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  • 1 week
    Paul's Thursday Reviews CCCLIX

    Hello, FIMFiction! It’s time for another round of reviews.

    Over the last two weeks I have been pondering what I could use this introductory segment for. I always seem to have something to talk about, but I don’t know if the public at large is interested in most of those things. Do I bring up my own attempts at writing, at the risk of it looking like self-promotion? I’d discuss writing in general, but there are plenty of places that already do that. I used to talk about things going on in my own life, but that feels inappropriate. I am, at least for the moment, at a loss. Suggestions would be welcome!

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  • 3 weeks
    Paul's Thursday Reviews CCCLVIII - It's Showtime Edition

    I've always wanted to start a blog with that.

    Good evening, FIMFiction!

    Those of you unfamiliar with my sleepy avatar, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: Who is this weirdo and why is he suddenly invading the site-wide news feed? Allow me to illuminate you.

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  • 125 weeks
    SA: The Last Round

    "So, what do you think, Corejo?" Wanderer D asked, politely showing off the stack of papers in his claw.

    The burlap sack with the printed (in color!) face of Corejo remained silent.

    "I see, yes, yes!" Wanderer D cackled. "Ahahaha! Yes! I agree! This story should do fine! So, who's reviewing it? RT?"

    The sack that had the picture of RTStephens on it tilted just enough for a single potato to roll onto the table.

    "And we have two! Alright, team, I expect you all to figure out who's doing the next one, okay? Let's not keep the readers waiting!" He glanced expectantly at the several sacks with pictures around him. "Alright! Dismissed."


    "Ah, intern. Is that my coffee?" Wanderer D took the proffered mug and downed the contents in one go. "Excellent! No time to rest! We have to edit what the guys just handed to me."

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  • 147 weeks
    SA: Round 186

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    The Dodge Junction train ramp was not where Floydien expected to be part of a reunion.

    He especially didn’t expect it to happen four times in a row.

    “Wait, Winter? What are you doing here?”

    Winter’s eyebrows raised. “On Summer vacation. What about you?”

    “Uh, same.”


    The two Angels looked to where the voice came from. Cynewulf came running up to them, a wide brimmed sunhat and sunglasses adorning her head. “Fancy meeting you two here!”

    Floydien scratched his head. “Same. Are you on vacation too?”

    “Yep! Had a blast down on the Horseshoe Bay coast.”

    “Well, ain’t this something!”

    All turned to the fourth voice. Knight strode up, his body decked out in fishing gear, complete with a fishing pole balanced over his shoulder. “Haven’t seen so many of us in one spot since vacation started.”

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  • 162 weeks
    SA: Round 185

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    Winter and Knight stared out at the bleak townscape. All around them, the fires raged unchecked as Ponyville's former occupants stumbled mindlessly about, their undead faces ravaged by rot and decay as they moaned for sustenance. Knight turned to Winter.

    "Ready to go?"

    Winter nodded and shifted a backpack. "Got everything with me. I guess it's now or never."

    Knight gave a wry smile. "That's the spirit. You do have your reviews, right?"

    "Of course!" he said, patting his chest. "Right here."

    Knight nodded and said, "Alright, here's the plan: we stick to the shadows as much as possible. From what I can tell, their eyesight isn't that good, but their sense of smell is excellent. We just have to stay upwind."

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  • 169 weeks
    SA: Round 184

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    “I see. Alright, I’ll let him know.”

    Intern twisted a dial on the small mechanical piece attached to his ear, retracting a blue, see-through visor from across his face. He turned to Floydien, crossing his arms. “It’s confirmed. Generation 5 is on its way. Season 2 of Pony Life is just around the corner. And the series finale of Equestria Girls was scrapped for a holiday special.”

    Floydien lifted an eyebrow. “And, what does that mean for us?”

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  • 172 weeks
    SA: Round 183

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    Over their heads the flak guns peppered the sky. The planes roared and sputtered. The clouds were dark, heavy with the child that was war. It was all noise.

    Cynewulf looked around the bend. “You know, I’ve been reading old fics. Remember Arrow 18?”

    Floydien slipped—a Floydien slipped—One Floydien came through the fractured time in the lower levels of the Sprawling Complex. “Uh, human in Equestria?”

    “Yeah. You know, we were probably too mean about those.”

    “They were terrible. I mean some of them. I guess a lot of everything is terrible.”

