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Button Stitch is an excessively regular mare with excessively regular habits, but something strange has begun to happen to her in the wake of Discord's rampage. Can Rarity and the rest of the girls get to the bottom of the strange manifestations of nonsense that have been plaguing Ponyville?

Continued in Screwball Mio Amoré

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I sense another epic story unfold, get ready to be swarmed by favs and tracks

Awesome story! :pinkiehappy:

I remember when this was on google docs.

I want to comment here before this becomes another My Little Dashie. Cover Art is absolutely incredible, but i am going to bed right now, so the story will have to wait. Can't wait!

756120 I know how you fell, it was a good story and when I saw all the different versions people made I wanted to hit them with a spoon.

I remember this story....faved liked and re-reading

"Notion", hahahaha. There are so many little things like that in this story. I love it.


It's funny because it looks like you put "the end" there! Hahaha! Haha... ha... ahhhhhh.

This is the end, isn't it. :trixieshiftleft::ajbemused::unsuresweetie:

Oh well, I thoroughly enjoyed it while it lasted! This is one of the better fics I've read on here for sure. You write Pinkie really well, and I love Button's character. But I really do think it needs more - it ended pretty abruptly. Plus I just want to read more. :pinkiehappy:

And another of my favorite fics joins the FiM Fiction Herd. Soon to be followed by the sequels I hope? :raritystarry:

Awesome story, one question for the author though, is 'alabaster' your alabaster word or alabaster? Because alabaster alabaster up an alabaster lot for alabaster to alabaster. Savvy?

Congrats on your story being here dude. Hope it's gets lots of attention.

Oooh I liked this story, Glad to see it here :eeyup:

Probably one of the few variances on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that'll get a laugh out of me. :rainbowlaugh: Oh and Looney Tunes references, gotta love the classics :pinkiehappy:


Fear not. This is the first part of a trilogy. Stay tuned. :pinkiehappy::ajsmug::derpytongue2:

Oh i love this story, read it on deviantart, definitely faving! :pinkiehappy:

Excellent take on Jekyll and Hyde. :moustache:

I especially liked the Star Trek reference. :raritywink:

haha speaking from someone who has it,rarity totally has OCD:raritystarry:

also,does anyone know how to track a story? I havent figured it out yet...:derpyderp2:

Awesome story. Exploits the fantasy nature of the setting for laughs and heartwarming.:pinkiesmile:


Alabaster is a translucent white marble. It's easy to look up definitions for things if you're on the web: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alabaster

I use the word because it implies a bit of class, and is more interesting than typing "white" all the time. :ajsmug:

i remember this on DA! :yay::yay: This is my personal canon for Screwloose. :pinkiehappy:

757179 Either click on the star to "favorite" the story, or click the book to "read it later." That's the best I can offer.


I understand that, but what I was less then subtly trying to imply is that you went overboard with it's usage such that when reading it feels like it shows up every other sentence. One of the worst offenders is a pair of sentences that reads, more or less, "the alabaster mare walked out of the shop. She balanced a bag between her alabaster shoulders."

So, I think you might want to make an editing pass or two with a thesaurus as well as simply cut out some of the redundant identifying adjectives entirely.


Yeah, I can see your point with that one. Usually I try to mix it up, but sometimes a repetition slips through. :twilightblush:

I'll tend to use a few sets of stock phrases as signifiers or flags for characters, since keeping a room full of mares straight when exchanges of dialogue happen can be tricky. "Alabaster" is my signifier for Rarity, just as "Primrose" is for Sweetie Belle, "Butter colored" for Fluttershy, "Cyan" or "Chromatic" for RD, "Blonde" for AJ, "Lavender" for Twilight, and on rare occasions "Cotton candy colored" for Pinkie. :twilightsmile:


I looked the story over, and this passage is the only one that resembles what you're pointing out:
"Sweetie Belle was capering and prancing in erratic circles around her big sister as they entered Sugar Cube Corner to the jingling of more shop bells. Rarity balanced a neat little bag stapled shut with a receipt on her alabaster shoulders. "

Unless there's something I'm forgetting, I'm not finding the "double alabaster" you're describing. :applejackunsure:

You should consider submitting this to EQD!

during the entire thing I kept hearing this particular song in the back of my mind.
especially the ingredients part

Gotta respect how the chorus kinda calls back to the "Time Warp" from Rocky Horror. :coolphoto:

I lold a lot in this part(ancient cosmic entity of ultimate meaniehood.) faving this fic now!

I found this while searching for "Transformation." but what did you do for it to show up in my search like that?

Mayhap the search found the word in the text of this story? :duck:


Well that's strange, well I might as well see.

Been meaning to read this for a while now, it showing up on FIMFiction is the perfect excuse to get around to it.

All I can say is :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

And: headcanon achieved! Which is fairly fitting as your Windfall/Earth & Sky storyline is pretty much headcanon too.

Loved this story, and the whole mini-universe that came with it, I'm so glad you posted it here on FF :yay:

Why did you have to bring in surprise?

Cake frosting huh. Interesting

First??? AND RAINBOW BEAMS OF HARMONY AND RASPBERRIES!!!! Honestly, those ponies shouldn't be bothered.

Nice, I remember reading this on deviantArt. Pretty good story, I liked it overall.

I am unsure about the use of "primrose colored" to describe Sweetie Belle. While it is true that Primula vulgaris can be white, it can also be yellow, red, pink, or purple, depending on the subspecies. However, the color primrose is a shade of yellow, much like how the color rose is a shade of red or pink, even though a rose flower can range from red to yellow to white. To be honest, I thought you were talking about Apple Bloom for a second.

"This is not my beautiful house... Well... how did I get here?"

You may say to yourself, "My God, what have I done?"

I had this playing while I was reading the Pinkie/Screwball smackdown.


Someone already made that post on DeviantART, didn't they? :facehoof:

I can dig that, but this is the real soundtrack to Pinkie and Screwball's showdown:

At about 2:55 in particular.


For a second I thought that would be the Benny Hill theme.

Notions? Was my first thought. Then it dawned: A haberdashery! :raritystarry:

Indeed, but in American parlance, a haberdasher tends to refer to a men's (or stallion's) clothier, while what you refer to is known as a notions shop. :raritywink:

Surprise canon.

Oh my goodness, such lovely song and musician references. You write Screwball divinely and I'm definitely sorry it took me so long to find out.

I'd loved this story when I read it on dA; nice to see it's on this site too, where I can customize the colours to make reading easier!

Not a fan per se but I dig their general zeitgeist. :coolphoto: I love their theatrics but find their music a bit impenetrable. :rainbowhuh: They do have that dadaist vibe that fits with Screwball.

Bravo. You might or might not be the first reader to catch the reference, but you're definitely the first to say anything about it. :pinkiehappy:

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