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    AlicornPriest's "Alicorn Time" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    The memories of today's story will stick with you.

    Alicorn Time

    [Sad] • 2,138 words

    Twilight, believing something has happened to her memory, seeks out Princess Celestia to see if she recognizes it and can offer a cure. But the answer lies far deeper in the root of her nature and her life as the Princess of Friendship than she would have ever expected.

    FROM THE CURATORS: It's not often that a short fic laser-focused on a single idea — especially an idea without direct roots in the show — makes us sit up and take notice.  "At the outset, this looks like a pretty typical 'bit of headcanon disguised as a story'," Chris said.  "That does, though, sell this fic short in one crucial respect: the author is able to deliver some truly heartwrenching moments in the back half of this.  Celestia gets a couple of absolute back-breaker lines, and the final sentence of the fic is heavy in just the right way."  Horizon agreed: "It's a headcanon fraught with emotional issues, and the author hits the right notes to effectively draw those out."

    That was due not only to the story's choice of topics, but also the choice of perspectives with which it approached the idea.  "I've had trouble with my memory my entire life ... so the idea of experiencing most of life only 'in the moment' doesn't seem that awful to me," AugieDog said.  "But AlicornPriest does a good job of conveying how devastating this is to Twilight and of following her through the stages of grief as she comes to realize how this is going to affect her and her friendships."  That was brought out further by strong secondary character work.  "The story also made an effective decision in Celestia's characterization," Horizon said.  "Her casual acceptance of the phenomenon just underscores how disturbing the situation is if you actually stop and think about it."

    Those made this work not just as an idea fic but also as a story.  "I've zoned out while working in the yard and 'lost' a half-hour or more before," Chris said.  "Alicorn Time is that feeling, writ large, and it achieved a poignancy as a result which few 'headcanon fics' can match."  And the fic's solid extrapolation of that phenomenon to immortality was what made it exemplary, Horizon said: "I think asking important questions about our own experiences through the lens of fantasy is one of the highest goals that a fanfic can reach."

    Read on for our author interview, in which AlicornPriest discusses tweening, Account Patterns, and zoned-out YouTube flickers.

    Give us the standard biography.

    Hi! I’m Alicorn Priest. I’m 24, I graduated from college about a year ago — English, as you might expect, though I also earned a BA in Chemistry. (Yes, there are Bachelors of Arts in Chemistry. Whodathunk?) I’ve been a brony since season 2 — I was there speculating when we were wondering what Discord was gonna look like, and I started reading “Background Pony” back when there were only two chapters out. My first fic (if you don’t count the terrible one I sent to the EqD reviewers) was posted up on in March 2012. (It’s called “The Table at the End.” Go check it out.)

    How did you come up with your handle/penname?

    It’s kind of a funny story. When I made my first GMail account, I fancied myself a philosopher — really, I just liked to think about complex topics — so I named my first e-mail after my first name (which starts with an A), followed by “philos.” When I started making accounts on Reddit and such the like, I decided to make it easier for myself by making every account with the same pattern: a word starting with A, then a word starting with P. “Alicorn” seemed like the obvious A word, and “Priest” for P was the first word that seemed appropriate. I like the imagery it provides: one who worships and serves the princesses. One of my clients calls me Ali P, which I find adorable.

    Who's your favorite pony?

    Twilight Sparkle, almost certainly. I have the same personality as her: studious, awkward, friendly, and a little naive. Somehow, all of my fics seem to include her one way or another. Close behind are Rarity and Pinkie Pie — Pinkie’s my problematic fave, because while I really like her personality and background, I think her depiction in the show is done right only about half of the time. “When she was good, she was very good indeed, but when she was bad, she was horrid,” if you know the poem.

    What's your favorite episode?

    As much as I’m a season 1-season 2 fanboy, I’ve gotta give it to “Pinkie Pride.” Every song is spot-on, Weird Al’s guest appearance is perfect, and the thematics and character exploration are stellar. It’s the quintessential episode of the show.

    What do you get from the show?

