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Hello, everybody! Welcome to the new-and-improved Seattle's Angels Archive and Resource Thread!

The purpose of this thread is to act as an archive for all official Seattle's Angels material, including but not limited to all past review rounds and podcasts. In addition to this, this thread functions as a collection of useful links and resources that could be found beneficial to both readers, writers, and editors alike. If you happen to know of a useful resource related to writing that isn't found here, feel free to link it to us in the comments and we may just add it. Otherwise, feel free to use this thread's comments to ask Seattle's Angels questions and talk about the group in general. Please keep the discussion civil and free of faff.

Expect this thread to be updated periodically as material arises.


The main purpose of Seattle's Angels is to provide reviews for and promote underappreciated stories, giving them another chance in the spotlight. You should know this already. If not, then why are you here? Regardless, these reviews manifest as site-wide blogposts that ideally appear on a biweekly basis, or every other Saturday. Originally, the layout of these blogs would have three reviewers each reviewing three stories, but this has since been changed to having two reviewers each reviewing four stories. The reviewers themselves are typically the ones who pick the stories to review, but we also have an official story recommendation thread where one can, well, recommend stories for us to review. Please do note the guidelines for submitting in the recommendation thread.

Below is a list of all past review rounds, with the most recent at the top. Each bullet provides a link to the round itself, as well as the names of the reviewers and the stories reviewed. The stories themselves do not have direct links as we encourage actually visiting the round itself, where one can read the reviews and learn more about the stories. Maybe you'll recognize a few of them.

