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  • 1 week
    Everfree Northwest & MythrilMoth [Royal Canterlot Library]

    The RCL is taking a break today, as we often do on the weekend of a major pony con, and Everfree Northwest is in full swing in Seattle, WA! If you happen to be in the area, please report any sightings of FanOfMostEverything, who managed to escape the RCL reading dungeon room long enough to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We'd really like to get him back.

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  • 5 weeks
    SA: Round 149

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    Matthew was waltzing through hallway A-27-84-B, music blaring through his headphones, when he came across a very unfamiliar door. Unfamiliar doors are not that odd of an occurrence in the Seattle’s Angels compound, unless you’ve waltzed through this particular hallway as often as Matthew had.

    So Matthew did the logical thing and opened the door. Only to stumble into thin air and fall three stories onto a purple mat.

    “Oh, hey Matthew,” Cynewulf said, turning her high-backed swivel chair around. “I see you finally found our new research center.” Cynewulf ninja-star threw four files at him. “Now about those reviews that were due last week...”

    ROUND 149

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  • 8 weeks
    SA: Round 148

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    The Intern dove behind an overturned desk, just in time to hear the tell-tale SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT as his newest creation, Memebot #44, fired its Gak-ling cannon across the lab.

    “I just don’t know what went wrong!” he whined. “I could have sworn I debugged all of the coding that made Memebot #43 turn evil and attempt to turn all of humanity into paperclips!”

    “Maybe we added too much tomato soup? I heard a theory that canned soup sometimes holds magical properties?” Heartshine asked, trying in vain to get the sticky purple substance out of her coat. “And why did you arm it if all of the other creations became evil?”

    The intern waved a hand before pressing the big red button on the bottom of the overturned desk labelled ‘in case of emergency.’

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  • 9 weeks
    SA Round: 147

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    The Intern wandered the endless mazes alone.

    It is Right that Interns brave the darkness of the maze alone, if you think about it, for is not the intern but a redshirt, writ large and brave? Is the Intern not a kind of mythic creature, which cannot be stopped, which endures weather, unpaid labor, coffee runs, and endless work and comes out on the other side technically alive?

    Yes, all of that, but it didn’t really matter because he hadn’t seen coffee in weeks, there wasn’t any work, and also the Reviews were Due.

    The reviews were a kind of mystery, really. Where did they go? Where did they come from? Who wrote the stories that they read and who supplied the typewriters that they wrote upon? Intern does not know, and he does not ask. The asking is done by the narrator, narrating his--

    “Are you done yet?” he asked.

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  • 14 weeks
    SA Reviews: Round 146

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    It was a call to action. It was a call for adventure. It was a call to right the wrongs of all those that had come before and secure the future for all that would come after.

    These were not the calls Intern wanted to take while cramming in reviews the day before a deadline. Slamming the phone down for what felt like the hundredth time, Intern continued to furiously type away. Seriously, what type of hyper-techno, sudo-magical organization still used rotary phones anyway?

    At least he wasn’t suffering alone.

    “How much time do we have left?” Chris asked, himself typing at a dizzying pace.

    “Not much, and all these robo-calls are stealing what’s left,” Intern replied. “I knew it was a bad idea when Matthew said he had signed us up for that Hero’s Weekly newsletter. We’re Angels, not the Avengers.”

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  • 15 weeks
    SA Reviews: Round 145

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    “Hey Cor,” Matthew began, “what would happen if we didn’t have an intro?”

    Corejo thought for a moment. “I have no idea,” he said.

    “Should we… should we try it?”

    “Eh, why the hell not?” Corejo laughed.

    ROUND 145

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  • 18 weeks
    SA Reviews: Round 144

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    “I don’t get paid enough for this.”

    “Last I heard, you don’t get paid at all.”

    “My point exactly.”

