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This is mostly directed towards the CW show, but also open to the comics and the upcoming movies. Posts about the other Arrowverse show is alowed.

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this house is bitchin

Yo Hawaiian Summer Splash, I can play the Flash theme, if you wanna, I wouldn't mind making a song out of it, though noted it'll only be on my acoustic guitar. Also, I like the Flash, Sonic and Rainbow Dash as speed has always intrigued me, hope to hear back from the rest in this group as well as you, may the speed-force be with you!

An Arrowverse group would be better suited...

Well, I was hoping for an Arrow or broader Arrowverse group to be created first, but I guess this will do.

Hmmmmm. This is the first time i hear of a flash fan group. I thought in this group we all find flash fic stories. I have seen season 1 and 2.... 35 times to understand everythin. Kno that i kno. I wish to see fictions be born as did the accelerator exploded. I wish not to cause harm. But i am but a seeker of tales an true followers. For wat they believe in. I bow to u

Interesting....I'm sure you have heard of me!

I follow Speedsters to the end of time an space

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