Round 103 — Archonix & Tired Old Man — A Survey of the Work of Vinyl Scratch (Abbreviated) / Friends of the Ponies / Wingpony-zoned / Villain Cube Understands
Round 102 — ScarletWeather & Cynewulf — Butterscotch / The Holiday at the End of the World / Catastrophe / The Usual
Round 101 — Corejo & RTStephens — Better Lairs and Landscaping / Krastos the Glue Maker / Around the World in 81 Days (And Other Problems Caused by Leap Years) / Bon Bon Dates a Seal
Round 100 — Super Special Edition!
Round 99 — RedSquirrel456 & RTStephens — The Legend of the Scorpion Queen / Lyra and the Little People / Applejack Learns To Rock Smash / Hero
Round 98 — Corejo & RTStephens — TMonster Hunting: Tawrich / Cold Case / Done Well By Doing Good / Lapidify: To See And Die
Round 97 — TheMaskedFerret & Cynewulf — The Doctor, The Designer, and the Horn of the Damned / The Book That Made a Winner Out of Whimper / Will the last pony to leave... / Grayscale
Round 96 — Professor Plum & Archonix — Daring Doodle Donkey / The Song of My People / All That Glitters / Rarity's Fashion Alman-yak (Accidental repeat)
Round 95 — TheMaskedFerret & RedSquirrel456 — The Message of the Ursa / Approximately 2000 Words (Mostly!) About Butts / A True Story / All That Jazz"
Round 94 — Archonix & ScarletWeather — From Every Searching Eye / The Ancient Heart's First Beating / Horse Lattitudes / An Ordinary Day
Round 93 — RTStephens & RedSquirrel456 — The New Crop / The Millennial Vault / Night of the Living Bed / The Farmer in the Dell
Round 92 — Archonix & RTStephens — The New Age / Mr. Brannigan's Ghosts / Morality and Baked Goods / Bouts of Forgetful Artistic Destruction
Round 91 — Corejo & RedSquirrel456 — Feedback / The Djinni’s Tale / A Bed of Roses / Restless Couriers
Round 90 — Archonix & RTStephens — Twi-Write Here, Write Now / The Egg Thief / After the Races / Solitude for the Modern Businessmare
Round 89 — Tired Old Man & RedSquirrel456 — Something Magical / Rarity’s Fashion Alman-yak / Keeping Your Balance / Doll Judgement
Round 88 — Corejo & RTStephens — Hench / And Yet, What Riches Still Await / The Sisters' Coronet / Numberography
Round 87 — Archonix & RedSquirrel456 — The True Origin of Earth Ponies / One Night In A Storm / Run For The Roses / Luna Just Learned About The Play "A Hearth's Warming Carol"
Round 86 — RedSquirrel456 & Themaskedferret — Crossroads / Some Trade-Offs Mean More Than Others / Rarity Gets Drunk and Talks to an Apple / Shenanigans
Round 85 — Archonix & RTStephens — Chill / The Longevity Theory / The Winding Northward Road / This One Time At Band Camp
Round 84 — ReqSquirrel456 & Cerulean Voice — The Very Literal Rise and Fall of Pinkie Pie / Descent Into Hell / Do No Harm / The Clarity of Darkness
Round 83 — Corejo & Archonix — The Cookie Cadet Caper / A Light in Dark Places / The Person in the Mirror / Rainbow Dash and the Wild Hunt
Round 82 — RedSquirrel456 & RTStephens — Blur / Closing Time / Quantum Vault / Pinkie Pie and The Quest for Missing Smiles
Round 81 — Themaskedferret & Cerulean Voice — Like a Pegasus in a Pottery SHop /Holidays in the Sun / Cultural Misunderstandings / Mega Mare
Round 80 — Themaskedferret & RTStephens & RedSquirrel456 & Professor Plum & Archonix & Phazon & Burraku Pansa — A Day at the Quest Hub / The Jet Powered Pegasus / A Mare Called Rarity / If Wished Were Ponies
Round 79 — Professor Plum & Archonix — An Equestrian Griffon / Reminder / Expedition / Marmite Showers
Round 78 — Casca & Archonix & Cerulean Voice & Professor Plum & RTStephens — Discord, End of Empires / Friendship is Physics / Those Who Live Forever / Shining Armor’s Amour’s Armour
Round 77 — Tired Old Man & RedSquirrel456 — It’s a Wonderful Case / The One Week Year / Supper of Scootaloo Stew / Sleep
Round 76 — Cerulean Voice & RazgrizS57 & Corejo — Harissa / Under A Silver Moon / Beep Boop, I Will Destroy You! / The Wealth of the World
Round 75 — Professor Plum & RTSTephens — Magic on the Rocks / Dr. Caballeron in: Daring to Change / Grogar: A Hearth's Warming Horror Story / Solace
Round 74 — Themaskedferret & archonix — Luna's Coffee / The Equine Comedy / My Father Used to Say / Wizards, Fools, and Foals
Round 73 — Csquared08 & Corejo — Of Donuts and Train Rides / Dune Goddess / Diary of the Fallen Star / Don't You (Forget About Me)