    I remember when I first got into the show, I was stunned at the attitude and charm it had. The main character is an awkward student who throws snark at everyone she meets? Is that even allowed in kids’ shows? And it had such tension and drama in those opening episodes, I was immediately hooked. I suppose if I had to distill it down to one word, it’d be “relatable.” The characters have real problems, they struggle with their friends, and they overcome through conversation and apologies. The bright colors and poppy songs draw you in, but the relatability is what keeps you watching.

    What do you want from life?

    ... Wow, what a tough question. I suppose I could just point to Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs and say “that,” but I’d better explain a bit more. First of all, I want to be happy, but “happy” is such a poor word. It includes everything from the satisfaction of a job well done to the zoned-out flickers when a YouTube video is slightly more interesting than the previous one. Unfortunately, the latter is much easier to get than the former, so ... there’s that. Second, I want to feel as though I’m useful to the world somehow. I want to feel like I’m creating things people enjoy, or helping make people’s lives better — something that has value. I suppose in a venial way, I like getting praised for doing good work, so that’s part of it, too.

    Why do you write?

    I write because an idea gets lodged into my head, and I want to expand it out into a story. I get a vision of a scene, or a line of dialogue, or a source of conflict, and I want to see how it plays out. The hard part is all the little interactions to get from one major scene to the next — in animation, they’d be called “tweening,” right? Other than that, I write because I have some idea I want to share with the world, and either my blog posts or my fiction is the best way to do that. I come up with a story about how weatherponies came to be, or I want to share a connection between transactional analysis and character interaction, so I write a story about it or create a blog post discussing it. Recently, I’ve had people regularly commenting on my posts, which helps a ton. If I felt I was just spitting into the wind, I wouldn’t keep doing it. (Hence why I went dark a couple years ago.)

    What advice do you have for the authors out there?

    Network. Network, network, network. If you want to rise in the ranks, you need to take writing seriously. Part of that process is talking with the community here on FiMFiction and establishing yourself. Make friends, so that your friends will read your stories, and then they’ll recommend those stories to their friends, and so on. If you’re an introvert like me, this is really hard, I know, but you’ve gotta do it. As to writing advice, it’d be “write what’s important” and “character relationships give you more to work with than each character separately.” And the editor part of me wants to add, “Wherever you meet with a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out.” That’s Samuel Johnson, by the by.

    What inspired “Alicorn Time”?

    A couple of things. To a lesser extent, ruminating on what it would be like to be immortal, and how the passage of time would feel after long stretches. As Celestia explains in the fic, I felt the sort-of dissociative episodes would be a blessing, to save their minds from having to experience every single moment. (The science behind it is pretty circumspect, I’m aware.) Primarily, however, it’s based upon my own experiences of college and previous. I wasted so much time on books, video games, and the Internet that at this point, it all feels like a blur. I would have done no worse if I had simply blacked out at the start of it and coasted through unconsciously. So Twilight’s resolution to “make every picosecond count!” is my own desire, and Celestia’s response is my resignation at the impossibility of that.

    What elements would you consider essential in writing a successful “explainfic”?

    Hah! You used my terminology. You really did your research. The biggest danger to writing an explainfic is that the explanation, the caulking to fill the holes in the plot, is all you have going for the story. A good explainfic should also have strong character interactions, an arc as the characters grow and change, a central conflict that the explanation factors into ... you know, all the workings of any good story. So in “Alicorn Time,” as Twilight tries to cope with having this new condition, her attitude changes, and she struggles to decide what she’s going to do going forward. A bad explainfic will simply set up a condition for a character to ask, “Why does this thing happen,” a character explaining it, and then the first character saying, “Ah, that makes sense.” I’ll be the first to admit “Alicorn Time” is not a perfect fic, and one of its weaknesses is that the characters simply sit down and talk at each other. This is another weakness of explainfics, and the solution is to write a plot which can involve moving around and interacting with objects.

    Do you prefer planning your stories out ahead of time or letting them grow during the typing process?

