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This story is a sequel to The Phoenix Tear

A Hearth's Warming Eve special tied to my fairy-tale series, set after The Phoenix Tear. The family all comes together for this wonderful holiday.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 55 )

I love this family!!!
can´t wait to see Sunset again, and the SURPRISE!!!

Let me guess. There's going to be a part where Sunset and her friends from The Phoenix Tear get caught in a snowstorm, and then they get involved in increasingly wacky hijinks in order to some how get Sunset to Canterlot so that she can finally have her first real Hearth's Warming with her family. "fingers crossed"

Ooh...I wanna see where this goes!:raritystarry:

...I even thought of the casting in the pageant already!:scootangel:
Whirl Wind- Commander Hurricane
Cotton Candy- Chancellor Puddinghead
Gemstone- Princess Platinum
Starling- Clover the Clever
Screwball- Smart Cookie
???- Private Pansy (Maybe...NVM, IDK)

Ooh...yay! And Ra-Ra's here, people! The family's all together!:scootangel:
I wanna see who'll be Private. That's a mystery to me b/c I can't think of a pegusus that could play the part well.:applejackunsure:

Yay another chapter.
It´s Ra-Ra!!!!
I got the feeling she is gonna sing The Magic Inside!!!


6692804 Dang it! No increasingly wacky hijinks involving Sunset Shimmer and her friends! :raritydespair:

Ooh...Marendelle, Snowy Pea! Frozen!:raritystarry:
Also, I wonder who will play Private Pansy?:trixieshiftright:

A Private Pansy, the earth pony roles filled in, one of them disappointed...yep, everything is ready and set! Which means everything will go wrong! Can't wait!:scootangel:

Button and Sweetie aren't going to die, are they? :twilightoops:

You know, I wondering if someone was actually going to ask me that. As much as I got a Frozen plot going, my goal is to make it as different as possible, so rest assured everyone, that is not going to happen to these two.

Me throughout this the part with snow pea:
Please dont do a frozen thing please dont please,dont dont please...
God damn.
Oh well whatever its nicely writen

6722592 couldnt have said it better myself

Yeah. Ada girl, Sunset. Talk some sense into the girl before she freezes all of Canterlot.:moustache:

Oh no...she has an idea doesn't she? She probably going to stage an 'accident' for Screw Ball. That's my guess.:facehoof:
...Mayhem and chaos are on the horizon. Discord, get the popcorn ready!:scootangel:

Let me guess. Something involving Tatzulwurm mucus is coming up, isn't it? Seriously, I can't think of anything else more damaging to a draconequus' immune system.

Oh god, Cotton. Don't go and ruin the entire pageant.:pinkiesad2:
Well, can't say anything to better it though. Almost the same thing happened to me once. And I did not stop until I had my glory.:twilightoops:

"Who were you engaged to?" Apple Jewel asked.
"Well, I was actually betrothed to a stallion of my parents' choosing. They thought he was some pony that was looking out for my best interests. But a few weeks before our wedding, my servants warned me how he was just using me and my family and I saw they were right. Thankfully, my parents chose to listen to me and our engagement was called off."

It's Svengallop or what's-his-name, isn't it?

Ra-Ra sadly sighed, "Baron Svengallop…

Hit it right on the money.

Pfft! Today was the last day before winter break and my class watched the nutcracker! A guy in tights was hilarious.

"That may work on your dads…" said Scootaloo.
"But not on us." said Sweetie.

I'm guessing they found out about what happened while they were away rescuing Sunset Shimmer.

Rainbow, you're definitely missing something b/c you weren't there. :ajbemused: It's the most cliche line you can say in that situation!

Also, glad that no one got hurt in that skate-off and that they made up. :scootangel:
Did you get that from Mickey Mouse? B/c I remember something where Daisy and Minnie had a ice skate-off.:trixieshiftright:

Poor Zoo-Zoo. Only one present!:pinkiegasp: Don't say that to Pinkie.
:pinkiehappy:It's time to party and help this little filly, girls!
Too late:facehoof:

Also, Snow Pea's freeze spell can actually be useful for the show since it'll make it seem real. Well...since it is real and all that jazz.:moustache:

Yep...reference to Mickey Mouse and something else..I think. I just saw the Mickey special with Minnie and Mickey in it.
Also, this line is best line said in this story so far.