    Cynewulf huffed and reached a little higher. Her high heels perched precariously on Intern’s shoulders, the Seattle’s Angle strained to unscrew a bolt from a metal panel. Intern clenched his teeth, threatening to wear down his molars. A small silver screw dropped past his face.

    “Got one. Three to go.”

    Intern bit back a curse. “Speaking of things that come in fours, did you get your reviews in yet?”

    “Ugh, not now. I need to concentrate.” Another bolt came loose and fell.

    “Why didn’t you just get a ladder? Why use me?”

    Even though he couldn’t see it, Intern could feel the smirk as Cynewulf said, “As if you don’t already know.” A third screw came tumbling down.

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  • 21 weeks
    SA Reviews: Round 143

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    The Endless Labyrinths of the SA Compound are host to a lot of strange things. Monsters, ghosts, office cubicles that go on for a mile, strip malls. And of course, the omnipresent Reviews, which must be places in the Questing Box which appears randomly to haunt you like that skull from Diaries of Spaceport Janitor. It also sometimes goes NYEH in your face like that skull.

    NYEH said the Box.

    “Um.” Heartshine nervously fussed with her mane. “Um, uh. Shouldn’t we, ah, do the thing? You know? The reviewing? The thing with the words?”

    Inside of the changing booth, Cynewulf was incredibly busy. A skirt went flying like a beleagured parachute over the top of the door and fell like an awkwardly shaped leaf down in front of poor Heartshine.

    “BUSY!” Cynewulf yelled, not really needing to yell but deciding to.

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  • 23 weeks
    SA Reviews: Round 142

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    Heartshine stared at the doorknob that sat on the door labelled ‘custodian’. Cyne had asked for her help in decorating the facility for Hearth’s Warming, and, in her enthusiasm to pitch in, Heartshine had forgotten one minor detail about the facility that occasionally made it difficult to get around the vast complex.

    Doorknobs were not made for pony hooves. Or mouths, for that matter.

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  • 25 weeks
    SA Reviews: Round 141

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    Matthew would have jumped at his door slamming open, but big bangs were practically an hourly occurrence at the SA compound. He looked up to find PaulAsaran in his door. The man’s eye was twitching and his sweating was not what someone might call pleasant. He’d only ever seen Paul like this when they were late, which they clearly were not.

    Matthew ventured to ask, “Is there a problem?”

    “I’m reading a bunch of big stories all at once.” Paul’s twitching was starting to alternate from eye to eye. “I haven’t written a review in over a week. Please tell me the next SA blog has an opening.”

    Matthew smiled in relief and raised a collection of papers. “Why, yes! I have the stories right—” Paul snatched the papers from his hand, sat down on the floor, and began pouring over the material. Literally. “—here?”

    ROUND 141

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Story Reviews » SA: Round 150! · 3:52pm May 4th

Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

Intern rushed through the main work area of the Seattle’s Angels compound, coming to an abrupt stop next to Heartshine.

“What’s up—AAAHHH!” was all the small pegasus got out before Intern picked her up and dashed back out of the room.

“No time to talk!” Intern said as he raced through the halls with Heartshine slung under his arm. “We have reviews to do!”

“What’s the rush?” she asked with a frown. Despite her generally pleasant demeanor, getting carted around without warning ranked around a five on her bottom ten list.

Intern finally came to a stop, paused to catch his breath, then addressed the question. “It’s our sesquicentennial post.”

Heartshine’s eyes lit up, giving a happy clop of her hooves. “Ooohhh, really?! We’re turning one-hundred and fifty already?”

“Yeah, and I heard rumors the higher ups are planning an award ceremony to celebrate. So, we need to finish the reviews ASAP so that we can prepare.”

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Heartshine pumped a hoof into the air. “Let’s get to it!”


It's the height of summer in Canterlot, and everything is peaceful for Celestia, sole ruler of Equestria and regent of the sun and moon. Her newest and youngest of pupils is mastering every task set before her, moving through every subject with confidence and skill.

