which i'm guessing that you want to see.


You seem to forget that this is a fandom. We have our own continuities and do with characters as we please. Such as making a mistake in a background pony a fleshed out character, making another Doctor Who, and do I even have to say clop? I don't care if you think Trixie is OOC because this is the author's world, the author's take on ponyville and THE AUTHOR'S STORY!! Not your's. They can write whatever they want and you don't have to like it. Fine. Don't read it. Why torture yourself through 3 chapters just to hate at the end? It's pointless.

If you excuse me, I'm gonna un-watch you now. Lay off the haterade and

:trixieshiftleft: Check Yourself., Before You Wreck Yourself.:trixieshiftleft:

I'm Super Soni-Chaos Kinesis Gaia and I remember it so YOU don't have to, hater. Peace.


Sorry for the wall of text. I just couldn't let that go. Anyway, it was a good, cute story. I'm gonna like and favorite it.:twilightsmile:


You know, I can argue with you but... why bother? You apparently think that I can't express my opinion here, and need to quetly ignore shitty stories with stupid overused plots and two-dimensional characters that insult and belittle Trxiie. Well, so be it. I'll rather re-read "Substitute Harmony".

Resorting to far-fetched schemes of adorably ravenous vengeance now, are we? :ajbemused:

One more excellent story, and at this point I believe I have read everything (posted here) that you have written and I loved it all.

*reads the comments* OK, wasn't expecting that...

I suppose you're referring to certain folks' taking umbrage to my little tale. :trixieshiftright:
Yeah, here on the interwub y'never know when someone's jimmies are gonna get rustled. Can't please everyone, I guess. :applejackunsure:
Glad you enjoyed it, tho. :twilightsmile:

I read this again out of grief over Earth&Sky finishing. :raritydespair:

:raritywink: You sir, you are awesome. :rainbowkiss:

Been reading through your other works on Fimfiction. Neat Story. Loves me a good Trixie fic.

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