Round 72 — Themaskedferret & Professor Plum Guest reviewers Cold in Gardez and John Perry — War in the Pocket / Waiting on Death / Dos Marejeres, Un Palomino / Wyrmlysan
Round 71 — Burraku Pansa & RazgrizS57 — The Weak / Thrice at Sunset / Incomplete / Silverponies
Round 70 — Professor Plum & RedSquirrel456 — The Trials Three / To Be Evil / The Motion of the Stars / The Flower’s Dream
Round 69 — Corejo & RazgrizS57 — The Sunset Room / Department of Redundancy Department / An Ally Called Preponderance / Have At Thee
Round 68 — RedSquirrel456 & Themaskedferret — Snowflake Shoe-Hare / Puppy Dog Tales / Like Mending Glass
Round 67 — Belligerent Sock & Csquared08 — The White Horse / We Who with Songs Beguile / Of Dragons and Horse, Songs and Solace /They Call Me Flightless Fury
Round 66 — Corejo & Casca — Riverdream at Sunset: a Manuscript / Home / The Iridescent Iron Rat / Together We Can Name This Town
Round 65 — Themaskedferret & RazgrizS57 — Chasing Winter / Peristeronic / Brasta’s Birthday Bottle / Hurricane Watch
Round Eleventy-Six — All Angels — Too many too list*****
Round 64 — Belligerent Sock & Corejo — Equine, All Too Equine / Chompers / The Whole Tooth / Up There
Round 63 — Csquared08 & RedSquirrel456 — Death and the Dazzlings / Quills and Sofas / A Brother’s Love / The Snowball Fight
Round 62 — Casca & RazgrizS57 — Along Softly on the Tongue / Cutie Mark Crisscross / Letters to the Sun / On the Care and Construction of Bridges
Round 61 — Burraku_Pansa & Themaskedferret — A Series of Events / Fury / Second Sun / Like a Rolling Stone
Round 60 — Corejo & RedSquirrel456 — Excessive Worry / Fluttershy Defends Scotland Against Invasion by Alien Squirrels / A Simple Prank / The Most Noise
Round 59 — Belligerent Sock & Professor Plum — Wings / A&E: The Case of the Obsessive Compulsive Disorderer / A Day at the Beach / Feedback
Round 58 — alexmagnet & Csquared08 — The Years of Ar and S / Long Live Sonata Dusk / Welcome to the Show / To Be Adored
Round 57 — ambion & RazgrizS57 — A Day in the Life of Truth Seeker: Ponyville’s Resident Conspiracy Theorist / Nothing to Say / Primal Fear / Rain
Round 56 — Corejo & Pav Feira — Cool Jazz / Home / BSOS-Dan Equestria: the Flowers of Spring Sunshine / Half-Baked
Round 55 — Burraku_Pansa & Belligerent Sock — Make You Feel Better / The Pale Stallion / Six Months in July / Monochrome
Round 54 — Csquared08 & RedSquirrel456 — Daily / Slammed / The Death of Sorrow / Eclipse
Round 53 — Professor Plum & alexmagnet — Cranky Dodle Donke’s Bad Asssssss Day / Stage of Discovery / Let Them Eat Grass / Veni, Verdi, Verti
Round 52 — Corejo & Casca — For The First Snow / Shoots and Roots / Blue Skies Bring Tears / A Rubber Mask of Emotions
Round 51 — Belligerent Sock & ambion — Cheese 'n Crackers / Flight of the Magpie / Equestrian Horizon / Back and Forth
Round 50 — Pav Feira & Csquared08 — Three Left Turns / True Colors / The Lotus Eaters / The Incandescent Brilliance
Round 49 — RazgrizS57 & RedSquirrel456 — A Psalm of Life / Beyond Boundaries / Lightning Bugs / The Wreck
Round 48 — Burraku_Pansa & alexmagnet — The Showmare's Tale / An Extended Performance / Trixie's Clubhouse / 0G Network Coverage
Round 47 — Professor Plum & Plebeian — Decomposition / The Twin Mountains / The Tutelage of Star Swirl / Two Pair
Round 46 — ambion & Corejo — Cherry Bomb / The Striped Pony / Divine Jealousy and the Voice of Reason / Luster
Round 45 — Belligerent Sock & Casca — Mr. Lonelyheart Meets Miss Lovestruck / Tick. Tock. / I Wish I Had Met You Yesterday / The Lunatics
Round 44 — Burraku_Pansa & RedSquirrel456 — Pinnacle / Tarnish / Going Out with a Bang / His Father's Yoke
Round 43 — alexmagnet & RazgrizS57 — Melt / Octavia's Reprise / Special Relativity / The Curious Incident of the (Robot) Dog in the Night-time
Round 42 — Pav Feira & Plebeian — And the Leaves Shall Tell of Its Passing / Rainbooms and Rationality / Rocketmare / Baking is War, Sister
Round 41 — Professor Plum & ambion — A City of Opportunities / Dear Rainbow Dash / The Long Delivery / The Griffon Wars: A Soldier’s Memoirs
Round 40 — RedSquirrel456 & Corejo — Fall / Fahr Drill / The Nightmare Sonata / The Definition of Me
Important News Regarding Reviews****
Round 39 — Belligerent Sock & Casca — Pears / Kaleidoscope / Go West, Young Mare / Quantum Mechanics
