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A tale of miserable miser Princess Celestia and her transformation into a kind and caring benefactor after visits on one Christmas Eve from the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

More accurately: After an incredibly busy day, the kind and benevolent Princess Celestia just wants to sleep. Apparently, mysterious (and utterly unknowable) cosmic forces (spooky!) are going to visit her with visions regardless.

(Come inside and witness the literary butchery I visit upon a timeless classic. Hopefully the jokes will make you laugh at least once so I can use the distraction to escape.)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 35 )

"How did you figure out it was me, sister?"

This turned out to be the funniest line of the story. Of course, the whole story sets up this line.

This was a lot of fun. I particularly loved how the narration throughout remained in complete denial of Luna's complete Fail - it's hard to describe, it wasn't snarky or sarcastic, it was much kinder and lighter, more like playing along. I found that endearing.

Maybe next year Celestia should meet just one spirit, who wants to show her how wonderful her life is?


I've been dubbing it the reliable, but bribed narrator. Like Luna gave the narration voice some tasty cookies to go along with her scheme.

Author Interviewer

Hey, look who finally decided to join the ranks of the writers! :D

Author Interviewer

...and who needs to join the ranks of the having-a-proofreader >.>

Author Interviewer

Regardless, a fun read. :D NOW YOU GET TO BE REVIEWED


Hey, I've got a pretty good proofreader. It's not her fault that she can't keep up with the amazing mistyping skills of my fingers.


But pointing out to me anything that got missed would be good. I'm still trying to learn this whole 'grammar' thing.

This was very charming, and a fun read. I was smiling the whole way through reading this story. I have a weak spot for "Awkward, Temporally-Displaced Luna", so that may be one reason I really enjoyed it.

So, this is your first foray into writing pony fiction? Well, I'm very interested to see what else you come up with! :twilightsmile:

I'm really glad you did! I would have missed this story, otherwise.

First ponyfic, yep. Not sure I'll do more. Just got grabbed by the inspiration of Celestia as Scrooge and scribbled it out over a couple of days.

What a fun story. I think Cadance disguised as Elvira Luna was my favorite part. I was surprised, I thought at the end there would be a message Celestia was supposed to learn, like "share your cake with your sister."

I definitely love the bribed narrator.

This was 100% delightful.

Thanks. The real message of the story is for Luna "Spend more than a half-hour preparing your scheme."

Thank you.

And finally I actually read this! Nice humour, good use of the characters (including the narrator!) and it left me with a suitably warm feeling. Could do with some proofreading for a little tense-mixing and suchlike, and the chapters really are too short, but I liked it.

Yeah, I do tend to have a problem with tenses on occasion. As for the chapters being too short, well, that's what happens when a story gets written pretty much on a single burst of inspiration. Can only stretch what you've got so far after all. Glad you enjoyed it.

5615172 Oh, I have no problem with the amount of material here; it's fine. I'm just not sure it's enough to split into five separate chapters. There's an argument for having written it as a one-shot with scene breaks (* * * or whatever) instead of a separate chapter for each spirit.

Oh, easily. I just really wanted to have several chapter titles.

A nice little story but could have done with a few sentences more here and there to help bring the humour of Luna's alkwardness a little more to the front. But very nice!

Nice read, had me laughing in a few points, Cadance and her horrible accent where fantastic.:pinkiehappy:

That was a charming little read :eeyup: And you beat the show to it by over a year, so kudos.

Poor Luna. All that hard work, and bribery of Cadence, and your sister nearly dies laughing over it.

This was very sweet!

Okay, this was awesome. Celestia trolled Lu--er--the spirit without even having to do any planning. :trollestia:

Luna should have planned this out better. Er, if Luna was doing this, rather than spooky spirits that is. :twilightsheepish:

For the record, someone needs to make this whole story into an animation.

So Celestia doesn't know Twilight's already time travelled? Also, how does Celestia intend to recreate the Hearth's Warming?

This was a great story, thumbs up and a favorite.

The implied sarcasm, it burns! :pinkiehappy:

This goes to my collection.

Glad you liked it!

I certainly enjoyed writing it, that's for sure.

Thank you for this laugh, even though I find the end a bit bittersweet. And also the most believable of the story. Really I would prepare much better for such a prank!

Sometimes an idea is just so good you have get to it right away! But yes, Princess Luna should probably spend more than twenty minutes preparing for this sort of thing.

It's a Wonderful Afterlife?

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In a nearby land, a cleared piece of property sits silently in the snow, the only sign of pony activity being a single sign.

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Well, you see, they cleared away all the plants and the topsoil blew away and lots of dust blew in and...

To make a long story short, it's called Saddle Arabia nowadays. Princess Celestia made sure they got a nice dramatic kingdom creation story instead of the truth.

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