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Written for AugieDog's Dec. 2013 Luna story contest.
The Princess of the Night walks her sister's dreams, bringing a peaceful night's sleep after her return from the moon.
A simple little pony tale that will hopefully relax the reader as well.

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What a pleasant read. :twilightsmile:

(also enjoyed the references to the cartoons of a bygone era)

She shoulda tugged on Luna's tail as she left the room. :trollestia: But definitely a nicely done story.


I love the way you write the sisters, especially Luna.

Wonderful little story! Thank you for writing this. :twilightsmile:

Brilliant writing.

Sometimes hewing to the oft given advice of "Keep it simple, stupid" works the best for writers.
Something I wish I could remember myself more often.

That was wonderful, especially the end of the dream.

I quite liked this story, but there were a few things to fix.

And if you'd asked me to take a look sooner I could have spared you several restless nights..." She gave her sister a wry, sidelong glance."...and spared Equestria several, shall we say, haphazard sunrises."

You need a comma at the first underline, and the second needs to work just like any other action tag, in this case one that would be offset by dashes. That is to say, it should look like this: "... several restless nights..." she gave her sister a wry, sidelong glance "...and spared Equestria
Also note that there needs to be a space before the second open quote.

"owww. I think I landed on my penumbra."

Simple capitalization.


Needs a space.

within' your breast."

Why is there an apostrophe?


Needs a space.

My heart is full, and will remain so as long as I have you and ponies like you to reflect upon.

No comma is necessary. Also, this is an otherwise brilliant line. I love how it plays off of the fact that she is the moon princess.

Fixed 'em up good. (Except the last comma, which I think should stay because it indicates a space where a speaker would pause.)
Thanks. :twilightsmile:



:rainbowhuh: Can't...get...image...of El-luna-kabong....out of my head....


an out of key guitar

Error: This is clearly a Kabonger, not a guitar. :derpytongue2:

Not sure what to say. I like just about everything you wrote here!

lovely! may these stories forever pierce through the decay that does blanket this site!

How nice. Have a favorite and like.

This is adorable... :heart:

Author Interviewer

Dat El Kabong reference. :D

I would usually prefer 4th wall breaking references in Pinkie's hooves or Discord's claws, but well, this is a dream, so it works :rainbowlaugh:

Quite a pleasant read, and I got to give it the 200th like :twilightsmile:

This was very nice. :twilightsmile: Not really my preferred genre, but a good read all the same.

Plus... El Kabong. Enough said.:pinkiegasp:

Friendship is Witchcraft reference! Also a nice story to read before you fall asleep. :pinkiesmile:

and off Luna went, to suffer her own nightmare with Tantabus, never letting Celestia worry about her own regrets.

This was written pre-season 5. :trixieshiftright:

Really? I could see it as a wonderful follow up to Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep. It's very nice.

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