Round 38 — Burraku_Pansa & RazgrizS57 — Dream / Property of West Wind / We Apples, Three / Where Have the Stars Gone?
Round 37 — Corejo & alexmagnet — Height / Swine Flew / The Mystery of Her Beautiful Night / Romancing the Clouds
Round 36 — Pav Feira & RedSquirrel456 — The Firework Lotus / Tuesday / The Silent Type / Love Countdown
Round 35 — Golden Vision & Nietzsche — Erase and Rewind / Harvest Festival / Ponyville & Other Poems / Perchance to Dream
Round 34 — Belligerent Sock & Burraku_Pansa & Casca — That's All / Bittersweet Music / My Little Golem
Round 33 — Corejo & RazgrizS57 & Csquared08 — Here Comes the Rain Again / Lessons for a Benevolent Tyrant / Ruled by Sin
Round 32 — RedSquirrel456 & Professor Plum & alexmagnet — Trixie, Appleloosa Sheriff / Three Mares in a Boat / The Pit
Round 31 — Belligerent Sock & Casca & Golden Vision — A Night on Deck / Daring Do and the Dark Walk Home / Refrain
Round 30 — Burraku_Pansa & Csquared08 & Pav Feira — The Liar / Selling Out / The King of Kings
Round 29 — RedSquirrel456 & RazgrizS57 & alexmagnet — The Frozen West / Late Nights at the Hooves Household / Coffee and Complex Contemplation
Round 28 — Belligerent Sock & Casca & Professor Plum — It Is My Fate To Enter Every Door / To Be a Mule / The Cellist of Saraneighvo
Round 27 — Corejo & Pilate & RazgrizS57 — Autumn's End / Sombra's Horn Survived the Blast / The Brightest Timeline
Round 26 — Pav Feira & RedSquirrel456 & alexmagnet — Popping Twilight's Cherry / Strive / A Cause Worth Dying For
Round 25 — Casca & Pav Feira & Professor Plum — Movements of Fire and Shadow / Decisions / Ascent. Book 1: Twilight
Round 24 — Belligerent Sock & Corejo & RazgrizS57 — Everypony Dies / Shine Down On Me / Stranger Than Dictation
Round 23 — Pilate & RedSquirrel456 & Nietzsche — Hot Chocolate / The End of A Quest / Evicted
Round 22 — alexmagnet & Csquared08 & Belligerent Sock — Tilt / The King in Ruby / Daring Do and the Pyre of Peril
Round 21 — Pav Feira & Casca & Corejo — A Glasshouse Butterfly / A Wake of Mist and Flame / Free Ride on the Friendship Express
Round 20*** — Wanderer D & Seattle_Lite & Nicknack — Two Beats / The Three Sisters / Moving On
Round 19 — Csquared08 & Pilate & Professor Plum — The Long Haul / Good Intentions / Fire on the Mountain
Round 18 — Nicknack & Pav Feira & alexmagnet — Fluttershy's Terribly Busy Day / Kindness / Space Captain Pinkie Pie
Round 17** — alexmagnet & Pav Feria & Corejo & ScribbleSTick — The Great and Powerful Broodmare / Romance Reports / Third Time's a Charm / Falling Moon
Round 16 — Csquared08 & Nietzsche & Casca — Seven Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eighty-Two / A Hyena’s Laugh / Through the Well of Pirene
Round 15 — alexmagnet & Corejo & Nicknack — Ordem e Progresso / When the Levee Breaks / My Full-Sized Goddess Horse
Round 14 — Pav Feira & Casca & Csquared08 — Saturday / Raindrops Keep Falling / And I Shall Name Them "Cuppins"
Round 13*
Round 12 — Belligerent Sock & Nietzsche & alexmagnet — The Name Game / Excerpts From a Filthy Diary / Switchaloo
Round 11 — Corejo & Pav Feira & Nicknack — Clarity / Love . Sick / An Imaginative Performance
Round 10 — Casca & alexmagnet & Nietzsche — Burning Man Brony: Fear and Loathing of Equestria / Pony and Prejudice / It's Tricksy
Round 9 — Belligerent Sock & ScribbleStick & Nicknack — The Unread Letter / Friends, with Occasional Magic / Misinterpreted
Round 8 — Sessalisk & Corejo & Casca — What’s Under the Ground... / Sincerely, Your Former Roommate / A Long Night’s Day
Round 7 — Pav Feira & alexmagnet & Nietzsche — The Woeful, Sad Sorrow of King Sombra / Salty Shores / Good Girl
Round 6 — Belligerent Sock & Casca & Sessalisk — Lament of a Muffin / In The Twahlaht of Her Youth / A Certain Point of View
Round 5 — Corejo & Nietzsche & alexmagnet — The Sixth Age / Eclipse, House of Frostmane’s Few / Letters from a Senior to a Junior Changeling
Round 4 — Belligerent Sock & Pav Feira & ScribbleStick — Rain / The Musings of Discord / The Botched Job
Round 3 — alexmagnet & Nietzsche & Casca — Roots / No One Is Taking My Wings / Mantles
Round 2 — Casca & Pav Feira & Belligerent Sock — Happy Birthday to You / A FLEet|ng LIght |n thE DArknEsS / Griffon a Load of Bull
Round 1 — alexmagnet & ScribbleStick & Nietzsche — Pip / Chronomistress: Out of Time / Never a Rainbow