    I love when little details appear mid-writing session, but I can’t rely on that to be the driver of my story. Sometimes personality quirks will change certain scenes, or the way I decide to execute a scene will create connections I hadn’t considered. For example, in a chapter of “Mother and Child” I’ve been working on, I discovered a place to put Cadance in the Beta timeline of Equestria which I hadn’t really planned when coming up with the chapter. I also noticed how the events Pinkie accidentally puts into motion will reflect a later scene where she does the same thing more intentionally. So that’s really neat. However, I’m not a seat-of-your-pants type writer, as much as I pretend to be. I find I get the best results when I can sit down (with a spiralbound notebook, not a Word document) and sketch out the chapter progressions, the character arcs, and the event timeline. Otherwise, I procrastinate because I don’t know what to write. Of course, even when I do plan, I procrastinate anyway, but eh. That’s how it goes with me, I suppose.

    Do you think Twilight will ever be comfortable enough in her alicornhood to unconsciously call Celestia by name?

    Heh. Twilight and I suffer from a pretty similar problem. When someone superior to us earns our respect, we tend to ... idolize them, just a little bit. I do it with all the amazing writers that frequent my blog, and Twilight does it with Princess Celestia. Talking with one of your idols isn’t quite the same as talking to one of your equals, even when your idol is your equal. (We’re all horsewords enthusiasts here, in the end. Even when one of my commenters has 17 times as many followers as I do.) So for me, that means putting them on a pedestal, and for Twilight, that means she can’t quite get over adding “Princess” to the front of Celestia’s name. I’m not sure it’s something she’ll ever get over, perhaps until she finds herself doing as much as Celestia does.

    Is there anything else you'd like to add?

    Hmm ... the shill in me wants to plug my new monetization strategy, but I’ll leave that for the readers to find on their own. What I will plug of mine, though, is my series of blog posts entitled “Writer’s Workshop.” Every so often, I share a particular trick that can help make your writing more interesting. I’ve used examples from South Park, the RPG Fate: Accelerated Edition, The Arrival of the Mail Train, and the psychological methodology of transactional analysis. I’ve also got a couple other stories people might like if they’re curious — my other smash hit would have to be “It’s Impossible!” (with the unofficial slogan, “The Ride Never Ends!”).

    Other than that, I want to thank all the readers out there. Thanks for reading this interview, thanks for making “Alicorn Time” as big as it has been, and thanks for checking out my other writings. Hope you enjoy. :)

    You can read Alicorn Time at Read more interviews right here at the Royal Canterlot Library, or suggest stories for us to feature at our Fimfiction group.

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    S7E5 - Fluttershy Leans In

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    S7E4 - Rock Solid Friendship

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    S7E3 - Flurry of Emotions

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    Announcing EFNW Scribblefest 2017 Winners!

    After much deliberation, reading, rereading, and judging we finally have our winners for the Everfree Northwest Scribblefest 2017!

    I want to first congratulate all of you who submitted your hard written stories!  We had a field of 36 contestants, and that’s amazing!  Thank you so much for all your hard work that you do!  Now, without further ado, our finalist and their respective categories!

    Twilight Sparkle Award

    Ebon Quill with “Slouching Towards Canterlot”

    Twilight was a tough fight, and it got down to the wire in the end between the final four stories!  Excellent job, Ebon Quill, writing a story that showed you did the research and made sure everything was picture perfect!  Just like Twilight herself would love!

    Rarity Award

    Loganberry with “The Book of Ended Lives”

    This story was gorgeous, and it was a clean sweep with all 6 judges voting for it.  Both pieces in this category had beautiful, flowing prose, but ultimately the gorgeous flair that Loganberry had for his piece won him the prize!  Beautifully written, Loganberry!  

    Rainbow Dash Award

    Novel-Idea with “The Cycle of Flame”

    To win in this category, the story had to be 200% cooler than all the rest, and Novel-Idea’s piece swept this category with all 6 finalists voting for it.  It was a tough decision, but his ability to write action, turmoil, and involve a side of Philomena that we don’t see in the show made for an amazing piece of fiction.  Way to be awesome, Novel-Idea!

    Pinkie Pie Award

    Posh with “The Next Best Thing”

    We wanted to have a funny, snickering, hilarious story to win this category.  Posh actually manage to make us smile in this one as well.  His piece was equal parts funny, heartwarming, and sarcastic, just like we’d expect if Diamond Tiara were interacting with Spike and Starlight Glimmer.  Posh, you were nominated in 4 categories, and we all loved your story by degrees!  Excellent work!

