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The royal guard is not comprised of only ponies. In the palace even items of office equipment have pride in their work. This story recalls the two most important moments in the life of Mr Clockerson.

If you haven't read Three of Hearts you won't get some of the humor.

Inspired by one of my favorite short stories: Blagdaross by Lord Dunsany. Found in the collection A Dreamer's Tales by Lord Dunsany. Which you should totally buy.

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Discord messed with their mailboxes when he turned Ponyville into the chaos capital of the world and never fixed them, so the six ponies of the Ponyville Chess Club have to meet every day to exchange mail with each other. This has turned out to be a good thing for everypony involved.

A two chapter (planned anyway) story where nothing much happens except conversation. A brief chess game may show up as a brief detail in chapter two.

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A tale of miserable miser Princess Celestia and her transformation into a kind and caring benefactor after visits on one Christmas Eve from the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

More accurately: After an incredibly busy day, the kind and benevolent Princess Celestia just wants to sleep. Apparently, mysterious (and utterly unknowable) cosmic forces (spooky!) are going to visit her with visions regardless.

(Come inside and witness the literary butchery I visit upon a timeless classic. Hopefully the jokes will make you laugh at least once so I can use the distraction to escape.)

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