It's worth noting that as each review round gets older, they tend to deteriorate. Links break, stories go deleted, images fail, reviewers—friends—come and go; but the reviews? The reviews are eternal. Or at least until decides to buy a farm.

*****April Fools high class
****April Fool's Redux
***Le Epic Circlejerk
**April Fool's
*See the URL


In addition to reviews, we also do live discussion podcasts on a biweekly basis, or every other Saturday, and they happen on the Saturdays between each review round. These podcasts start around 6PM/9PM PST/EST and typically go for about ninety minutes. In them, the Seattle's Angels talk and discuss about ponies, horsewords, episodes, and all the happenings going on in the fandom. We laugh, cry, faff, and awkwardly wait for others to say something. In addition to casual discussion, we actively encourage the viewers to provide questions and discussion topics in the comments of the YouTube stream, or the regular group threads that pop up announcing each podcast. We also have a Skype chat, but let's save that for later in the thread.

Here is a direct link to our YouTube page so you can favorite, like, comment, and subscribe. Below is a list of all our podcasts, with the most recent at the top. Times are provided beside them along with anything of particular note.

• [1:23:16] Seattle's Angels Podcast Episode LXI - We Talk Sometimes Edition ft. special guest totallynotabrony
• [1:23:31] SA Podcast Episode LX: Return of the Return Edition
• [1:35:40] SA Podcast Episode LIX: Brief Dresses and Detonations Edition ft. special guest shortskirtsandexplosions
• [1:43:50] SA Podcast Episode LVIII: The One Without an Edition
• [1:27:25] SA Podcast Episode LVII: Spoop Levels Rising! Edition ft. special guest Carabas
• [1:55:41] SA Podcast Episode LVI: Roman Numerals Are Gonna Get Confusing At Some Point Edition
• [1:30:56] SA Podcast Episode LV: SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT Edition ft. special guest KitsuneRisu
• [1:25:33] SA Podcast Episode LIV: WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB Edition
• [1:28:59] SA Podcast Episode LIII: Pav is 2old Edition ft. special guests Skeeter The Lurker,Jake The Army Guy, and Eldorado
• [1:41:30] SA Podcast Episode LII: Airship Edition
• [1:32:59] SA Podcast Episode LI: Dank Edition ft. special guest archonix
• [2:04:36] SA Podcast Episode L: MOTORCYCLE DINOSAURS Edition ft. special guest Aquaman
• [1:25:39] SA Podcast Episode XLIX: Brand New Edition ft. special guest horizon
• [1:29:10] SA Podcast Episode XLVIII: LOSER EDITION ft. special guest GaPJaxie
• [12:31 + 1:16:45] SA Podcast Episode XLVII: LEET EDITION - Part 1 - Part 2
• [1:48:36] SA Podcast Super Special Magnetic Edition!
• [1:32:40] SA Podcast Episode XLVI: кєвαв є∂ιтιση ft. special guest zaponator
• [1:47:45] SA Podcast XLV: Fashionably Late Edition ft. special guest Dromicosuchus
• [1:28:04] SA Podcast XLIV: Together Alone Edition ft. special guest Wanderer D
• [1:44:15] SA Podcast Episode XLIII: We Like Minerals Edition ft. special guest Pascoite
• [1:38:30] SA Podcast Episode XLII: Something Something Douglas Adams Edition
• [1:25:35] Seattle's Angels Podcast Episode XLI: Not the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything Edition
• [1:32:04] SA Podcast Episode XL: Seattle's Library Edition ft. special guests arcum42 and Skeeter The Lurker
• [1:34:38] SA Podcast Episode XXXIX: Definitely Not a Day Late Edition
• [1:31:04] SA Podcast Episode XXXVIII: No Excuses Edition
• [1:28:06] Seattle's Angels Podcast Episode XXXVII: World of Helicoprions Edition! ft. special guest Cold in Gardez
• [1:30:36] Seattle's Angels Podcast Episode XXXVI: Group Notifications are Back Edition!
• [1:50:14] Seattle's Angels Podcast Episode XXXV: Old Enough to Run for President Edition
• [1:32:02] Seattle's Angels Podcast Episode XXXIV: Subtitles are for Scrubs
• [1:30:56] SA Podcast Episode XXXIII: Potentially Not Late Edition
• [1:34:31] SA Podcast Episode XXXII: Rite Nau Edition ft. special guest CouchCrusader
• [1:34:17] SA Podcast Episode XXXI: Post-Bronycon Fallout Edition ft. special guest Obselescence
• [1:27:36] SA Podcast Episode XXX: Big Trouble in Little Fimfic Edition
• [1:22:22] SA Podcast Episode XXIX: We're Getting Too Old For This Shit Edition ft. special guest RainbowBob
• [1:34:06] SA Podcast Episode XXVIII: Return of the Revenge of the Clone Sith Jedi Edition ft. special guest theworstwriter
• [1:48:01] SA Stream XXVII: We Pride Ourselves On Consistent Addition
• [1:34:11] SA Podcast Episode XXVI: Not a Very Interesting Number Edition ft. special guest CouchCrusader
• [1:33:06] SA Podcast Episode XXV: Continuous Boners/Anniversary Edition
• [1:42:26] SA Podcast Episode XXIV: It's Not An Enigma, It's Just A Very Naughty Boy Edition ft. special guest JohnPerry
• [1:34:42] Seattle's Angels XXIII: It's An Enigma
• [1:21:07] SA Podcast Episode XXII: IN THE NAVY! EDITION
• [1:30:51] SA Podcast Episode 21: Potentially More Drunk Than Usual Edition (Also Trixie) ft. special guest Pearple Prose
• [1:40:12] Sa Podcast Episode 20: Diamond Tiara for Best Filly
• [1:35:10] SA Podcast Episode 19: Damn Charities, Ruining Everything Edition
• [1:43:41] Seattle's Angels Episode XVIII: More Popular Than Foalcon!
• [1:34:40] Seattle's Angels Episode XVII: Why Can't We Kick Pav? ft. special guest Archonix
• [1:30:41] Seattle's Angels Episode XVI: We Can't Count Numbers ft. special guest Jake The Army Guy
• [1:39:16] Seattle's Angels XV: Pretty Pony Princesses and also GV
• [1:37:40] Seattle's Angels XIV: Streaming Until Season Four Premiere
• [1:40:20] Seattle's Angels XIII: 2spooky Edition ft. special guest RBDash47
• [1:29:51] SA Podcast Episode XII: Edition Edition
• [1:33:26] SA Podcast 11
• [1:38:21] Podcast Episode 10
• [1:34:45] SA Podcast Episode 9: In Which Pav Confesses His Love For Celestia
• [1:30:00] SA Podcast Episode 8: Plum is a Chump ft. special guest Flashgen
• [1:38:30] Seattle's Angels VI: The Seventh Episode
• [1:36:51] Seattle's Angels Livestream #6 ft. special guest presentperfect
• [1:34:46] Seattle's Angels V: The Podcast Strikes Back
• [1:30:20] Seattle's Angels Stream the Fourth
• [1:25:11] Seattle's Angels Stream III
• [2:24:58] Seattle's Angels Stream II: Electric Scootaloo
• [3:32:15] Seattle's Angels Stream

Other Stuff!

It turns out that reviewing and live streaming podcasts isn't the only thing Seattle's Angels do. Who'd of thought? See below for all other things relating to Seattle's Angels.