    Applejack Award

    Apple Bottoms with “Nihtmer Niht”

    The Applejack Award was one of the most contested categories we had for judging.  Ultimately, Nihtmer Niht ended up winning out in the end for being very true to the show.  The theme showed strongly throughout the story, and we loved the Aesop at the end, which really made this story win.  Hard work paid off in the end, didn’t it, Apple Bottoms?

    Fluttershy Award

    The Hat Man with “Freedom Flourishes”

    The Fluttershy award has to be my personal favourite category, because I love heartwarming stories.  This story made all of us tear up at the end.  The Hat Man expertly blended past with present through a series of flashbacks in this heartwarming tail, that took all of the judges by surprise.  Freedom Flourishes was an extremely touching piece, The Hat Man.  Fluttershy would be proud.

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    SA Reviews #102

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    S7E1-2 - All Bottled Up / Celestial Advice

    167 comments · 3,640 views

Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

Deep down in the confines of a cavern, the tink tink of a pickaxe echoed along the walls as dim lamplight lit up a long hall.

TOM set the pickaxe down, grinning as he wiped the sweat off his brow. “Well? What do ya think? Do we dig deeper?”

Archonix kneeled down, grabbing a small patch of soil from the ground. After a deep sniff, he shook his head. “Not close enough. We need to go deeper.”

“Aw, seriously?! We’re like six feet under right now!”

“Two. Two feet,” Arch corrected.

“And we’d be four feet more if you grabbed another pickaxe.”

“Less talking, more swinging!” Arch declared as he held up the lantern.

TOM sighed, readied his hands, and held the pickaxe aloft.

“What is going on down here?!” A ferret-y voice echoed from the stairway, followed shortly by Ferret herself. “Why is there an excavation in our basement?!”

“We’re diggin for gold! Real gold!” TOM answered, resuming the dig with a “Hi-ho!”

“Fool’s gold, more like!” Ferret fumed, holding a stack of papers. Setting them down with a hefty thud, she put on a cross expression. “You two need to get reviews done!”

TOM regarded the stack of papers. “Is there gold in there?”

“Or gems?” Arch added. “There should be an underground tropical utopia, at least!”

Ferret threw her hands up in the air. “I don’t know! Start digging through these and find out!”

TOM quickly threw down the pickaxe. “Beats digging for crude oil any day.”



A Survey of the Work of Vinyl Scratch (Abbreviated), by Meta Four

Vinyl Scratch, the mare behind DJ PON-3’s purple shades, is boldly exploring new frontiers of electronic dance music. Meanwhile, Spilt Ink, music critic for Sound on Sound magazine, is just as boldly exploring how far he can stick his head up his own rectum.

Trace the trajectory of one mare’s career—and one stallion’s sanity—through this peek into the music world’s sordid underbelly: the album reviews.


I was going to run with a joke where I spent most of the review talking about entirely unrelated things, but that would probably ruin something or other. Instead, let me introduce Spilt Ink, reviewer, failure, success, critic and envious writer. He is every niche journalist you ever met, complete with wannabe gonzo moments and the habit of scattering linguistic sophistication far beyond the needs of the text.

Survey is epistolary after a fashion; it is a pastiche, a satire of expectations and stereotypes. A loving homage to the music magazines that somehow still just about manage to cling to life on the fridges of a world that is increasingly leaving paper behind, and an exploration of the different, yet familiar lives of ponies that fandom created. It might also be tweaking at that same fandom just a little bit.

Worth a read for Ink's madness and Luna's letter, if nothing else.

And don't forget the annotations.

Tired Old Man:

The life of a writing critic sometimes isn’t easy. However, I can certainly say it’s never driven me to insanity.

The life of a music critic, following the critiques of one Spilt Ink, is apparently a life that requires a monthly pain prescription, a weekly therapist, and daily doses of music that can send you both to the highest heavens and the deepest depths of Tartarus. I do not envy this kind of tumultuous life that puts incredible stress on the mind.

Yet the results of such scathing critiques are something not to ignore. The complete verbal destruction evoked from this critic is so outstandingly cruel, it feels like I’m viewing a different kind of art. The art of salt.