Every subject except for one, that is.

Little Sunset Shimmer can't swim. And Princess Celestia aims to fix that... no matter how difficult it ends up being.

Sunset Shimmer is one of those characters that I feel the show hasn’t utilized as well as they could. So much potential is inherent with her character and the whole “fallen student” angle she has with Celestia. Thankfully, fanfiction lets us explore the things the show doesn’t.

Taking place not too long after Sunset became Celestia’s student, filly Sunset is fitting nicely into her new life. However, on a hot summer day, Celestia invites Sunset for a swim and quickly discovers that her new student can’t swim. Figuring that this needs to be corrected, Celestia takes it upon herself to teach Sunset, even though she’s never taught swimming before. How hard could it be?

Yeah, you guys already know the answer to that. What’s unique about this is that we get to follow a Sunset before her fall from grace. Her interactions with Celestia and her attitude towards learning a physical activity she isn’t too keen on really sets her apart from a certain other student Celestia will get later on.

Cute, wholesome, and at times heartwarming, I give this my hearty recommendation. Filly Sunset needs her time to shine!

I really like Sunset Shimmer. She’s honestly probably one of my favourite characters, and I’m always a little sad that we don’t have much information on her. Which is why fanfiction is lovely! We get to see other people’s views of someone else’s life, and it’s always fun to wonder what inspired the little slice of life scenes.

That said, I love swimming, but I certainly remember the fear that came from having some close encounters water in the lungs. 0/10 don’t recommend, so I definitely empathised with filly Sunset’s plight throughout the story. But swimming is a joy to be had, if you’re careful.

I really enjoyed watching filly Sunset interact with Celestia. Seeing the princess in a maternal role is one of my hidden joys, and it’s nice to see how she works with a student whom she cares rather deeply for. I really recommend this story for a day when you need a smile.

Ponies tell themselves many stories.

Tales of great towers spun from the air itself; legends of those who could bend the heavens to their will; myths of cities that live forever on the edge of memory.

Often, the stories themselves bear little resemblance to reality; the truth is found between the lines.

Wow, did Cold in Gardez set off a wave of inspiration with his “Lost Cities” or what? Not that I’m complaining, since I got to read some terrific stories based off of it. And today, we get to highlight one of them!

Aletheia isn’t a story persay, but more of a guide to describing locations lost to both nature and memory. Not that it’s dry reading, far from it! I love the detail and poetry used to render the scene; my imagination running away with all the possibilities the author is presenting.

And once we get to the end, it all comes together in a way I wasn’t expecting. So now you have to check this out to see what I mean. Get on it!

When I read this story, I really enjoyed how it looks at the idea of place as character. I think that’s something we don’t see a lot in ponyfiction outside of depictions of places like the Golden Oaks Library and maybe Twilight’s School. But I think it’s really important to remember who a place or setting also ends up shaping the views and beliefs and feelings of those that live in it!

It’s also really neat to see how Foehn works to tie all the pieces together. Perspective is a funny, fickle thing. And what are perspective is often shapes how we interpret the beautiful world around us. So go check out the world that Foehn built. It’s really neat!

Sweetie Belle hasn't come home yet, it's getting dark, and her older sister is worried. Where is she? Is she alright? What happened to her? And just what will Rarity do when her questions are answered?

I didn’t plan this, but this story and “Swimming Lessons” above have a connection that compliment each other beautifully. One deals with determination of overcoming a difficult task, while this one deals with failing a task and having to move on from it.

Failure is a part of life, no matter how much we wish it weren’t so. We sometimes learn more from our mistakes than our successes. That’s what this story delves into, using both Sweetie Belle and Rarity to explore what it means to come close to a dream and letting it slip by.

Saying anymore will ruin it, so gallop on over and give it a read.