    “Well, yes. But anyway, I was reading it, and it occurred to me that what I liked about it was that it felt optimistic in the way that Star Trek was optimistic. It felt naive, but in a way one wanted to emulate. To regress back into it.”

    “Uh, that sounds nice?”

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  • 178 weeks
    SA: Round 182

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    “Okay, Winter, hit it!”

    Winter pulled a lever that ignited a rocket placed underneath the communal Christmas Tree. The tree blasted through a cylindrical hole and out into the skies beyond. It only took seconds for the tree to become a tiny red dot against the blue sky.

    Winter stepped away from the control panel and down to where Intern was standing behind a fifty-five millimeter thick glass wall. “We could have just picked up the base and tossed it in the garbage bin outside, you know.”

    Intern scoffed. “Yeah, we could, or we can go over the top in a comedic and entertaining manner that leads into our reviews.”

    “You’re getting all meta, now.”

    “Exactly! On to the reviews!”

    ROUND 182

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  • 183 weeks
    SA: Round 181

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    For the first time in the year that he worked there, FanficFan finally experienced quiet in the Seattle’s Angels Compound. All the other reviewers had gone home for the holidays, leaving him and Intern to submit the last round of reviews of the year. However, with Intern off on an errand, FanficFan was left alone.

    With stories ready to be read by his partner, all the reviewer could really do was wander around the empty building, taking in all the holiday decorations left behind from the Office Christmas Party a few days prior, like office space holiday knick-knacks, lights strown about the ceiling and wreaths on nearly every door. Plus, there was some leftover cookies and egg nog, so that was nice. 

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  • 186 weeks
    SA: Round 180

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    Cynewulf lay in a grassy field. This was a curious occurrence, as the Seattle Angel’s Dyson Sphere-esque compound basement labyrinth did not usually have grass. 

    But like she had many times before, she’d been teleported here, and whether or not the sky above her was real or not, she didn’t mind. The grass was nice, and the wind was nice, and whatever happened happened.

    There was a great crash and Corejo stumbled into the grass to her right.

    “Oh, god, are we out? How did—”

    “No clue. I suspect that it’ll just take us back anyhow. Did you have the reviews? The machine came for me a few days ago, so I’ve got mine.”

    “I… Uh, I was late. I mean, we both are, unless you’ve been here for days.”

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Story Reviews » SA: Round 178 · 2:56am Oct 6th, 2020

Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

Matthew stumbled through the basement, crouching low to avoid all the pipes on the ceiling. Floydien hadn’t told him much, just that it was extremely important, had nothing to do with Intern, and to take the last fire door on the left.

After what seemed like eternity in an instant, Matthew finally came to said fire door, damp with sweat and condensation. He carefully undid the latch and opened it with one arm raised just in case of any traps. Only to be greeted with the sounds of maniacal but joyous laughter as he spotted Floydien sitting in the center of the room surrounded by thousands of stacks of papers.

“I found it!” Floydien said, tossing a stapled pack of papers to Matthew. “I finally found the answer. The answer to all of our questions. To our very existence!”

Matthew was about to shrug it off as just another Tuesday until he spied the title: “ROUND 179”

Jumping over to Matthew, and grabbing him, Floydien sputtered, “It writes our reviews before we do! We don’t have to work anymore! No more fearing the Ferret, no more Intern, no more getting paid in walnuts! Don’t you see how important this is?”

“I’m sorry,” Matthew said, grabbing the hypospray from his back pocket, and injecting Floydien with it. “I had hoped it would never come to this.”


Spitfire's always been told that she's not good enough. That she's worthless. That she'll never amount to anything.

Sometimes, though, when your whole life is burning you, somepony can show you how to blaze through it all.

This is a neat little story that proposes an interesting backstory for Spitfire. Even at barely over 2000 words, the author manages to not only engage the reader in Spitfire’s struggles, but also subtly work in enough detail to provide hints as to why Spitfire’s actual personality is the way it is throughout the show’s run.

It works well, and though it is perhaps not light enough to come off as seemingly canon, it certainly explains and expands upon Spitfire’s motivations in the show. If you like character pieces, give this fic a shot.

A reasonably short one today, but one I wouldn’t change the length of if you paid me. This story accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, which is provide some backstory to Spitfire and perhaps explain some of her personality. I have to commend the author, though, on how they touched upon the darker elements of this story. Just enough detail for the reader to understand the gravity of the situation, but not so much that it becomes the focus of the story.