If I gave Spilt Ink a chisel and a huge chunk of rock salt, he would carve a perfectly proportioned replication of Vinyl Scratch, comment this was a more productive use of his time than listen to another one of Vinyl’s sets, and promptly smash it to make a statement somehow more ridiculous than what I just described. It’s crazy, but it has its moments.

If I’m honest, I’d happily read more from Spilt Ink. Dude’s got a crazy silver tongue for shaming, even if I will take many of his insults with a grain of salt.

...What? All this discussion about salt, and I can’t even use one salt pun?


Friends of the Ponies, by Impossible Numbers

Ember wants to see the rise of a smarter, friendlier dragon society in the future. For her dragon subjects, this presents quite a steep learning curve.


This one poses an interesting question that was never quite raised by the show: how do friendships work across differing perceptions of time?

Or perhaps that's not the best way to look at it.

Dragons see the world differently to ponies, but just how different is their view of things? What do they really know about pony culture? This fic - which builds on their views without being an infodump, as all the best worldbuilding should be - explores how dragons might make friends with ponies when asked to do so on their own terms.

I laughed.


Tired Old Man:

Friendship is hard to foster when you’re awkward at making contact with people. It’s twice as hard when you’re a dragon, and trip... tripeel hard when your brain’s got the comprehensive capabilities of a donut.

But what this story lacks in wit it makes up for in character, and the three dragons here have plenty of it. Observing their mental gymnastics is a treat, and it only gets better as they comment on what they observe as ‘oddities’ in pony culture compared to theirs. You can even hear the gears grind in one dragon’s head as he tries to recall some of the fancier words Ember used, and it’s a wonderful sound.

The miscommunication—or in this case, misinterpretation—of Ember’s orders might make their venture into the world of friendship a far longer journey than it should be, but I can’t fault them. They made a sign, for Ember’s sake!

A crude misspelled sign, but a sign nonetheless. Points for effort!


Wingpony-zoned by Teal

All Vapor Trail wanted to do was ask Sky Stinger on a date. But as it turns out, Sky Stinger has a reason why the two of them can't go out.


I so desperately wanted to make an academy record joke here, but I fail, because the fic didn't set me up for one. Instead we're diving into unspecified peril in an arbitrarily defined zone: The Friend Zone.

Or not.

Ok this fic does suffer a couple of dialogue quirks, but it tickled me by playing around with the double-meaning of "wingman" - or wing pony I suppose - and exploiting Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger's established relationship to work with the joke.

Tired Old Man:

Okay, so we have a story about a jerk, and a story about a few idiots. How do we balance this out?

What about a story featuring a jerk that could have been an incredible idiot?

That’s what you’ll find here as Sky Stinger decides his wingpony isn’t really marefriend material for a reason that’s so shallow, day-old rainwater puddles have more depth. But if you’ve ever seen videos of people jumping in rain puddles that turned out to be way deeper than they thought, you might be pleased to discover there’s more depth to Sky than what you see at first glance.

He’s still a jerk though, let me make that clear. But he’s a jerk that’s at least aware of his jerkiness, which is a… good thing?? Well, it’s better than him not being aware. That counts for something.

However, if he acts like this on an anniversary, he deserves a gut punch. Just saying.


Villain Cube Understands by Palm Palette

Sometimes ponies just have a bad day. They spill their cereal, trip in the mud, have their checks bounce, and get attacked by an extradimensional geometrical entity. Villain Cube knows what that's like. He understands what they're going through. He's there for them, to listen as they bare their troubled hearts, and also to set them on fire.


At this point it's safe to say that today's theme is silliness, and what better way to round that off than with Pinkie Pie from another universe attempting to communicate with a villain in the shape of a cube through the medium of explosives?

I understand your confusion at this. Come closer so we may discuss it and then perhaps I shall set you on fire.

Tired Old Man:

With so many jerk and/or idiot stories all gathered in one place, what’s left to bring together? At least they didn’t combine jerks and idiots into one story.

Wait wait WAIT no please don’t—aaaaand here we go. Well, this one does add EqG Pinkie to the mix, and she’s the sane pony-person in the Mane Six here. Think about that for a minute…or don’t. After all, we’ve seen what happened when they tried to handle Parasprites.