Sometimes I worry that I’m starting to influence the Intern with my normally fairly feelsy stories, but this time he picked them both on his own! So proud. I think a lot of these stories end up complimenting each other in the lessons therein. How to deal with failure and moving on from it is often a difficult thing to do in life. Especially when we fail at something we’ve worked hard to achieve.

I think this is a really difficult lesson for kids to learn. Much like how Sunset felt in “Swimming Lessons”, it’s easy to focus on the negative, and not look at what could be the reasons why we failed in the first place. I can’t give too much summary without giving the details of the story away, but it’s really lovely to see Rarity and Sweetie Belle interacting as sisters. Especially with Rarity’s ability to take her own life experiences and use them to help Sweetie how to grow.

An explorer delves one last time into a subterranean pit of lost hope. A letter holds the key to avoiding pitfalls of the past.

It’s rather amazing what an author can do with so little words. I wasn’t sure what to expect halfway through this piece but then I get to the end and I’m nodding my head at how well everything comes together.

Perspective and time are played around with here, making things a little jumpy with how the presentation works, but I can’t argue with the results. I couldn’t imagine how things would wrap up with only a few hundred words left, but then it does in a satisfying conclusion.

I’m being really vague about what’s going on here, but you really have to experience it yourself. Take ten minutes out of your day. You won’t regret it.

So this was a story I got to judge as part of EFNW’s Iron Author contest last year, and when I noticed it hadn’t gotten much attention, I really wanted to bring it here to share. Hap does a lovely job of weaving a story together out of snippets, moments, and vignettes that honestly ends up being extremely powerful in so few words. One of my favourite things about him as a writer (I may have gone and binged on his stories after EFNW) is that he has mastered lines that are emotionally impactful while being concise. As a poet first and a fiction writer second, I really appreciate that.

That said, this is the story of a mare and her daughter, and the story of basements, and the things we keep in them. As RT said, it’s worth the ten or so minutes it’ll take to read.

A crowd assembled within the main waiting room. Reviewers, podcasters, interviewers, and theoretical scientists all mingled together, waiting for the ceremony to start. Some voiced the question of why it was being held here rather than the auditorium, but those questions were shelved as the PA system clicked on. A hush fell over the crowd as Plum’s voice came out of the speakers.

“Attention. Can Heartshine please report to the principal's office? Thank you.” The PA went silent.

A moment of silence passed. Somewhere in the crowd, someone asked, “We have a principal’s office?”

“I thought we got rid of the school last year?” came someone else.

A flutter of wings signaled Heartshine’s take off, the pegasus flying up a flight of stairs. With her gone and no other announcements forthcoming, the crowd dispersed amid grumblings of wasted time.

Intern scratched his head, puzzlement etched on his face. “I guess there’s no awards, then?” Sighing, he turned to head back to his officecloset. Just as he was about to leave, he heard the flapping of wings. Heartshine landed next to him, something held in her hooves.

“Look what I got!” She held it up for Intern to see. Attached to a wooden plaque was a shiny gold piece of metal with “Perfect Attendance Award” etched within it.

Intern cocked his head. “You got an award.”

“Yep! I didn’t even know I had worked here long enough to get one.”

“... So there was an award ceremony.”

Heartshine shrugged. “I guess. Just not a very big one.” She smiled, holding the plaque close to her chest. “But I don’t care about that! I’m just happy you guys like me enough to give me something, even something as simple as this!”

The pegasus’ good cheer dispelled whatever cloud of disappointment that was forming over Intern’s head. Smiling back, he said, “Well, congratulations. Wanna get a sundae to celebrate?”

“Do I ever!” With her award held under one hoof and the other dragging Intern away, the pair headed for the cafeteria where a double-decker banana split awaited them.

Feel free to visit our group for more information and events, and to offer some recommendations for future rounds. See you all next time!

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Author Interviewer

Pleased to see reynard getting more attention. :)

Intern, of course, does not do enough quality work to qualify for any awards... he's just an intern, after all. :ajsmug:

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