You see, the focus is on Spitfire’s growth. On her discovering her drive. Rediscovering her inner fire so she can firebend again. But like actually, this is a sweet little story with such hopeful overtones that it just leaves you feeling happy inside. And I could say more, but I’ll leave the rest for you to read.

The night is cold, and so very dark. Fluttershy has never felt so alone.

It's okay though. It's not going to be that way for long.

I read this story not long after it was first published almost seven years ago (and I apparently have the second comment? Weird), but it has stuck with me all this time purely because of how the author handles imagery. It’s a tried-and-true classic: light playing off darkness, shadows lurking, and a sort of coldness that becomes apparent in the dead of night. But it is used to magnificent effect here, setting the atmosphere and even characterization of the piece.

The ending is what really ties the whole package together, especially if you read the author’s note. It gave me chills when I first read it and again while re-reading for this round. Recommended for Dark / Horror fans, or if you like strong imagery.

Ya know, I think if anyone ever asked me how to write a horror story, I’d tell them to read this. This is the kind of story that worms it’s way into your head and you don’t necessarily even realize it. How, you ask? With it’s rampant imagery. Ambion played with light and darkness, with color and beauty, with sound, with different animals, and with temperature in a way that just grabs you and refuses to let you go.

Honestly, this is such a good story even if you aren’t generally a fan of horror, if only for the imagery’s sake. Ambion just managed to pack so much into a surprisingly short story. Fluttershy’s character is also on-point here, too, and that truly creates the haunting believability of this piece.

Rainbow Dash drinks alone, and Rarity keeps her company.

Rarity fights with Rainbow Dash. After all, Rainbow cares too much about her.

This is another story that has a ton of depth despite its wordcount. Rainbow and Rarity play well off each other in this, and their characterizations are the biggest strength of this story. The prose is beautiful and desperate at once, which creates a very uncomfortable atmosphere that works in the narrative’s favor. It is a brutal look at the nature of blame and the full gamut of emotions that come with it, and it hits harder than you would expect. Please read this.

Man, this story though. It just takes you, gives you a chocolate bar of hope, and then roundhouse kicks you in the feels every time you wanna take a bite.

The amount of raw emotion contained in this piece is almost overwhelming as it plays with Rainbow and Rarity’s relationship. That relationship is the center of the story, with Rainbow and Rarity playing off of each other and slowly diving deeper into their characterizations. At this point, I’m kinda just repeating Floydien’s words, but that’s because I agree with them so much. So just… go read the story, okay?

Twilight Sparkle inadvertently causes an inter-dimensional royal incident. Rarity and Applejack spend the day together. Rainbow Dash makes a new friend. Sweetie Belle drinks tea.
The world ends.

Twilight, as she is wont to do, screws up a spell and accidentally summons a Disney princess.

I have a bookshelf called “Completely Ridiculous Comedies.” You’d better believe that this is on it. The dialogue and the utterly insane plot make this worth a read. There are plenty of jokes to go around here, and while not all of them hit equally, they do hit. And even between the jokes, there are moments that are actually quite touching and heartwarming.

And then there’s the ending. It’s a thing of beauty. If you like comedies, Disney, or Applejack, do yourself a favor and read this.

Wowza. Just, yeah.

I kinda have this policy, which is to generally just avoid crossover stories because so many of them are just not worth my time. So I will freely admit I did not have hope for Princess going into it. Boy was I wrong.

First off, this story is utterly ridiculous. And yet it works so well. There are tons of funny moments and jokes in here regardless of your preferred style, and the ones that get you get you well. There’s also some pleasant sister dynamics and friendship moments mixed in to boot. I really love the sass in this story, though, and even rereading it for the review I’m finding funny moments I missed the first time. So, do yourself a favor, and take a few minutes and read this one.

“Hey, you feeling better?” Matthew asked as Floydien sat up, now located in a hospital bed. “You hit your head pretty hard on those pipes, you should really be more careful down there.”

Floydien groaned. “I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.”

“Yeah, you’re lucky I implanted trackers in all of you, or we’d have never found you.”

“Yeah. Wait, you what?”

Matthew grinned and tossed Floydien a folder as he moved towards the door. “Here’s the stories for this week, make sure to have reviews on my desk by tomorrow. No sick days on my watch!”

Floydien watched as the door closed, now alone in the stark white room with a manilla folder on his lap. He released another groan.

Feel free to visit our group for more information and events, and to offer some recommendations for future rounds. See you all next time!

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