Skype — Seattle's Angles has two Skype chats. One is private, reserved for the Angels themselves to coordinate review rounds and events. However, we do also have a public chat that anyone can join, because screw IRC. This chat is intended for casual discussion about ponies and horsewords and anything else related. This makes for a causal setting, a place where people can just chat with each other and where Seattle's Angels can talk directly to their misguided followers and fans in real time. However, there are a few rules and they are as follows:
• Don't be a dick.
• NSFW content isn't allowed.
• The word "Faggot" in all contexts and iterations is prohibited.
• Please do not discuss recent episodes until the following Monday.
• You will recognize Princess Neon Boom as the one true lord and savior.
First offenders are given a warning, before things escalate to more warnings, a final warning, and should these offenses continue, removal from the chat. But these rules are really easy to avoid breaking, so please follow them kindly and there should be no issues whatsoever.

To be added to the public chat, please contact alexmagnet, Burraku_Pansa, or Professor Plum (only one!) with a private message detailing your Skype name so they can add you.

Tumblr — We have a Tumblr, aptly titled Shit Seattle's Angels Say. It's inspired by and parallels the good peoples of Equestria Daily and and their own, similar Tumblr. The screenshots taken are of memorable moments that happen in the Seattle's Angels Skype chats, and there's nothing more to this than entertainment.

Angelic SeattleHey, look! That's me! This is the group user account of Seattle's Angels, originally created to post the group collaboration stories we haven't done. But this account is also meant to help manage the group, and it's accessible by most if not all of the Angels so no one person has too much power. Be on the lookout: there are plans being had and schemes being conceived, and undoubtedly this account will play a role.


This last list is nothing more than a gathering of useful links and resources that readers, writers, and editors may benefit from. If you've got a useful link and think it'd be a good thing to add it here, feel free to pitch to us in the comments.

Reviewing And Recommendation Services

One Man's Pony Ramblings
Run by a man with too much time on his hands, Chris has been reviewing My Little Pony fanfiction for awhile. Originally he started out by reviewing every 6-Star story on Equestria Daily—an audacious effort, and he succeeded! Now he reviews "fandom classics" and does other things, updating the blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, unless otherwise stated. Check out the blog for more information.

presentperfect's fic recommendations
If there was anyone who could challenge Chris insofar as having a lot of time on their hands and an infatuation with reviewing horsewords, it's presentperfect. Usually every couple of days, this guy delivers his opinions on several stories in forms of blogposts, whether they be recent or old. He even maintains a spreadsheet! In addition to all this, he also uses his blog for other things, like talking about the fandom and recent episodes.

JohnPerry Suffers the Featured Box (retired)
I'm starting to believe that most if not all ponyfiction reviewers are masochists. JohnPerry has taken on the endeavor of combating FIMFiction's own coveted Featured Box, the repository for all recent stories that obviously require one's immediate attention, and reviewing every featured story for a particular day. Which days, we don't know. I don't think he knows either. But his blog posts are frequent enough and tend to provide informative and useful feedback, so his sufferings are greatly appreciated.

Seattle's Angels
You are here.

The City of Doors
Headed by the insanity that is Singularity Dream, you can expect almost daily to see short reviews to numerous stories. If that's not crazy enough, he also manages the THE MASTER REVIEW LIST which is, as the name implies, the collection of reviews from various reviewers across the community. If you're wondering if your story has been reviewed, you can discover it here.

The Pony Fiction Vault
While it may have closed its doors, the Pony Fiction Vault will forever have a special place in our hearts. Run by the excellent person RBDash47, it does more than merely recommend stories. Each one is accompanied by an in-depth interview with the authors and includes downloads for each story in epub-friendly formats.

The Royal Canterlot Library ( group)
After the Ponyfiction Vault shut down, the Royal Canterlot Library was quick to take its place as its spiritual successor. Headed by some of the most respected people in the community, it's obvious that whatever these guys recommend will be well worth one's time reading.

Equestria Daily
We can't not include these guys. Say what you will about their pre-readers, there's no doubting that these guys are experienced and know what they're talking about. They're always working on improving their processes and their faces with the community, and they're sure to recommend a good story or two a day to the "front page of the fandom" every day for all your reading needs.

FOB Equestria
Imagine Equestria Daily, except run by the military. Specifically, a bunch of military bronies. They might not update as frequently as Equestria Daily, but FOB Equestria provides most everything they do, and unlike Equestria Daily, these guys review stories with style. Definitely worth checking out.

The Royal Guard
These guys may be the new kids on the block, but that doesn't make them any less audacious. As an alternative to Equestria Daily, they focus primarily on the fanfiction side of things and drop their recommendations across the site every two weeks. They're comprised of the community and they're for the community, and the road ahead for them certainly looks optimistic. Be sure to check out their group page for more information.

Critique And Editing Services

Writers and Reviewers Institute for Technical Excellence
WRITE has been around for awhile now, and their goal is to provide in-depth reviews and critiques on individual stories. Their congregate is impressive and comprised of several well-respected people in the community. Check out their group page for more information, such as how to get your own story critiqued.

Writing Events

The Writeoff Association (Main website)
This is for the people looking for an excuse to write. As the name suggests, this group hosts write-offs where authors can compete to write the best story in a limited time frame, where the only prizes are internet points and bragging rights. These friendly competitions are irregular, and you may never really know when they'll happen unless they're actually happening. So if you're interested, create an account on their main website to get email notifications for when the next happens. And, of course, be sure to check out the group page for more information.

