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R4 Index #01 · 9:23pm

Because I like organizing things, here is the first index for my R4 posts. Since the complete index would be much too long to scroll through I've decided to break it up into chunks of 20 posts, each one covering 100 old reviews. I'll be putting these up at the start of each chunk and adding links as the R4 posts happen.

Pony Fan Fiction Stories I have reviewed 1-100

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Report Singularity Dream · 326 views ·

This is THE BIG MASTER REVIEW LIST, AKA: the huge list of pony fan fiction text reviews.

100+ people & groups covering over 7500 stories by over 3000 authors.

Adding up to over 13,000+ reviews all together.

Being put on this doesn't mean I've read your story. Just means that someone has done a review of it. So thanking me for putting you in my big master review list bookshelf is a bit silly. Go thank the reviewer for reviewing the story! They deserve your praise more for actually reading your story.

Here is the big master review list spreadsheet.

Here is the Simple Big Master Review List. Which has none of the fancy formula that might be slowing things down. My test audience (all one single person of it) finds it works much faster than the full deluxe version.

Please, please, please. If you find a wrong link or see that I've got the wrong source/name for a review please tell me. I want this to be as accurate as possible but with ten thousand reviews things are going to fall through the cracks.

No official affiliation between the list and any of these reviews/groups (except for my personal reviews, obviously). I simply stalk and when any of them put up a new review, I link it on the list.

If you want to see how reviewed a story is, or what various people think about it, check it out. It's a huge list so using the find function is recommended unless you just want to wander through it. All authors and titles are copied/pasted straight off of FimFiction (or other source) and it likes exact matches for punctuation and the like. Does take partials, so doing just one word of a name or title works pretty good.

If you are an author who is wondering about if there are reviews for their stories I'll be happy to navigate the sheet for you. Especially if you want to check if there are any new reviews or anything. Just pop a comment on this post and I'll be happy to fetch the info from the list for you. Just don't expect a instant turnaround for it.

In addition, if you know someone who has done even just a handful of pony fan fiction reviews that you enjoy, point me at them and they shall get added to the list. Single person reviews, group-based reviews, non-fimfiction blogs, all are accepted. I am inching toward adding video reviews to the list. So if you know any reviewers who do audio/visual formats, let me know so I can start compiling that information to see how big a challenge it will be.

Reviews of mature stories are included, if the title isn't too explicit, but any warning about mature stories/subjects are the responsibility of the reviewers. The Big Master Review List does not link directly to any stories. So if you do find a link to a story please tell me, since I sometimes copy/paste the wrong url when adding links.

See below the break for even more amazing state-of-the-art features!

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Ponyfic books · 5:51pm

So, got my copy of Fallout: Equestria (3rd printing) yesterday and have pictures up on my blog.

If interested, you should check it out.

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Hey thanks for doing the thing you do it's really cool

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Hey, thanks for adding my story. I appreciate it greatly! :pinkiehappy:

#371 · 10w, 3d ago · · ·


It's all good. :heart:

I understand taking a break from things - goodness knows I did for a while. Though mine was more me spinning my wheels in the worst way. :applejackconfused:

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That's weird. I sometimes miss one off a review, or only put one, but some missing and some on? That's unusual. Thanks for letting me know! Even if I've been terrible at updating it recently. I still bookmark review posts in the hope I'll get back to catching up sometime soon.

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I noticed that a couple reviews from Read It Now #98 ended up not making it to the Big Master Review List, while the others from that review set seemed to:



Unnoticed by Estee

Family Matters by The Cyan Recluse.

It is so awesome that you keep that list.

I should really upload my own tracking spreadsheet sometime. :ajsleepy:

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