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This story is a sequel to The Turning of the Screwball - The Strange Case of Button Stitch

Button Stitch has contained the chaotic creature inside her, and is taking her first unsteady steps into the realm of relationships. Davenport, the proprietor of Ponyville's premiere supplier of Quills and Sofas, is the object of her fancy, and he thinks she's pretty neat too. Can romance bloom between the two most aggressively boring ponies in Ponyville?

Of course it doesn't go well. Murphy was a pony.

Continued in Screwball Over

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Ah, Screwball. Glad to see this one made the great migration as well!

what just happened?

Time for the second of the trilogy. In the words of Mario and Luigi:

Let'sa go!

:moustache: please , go on

:moustache: and on and on and on and on

oh boy i remember this one fondly
glad to see its here:pinkiehappy:

:raritystarry: Interest piqued. I shall read this, and I shall enjoy it.

:rainbowkiss: Wily Coyote and Roadrunner reference. You sir win one internetz.

One of the first Screwball stories I've read and still my top favorite.

Okay. "Equimonculous." That's just the most win thing I've ever seen. :pinkiehappy:

d'awwww they're so adorkable:twilightsmile:


Anyways, love the plot and cover art. It's a great story! I see no flaws..

Well, except for this one..

"She gave him a genteel smile"
It's supposed to be gentle. Love the story though

Buttons is so very much like Bruce Banner...:derpyderp2:

More greatness from you!:rainbowkiss:

What did I just read? :rainbowhuh:


Polite, refined, or respectable, often in an affected or ostentatious way. :raritywink:

760443 Two, since I award one as well. :pinkiecrazy:

I can't say whether I like this: "I have no idea where I am, what has happened to me, or even what time it is. I'm lying on a dead animal skin in a filthy witch's hut and there is a pony cooking in a pot right over there. IN NO POSSIBLE SENSE OF THE TERM IS EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT!" Or Pinkie's rants more. It's just so incredibly well written! :rainbowlaugh:

:yay: That was wonderful. This story is wonderful. You're wonderful. :pinkiehappy:

Please more of Button? I must know how things go with davenport!!!!!!

Oh god yes, that may have been even better than the first story. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::yay:

I don't usually review in the middle of stories, but I just wanted to give kudos for the compound Monty Python/Weird Al reference.

great story I loved the mystery hulk angle of the first
but add a love story to that and ...

you got a masterpiece!
5 Dashies/5

I must give one as well
I caught on as soon as "convincing tunnel"
Classic "looney" toon gag

and I thought some of the stuff on cartoonnetwork
was weird that was clopped up

and it was awesome :rainbowlaugh:
and the most over used line nowadays
"didn't see that one coming" sweet.


Someone knows a thing or two about vintage nonsense.

Bravo. I make a lot of obscure references in my fics, but that's probably the obscurest. :raritywink:

Wow, I forgot how good this was, commencing reread.

Aww! Poor Davenport....:fluttercry:

So first of all, methinks that is really not the right way to get into a relationdhip together.

Secondly, Twilight can force the elements to work? That's frightning ><

Well, I'm sure Button and Davenport would have been happy to forgo the whole Screwzilla incident, but love (and upholstery) finds a way. :pinkiehappy:

And where are you getting that Twilight "forced" the Elements of Harmony to work? That's kind of like saying you're "forcing" a car to go forward when you step on the gas. Both times we've seen the EoH get used it was at the will of the Bearers, with Twilight generally taking point. :twilightsmile:


The alabaster unicorn's attention snapped back to the incandescent glow of the purple, diamond shaped gemstone at her throat, as she felt herself levitating into the air in an aura of magic.

The line that suggested she wasn't focusing on her element but it was still starting to work.

I LERVE (love and deserve) to read this trilogy!:pinkiehappy:

Deliciously cartoony.

Celestia's incandescent halitosis

Pfff, what? :rainbowlaugh:

Great start! And lol, loosen up Button. Looks like she still hasn't quite found a balance there... :rainbowwild:

Heehee. Cartoon hijinx :pinkiehappy:

1177671 Your OC looks badass!:rainbowdetermined2:

3367790 why thank you, Zack is a fighter so being bad ass comes with the territory.

"a protector's gotta have a intimidation factor":rainbowdetermined2:

Victory! Romance! Who could want more? (Button Stitch might, huh huh)

"let loose a roar reminiscent of a Neighponese soundtrack composer dragging his hoof across the strings of a contrabass."

I see what you did there :twistnerd:

I can see Rarity enjoying Fiddler on the Roof :raritywink:

hortle barble nardle zouse

Is this a reference to "smells like nirvana" by Weird Al?

Jesus. I can't believe I'm loving this utter nonsense...

Pinkie would love to play Toon, the RPG.

1178005 clopped? You mean bucked? Or was the non-ponyism version porned up? Because that's what clop is.

a smear of grey goo sticking to the bottom of her hoof.

Destroy it! Before it devours the world!

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