However, instead of a bunch of self-replicating hairballs we have a large, philosophic Villain Cube that sets things on fire because he’s Villain Cube, and a Villain Cube is as a Villain Cube does. Which is to set things on fire.

Villain Cube is so rock-simple, I kind of admire him. He’s a straight-shooting, no-fuss arsonist with one job to do, and he does it! Why no one thinks to grab a bag of marshmallows escapes me—this guy would be the hot topic at a camping ground, assuming the surrounding forest isn’t reduced to a pile of ash. And the tents… and the campers.

The point is, Villain Cube has eight corners, eight edges, six faces, and a whole lot of charisma. So stick around for a bit of depth, a fair amount of length, and some respectable width.

It’ll be a blast. I promise.

"I'm telling you, this is a much better idea than the whole gold quest thing."

"I'm not sure," Archonix said slowly, pacing back forth around the perimeter of TOM's now substantial—and increasingly wet—excavations. "I thought I was managing it rather well."

"Right, but even you have to admit that digging for gold in loam and clay is a terrible idea." TOM adjusted the hose at his side and leaned back, or at least rolled a little. "This is a much easier way to get rich."

"I—" was all Archonix said before RedSquirrel and Ferret landed on each of his shoulders.

"Hey guys," Red yelled. "What's with the pool?"

"And why are you putting it underground?"

"Is it for swimming?"

"Ooh! Do I get to wear little floaties and paddle around?"

"Are we going to have swim meets in tiny little trunks and be all sleek and shiny and glitter a lot in sudden beams of sunlight whenever something exciting happens?"

Everyone turned to look at Red, who may or may not have started to blush. It was difficult to know for sure.

"Nnnnooo," TOM replied slowly, nodding toward the pool. "We're going to farm clams and those clams are going to present us with delicious pearls."

The others were silent, until Red slowly raised a paw. "I question the wisdom of your plan."

"Yeah, well, it was this or go with Archonix's idea and turn it into a pig pen."

Red and Ferret looked at one another around Archonix's beard (a not inconsiderable feat) and sighed.

"That's a terrible idea," said Red.

"You're right," Ferret added. "Better pearls before swine."

Feel free to visit our group for more information and events, and to offer some recommendations for future rounds. See you all next time!

Report Wanderer D · 992 views ·
#1 · 4w, 17h ago · 7 · ·

The point is, Villain Cube has eight corners, eight edges, six faces, and a whole lot of charisma.

But a cube has twelve edges.

#2 · 4w, 17h ago · 3 · ·

"You're right," Ferret added. "Better pearls before swine."

Okay, I was wondering what your intro and conclusion would be... and you did it all for this joke, didn't you?


Oy, don't use your fancy mathematics to muddle the issue! You're right, though.

#3 · 4w, 16h ago · 1 · 3 ·

I put social site posts pff. TWICE now. Fix your goddamned site!

#4 · 4w, 14h ago · · ·

Damn that's a good writeup for A Survey of the Work of Vinyl Scratch. Would you guys be interested in writing for Sound on Sound? I hear they're hiring.

I also liked Friends of the Ponies, so I'll definitely have to check out the other two spotlighted stories.

#5 · 4w, 14h ago · 1 · ·


And here I thought a cube was two squares with eight edges separated by four lines. My mistake.

An egg is still a sphere though, right? A sphere with a bunch of dimples? Because I found like a hundred of those things at a golf course this Easter, and they're already hard-boiled!

Lord Al-knighty
#6 · 4w, 7h ago · · ·

>>4515429 It's because you're following WD so you're getting it in there as you would any of WDs other posts.

edit: Seems you're not. I'll look into it.

edit2: It seems what most likely is happening is your browser is storing something odd for the cookie. What browser are you using? Could also be extension related.

#7 · 3w, 3d ago · · ·

Hey, cool. I'm viewed rarely enough to get a third look-in from the highly esteemed Seattle's Angels! That's, uh... good. I think...

:scootangel: Thank you, Archonix and Tired Old Man! Two different and entertaining styles used to dissect the same story, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading both reviews. Capital work! :twilightsmile:

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