The World-Building Alliance
These guys may exist primarily to help fill the holes show canon leaves behind—maybe add some sprinkles on top while they're at it—but there's more to here than that. They frequently hold prompt-based write-offs with the aim of, well, world building. While these events haven't really happened recently, they do plan to pick back up soon. Be sure to check out the group and the forum for more information.

Tips For Writing And Other Useful Links FAQ
In case you haven't seen this before. And if you haven't, go see it now.

Ezn's Writing Guide
An incredibly useful and recommended resource to help anyone improve with their writing. This guide contains the general do's and don't's of writing, in addition to a variety of technical topics such as plot, character, and setting. This is certainly well worth reading at least once.
Don't know what a word means? Want to find the word that would fit your sentence perfectly? This is just one of several online dictionaries to help you find whatever it is you're looking for. But I recommend this one because they also have a joint thesaurus functionality, but be careful not to go too crazy with that.

Punctuation Made Simple
Writing is hard. Especially when it comes to things like commas, colons, hyphens, and all the things in a sentence that aren't actual words. Nonetheless, they're just as important as the words themselves if not more so. Check this place out to help familiarize yourself with proper punctuation usage, or if you ever just get stumped.

Capitalization Rules
A short and simple guide to help explain when and when not to capitalize things, should one ever get confused.

Wanna write a whimsical zebra who speaks in rhyme? This is a good place to help you do just that.

A list of words to replace "said."
Just in case you ever needed one.

AcreuBall's Quick and Sexy Run-down on Dressmaking
Don't let that title deceive you: this blog isn't all that quick. But it's an incredibly useful resource to help an author with their dressmaking scenes and things.

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Angelic Seattle
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What'chu talking about?

I also totally did not accidentally this thread twice while writing it and lose everything in the process.

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This thread has reminded me that TwahlahtSporkle ain't never comin' back.

Oh my God. You actually used the joint user account for something. Mind... can't... comprehend...

Anyway, I remember there was initially a thread posted by Danish Nietzsche that served a similar purpose. Only he's not here anymore. And this one's more comprehensive. And up to date.

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Angelic Seattle
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As it turns out, there is a 50,000 character limit on comments.

This is the Seattle's Angels Archive and Resource Thread, part 2.