"Depends," pointed Flash. "How much of that was real and how much was acting?" he smirked.


Bravo, mastro. Bravo.:heart:
Love that comparison between the Scrooge and the husbands.:scootangel:

Instant fav.:heart:

Oh mah GAWD. I just disturbed the neighbors.

Yay, bonding and friendship. Always a plus in my book. :yay:

This entire story was perfection. Well, not literally, but it was wonderfully enjoyable nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

6740651 Okay, so no Tatzulwurm mucus. Err, that would have distracted from all the bonding anyway.

The next story?!?!? You mean... THERE'S MORE!?!?!?!
You and your sister are amazing!!!
Love your story, especially the ones with this family!!!
Keep writting!!!!

For a better visualization on Scoots and Rumble's dance, check out this link: watch?v=2ZmF9h8tuuY on Youtube.

I just saw it and realized how hard on the legs those moves must be on a quadruped. I mean, Scoots and Rumble normally distribute their weight between four legs. Dancing like that requires them to put all that weight on their hindquarters while executing all those sick moves. :rainbowkiss: They're stronger and tougher than Pip and Apple Bloom give them credit for. :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh. My. God. You just put one of mah favourite Disney song int it!

Run before the 'boom of doom'


:twilightblush: sorry 'bout that

This is so...:fluttershysad:*sniff* why do you gotta do this to me? Why? I... I... *sniff*:fluttercry:


Sorry... I'm not wanted here... I'll just.. go..

Farewell, my friends.

Pretty much, I thought I was done, but ideas kept popping up. Just remember to check out KidatHeart5's profile when What Lies Within comes out.

Hey, I've been on a weird Tchaikovsky kick as of late, and I have a bit of a request. If you ever write another holiday special, can you have Scootaloo and Rumble teach their kids how to do the Russian dance?

Are you and your sister psychic or something? With Starlight disliking Hearth's Warming and the mean teacher (even if it was just a story) in the latest episode

7217591 It was just a crazy coincidence, although CN12 was happy that her headcanon was right.

7221490 No kidding, I was just as shocked at the latest episode when I realized my headcannon was right. Either we can somehow sense this things or the writers are cheating off the fanfiction writers, but hey, great minds think alike.

6756408 :rainbowhuh: 'Once upon a December' is from Don Bulth's Anastasia, which was made by 20th Centry Fox...

Well there is already an extensive cast. But I could see Night Glider, Sugar Belle, Party Favor, Double Diamond and Troubleshoes having a role in this story.

I'm not making demands or anything, but if you're open to suggestions, how would you feel about a hijinks-filled comedy holiday special involving ponies trying to get home for Hearthwarming despite several unforseen obstacles? I mean, I know it's been done to death, but I can't help but want it anyway. :twilightsmile:

I can't believe that I'm reading a Christmas story in July. :twilightsheepish:

Why not? People celebrate Christmas in July, so you might as well. 😆

The whole ponies and ballet thing is surprisingly popular with the fandom, especially with Scootaloo doing ballet.

"She needs time alone, Screwy… and you seeing her might not be a wise idea. Cotton has to learn that ponies cannot get their way all the time. It's a hard lesson, but she has to realize that life will be full of disappointments. It's just a matter of accepting them."

Mmm-hmm. :ajsmug:

Oh, Cotton, Cotton, Cotton. "shakes head in disappointment" You're better than this. Don't you dare.

Aww, such nice brother-in-laws. I can totally see them trying to set Sunset up with a nice colt. Which is what more or less ends up happening in a future story.

Hmmm, too bad canon hasn't given you and KidatHeart5 any good ideas for potential shipping partners for Ra-ra. Seeing that part of her narrative come to a close would be nice.

Okay. For this continuity at least, Ra-ra needs a shipping partner.

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