*Round 154 - RTStephens and Heartshine - Scald / I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream / Forget Me Nots / That First Book
*Round 153 - PaulAsaran and Heartshine - Sunset Shimmer in the Land of Enchantment / Before Closing / Happiness Is What You Make Of It / Young Eyes
*Round 152 - Matthewl419 and RTStephens - Once More Into The Night / First Cut / Tradecraft / Applejack Uprooted
*Round 151 - Corejo and Chris - After I Looked Up, The Stars Had Gone Away / Bra Quest! / Never Dream / Exiles
*Round 150 - RTStephens and Heartshine - Swimming Lessons / Aletheia / Critical and Apathetic / The Basement
*Round 149 - Cynewulf and Matthewl419 - Sometimes It Takes a Double Shot / A Bridge to Somewhere / Treasures / In the Bleak Midwinter
*Round 148 - RTStephens and Heartshine - In Quiet Moments / Torn / The Drifting Chariot / Elixir Master
*Round147 - Cynewulf and Matthewl419 - The Lightning in Your Teeth / Up Where the Air is Clear / Lily's Letter / Sierra
*Round 146 - Chris and RTStephens - Rainbow Dash’s Super-Awesome Self-Insert Figures Out If It Would Matter / Quietus / Today I Am A Monster / Cerulean
*Round 145 - Corejo and Matthewl419 - Tantabound / Inferno / Her Lips Tasted Like Cherry Cola / Diminished
*Round 144 - Cynewulf and RTStephens - Daybreaker / And The Serpent Said Unto The Princess / Looking Up / The Teacher and the Hippogriff
*Round 143 - Cynewulf and Heartshine - A Picnic to Die For / Anytime / It’s Hurtful Like That / Melody
*Round 142 - RTStephens and Heartshine - Curse, Bless Me Now / Rapunzbelle / Grey / Last Nightmare Night
*Round 141 - Matthewl419 and PaulAsaran - Forget Me Not / Paper Boats / Not an Adult / Hyperion
*Round 140 - RTStephens and PaulAsaran - Lost in Paradise / Effigy of Anarchy / We’ll Never Be Far Apart / Violet Blues
*Round 138 - RTStephens and Heartshine - How the Foundation Ruined Nightmare Night / A Day In The Life Of Opalescence / Self-Reflection / Stormy Monday
Round 137 - Archonix and Matthewl419 - Luminescense / On the Wing of Friendship / As Told by Sunset / Sunset Shimmer and the Ogre
Round 136 - Corejo and Cynewulf - Crimson Lips / Roam-Springa / Line in Boxes / Queen of Clubs
Round 135 - RTStephens and Ebon Quill - Without Another Word / The Fault in my Cutie Mark / Gambling Foals / Trixie and Rainbow Dash Save Ponyville From an Eldritch Abomination
Round 134 - Cynewulf and Matthewl419 - Daring Do and the Ancient Outpost / Historical Gaps / Three Hoofwidths To The Left / Death of the Author
Round 133 - PaulAsaran and RTStephens - Not Everything / Heavy Rock / Where All My Layers Can Become Reeds / The Clown Sentry
Round 132 - Matthewl419 and RTStephens - Dearth / Forever Twilight / Lose Yourself / Moonstone
Round 131 - PaulAsaran and Cynewulf - Broken Bindings / Festival of Lights / A Door Jam / Immortal Blood
Round 130 - RedSquirrel456 and RTStephens - Trinity / Daring Do and the Wings of Light / Of Royal Sisters and Rock Concerts / Starscape
Round 129 - Chris and Corejo - The Parable of the Dead Lizards / The Legend of the Gift Horses / Fixing the Stud / Old Pony Tales for Hearth and Home: A Collection by the Quill Siblings
Round 128 - Cynewulf and Matthewl419 - Darling / The Lighthouse / A Chonamare Hearth’s Warming Eve / Daring Do’s Adventures in Whackadamia
Round 127 - PaulAsaran and RTStephens - Discord Day Care / The Invisible Hairless Ape / All the Time in the World / Baby Limestone Rides to War
Round 126 — Novel Idea and Cynewulf — A Requiem For Lost Libraries / Minuette's Imaginary Friend Replacement Service / Strategic / Respect and Respectability
Round 125 — Corejo and RTStephens — Daring Do and the Accursed Atoll / With Your Shield Or On It / Whisper / Sweet Little Lovely: A Gothic Romance
Round 124 — RedSquirrel456 and Matthewl419 — The Mare With No Name / When We Took Back the Stars / The Milliner on March Street / What are you doing New Year's Eve?
Round 123 — Corejo and RTStephens — Over a Cardboard Sea / Parlez-vouz Prançais? / Princess Celestia's Private Library / Shades of Hades
Round 122 — PaulArasan and Novel-Idea — Hindsight / Ship of Fools / Edited Details / How to Train Your Pegasus
Round 121 — RTStephens and Ebon Quill — Pinkie's Animal Balloons / The Web Untangled / Title Unimpressive / The Taste of Friendship
Round 120 — Matthewl419 and PaulArasan — Method Acting / Hang / The Perfect Setup / Coming Home
Round 119 — Corejo and RTStephens — Cursed Be He That Moves My Bones / Snowblind / Shell Game / Carol
Round 118 — Chris and Matthewl419 — Nine Days Down / Unforgettable / Shadow Over Ponyville / Dichromatic
Round 117 - RedSquirrel456 and Cynewulf - Majija: Under the Weather / Movies / Three-Quarters / Love Thy Enemy
Round 116 — PaulArasan and RTStephens — Old Memories, New Traditions / And I Will Love You... / The Destiny Trap / The Last Link
Round 115 — Corejo and Cynewulf — Cold Light / Dappled Shores / ...But It Often Rhymes / Starlight and Trixie's Bonding Adventure
Round 114 — Novel-Idea and RTStephens — To Warm a Mare's Heart in Two Hours / Ordinary World / Teach Me Beauty, Teach Me Grace / There's Something in the Woods
Round 113 — Archonix and Cynewulf — Aubade / True Colours / Breakage / The Mage and the Filly Fair
Round 112 — RTStephens and Ebon Quill — The Here and Now / Five Minutes in a Balloon / Lilies of the Field / From Endless Snow...
Round 111 — Chris and Novel-Idea — Summer Island / I Have a Hat / Property of the Crystal Empire / Ember, Hoardsmelter
Round... 104? 110? Like anybody knows... — RedSquirrel456 and Matthewl419 — The Luna Papers / Ever Let the Fancy Roam / Through Ice and Shadow / Rainbow Dash and the Pie Sisters
Round 109 — Matthewl419 and RTStephens — Twilight Sparkle's Unhealthy Addiction to Books / Daring-Do and the Leaf in the Wind / Starlight Repeatedly Teleports into Custard / It's Only a Paper Moon
Round 108 — Archonix and Corejo — The Most Noble and Sombre Court of the Morning / Sundowner Season / The Sun's Torment / The River
Round 107 — Chris and RedSquirrel456 — I'll See You to Shore / My Domestic Equestria / The Battleship Ponytemkin / All in the Presentation
Round 106 — Tired Old Man and CyneWulf — Life’s Cruel, Unfair, and Needs More Cookies / Into the Twilight / Supernova / As I Walk
Round 105 — ScarletWeather and RTStephens — Arthurian-The Black King / Autophobia / Comfort Food / Being Neighborly
Round 104 — Ferret and (MLP)Matthewl419 — To Guard the Light / Not-so Voiceless / Co-Incidence / It Doesn't Matter Now

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