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Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia meet to have tea in Canterlot Castle on the eve of Hearts and Hooves Day. Twilight has something very important to ask her teacher, but will she be able to work up the nerve?

This is written for the MLP WTG group under the topic of "hearts and hooves day". Please comment, if you would, to tell me what I did right and what I screwed up.

This is a fan work. MLP FIM and all the characters therein belong to Hasbro, so don't sue me please.

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Comments ( 32 )

...The hell did I just read. I won't be a jerk and give .5, but it won't be my usual 5 stars I give fics.

They damn better did, Twilestia is the only Twi shipping i accept. :trollestia:


Love Twilestia but l loved this too. I somehow knew it wasn't going to be Celestia on her students mind. :twilightsheepish:

What a tweest.

That... wasn't even remotely funny. While I'm all for twists since those can make reading interesting... sorry man you went too far with that ending. Trollestia is not funny, and neither what you did. :ajbemused:

The twist was good, it can work but the ending ruined it.

lol at the random end! I laughed my ass off.

It seems that my off kilter sense of humor has, once again, made it so that I produce a story that a lot of readers don't care for. At first I was thinking of playing it safe and giving it a more conservative ending, but I kind of felt that would be self censoring. Would it be? Or would it just be writing something in the interests of good taste? I'll let you all be the judge.

... maybe I will actually do a little rewrite of the ending. Maybe ...

Poor Twlight and Applejack :fluttercry:

Still that was pretty funny, and "Hydraxian Waterlords?" I am seeing a wow reference there am I not?


I was wondering if anyone was going to mention recognizing the Waterlords. Gold star for you! :pinkiehappy:

A very mild tyrant celestia could be felt in the beginning, maybe better said as a strict celestia. so it works for her to react like that at the end of the conversation. However, the very last part was a bit overkill on it.

Serious ship is serious.

It's ridiculous. Twilestia is the new PinkieDash.

I would love to say that's a bad thing, but there are actually a few good fics at the helm of its crusade.

This, however, had me laughing my ass off. Good job. Too bad about all these crusaders.

Okay, I laughed.

(I love Twilestia, but I also have a sense of humor)

I am disappoint.

:rainbowlaugh: My god, this was hilarious. I kinda think the last paragraph was a bit much, but the actualy content, the gist of the story? Gold. Great work.

That was funny granted Twilight and the apples got the raw end of the deal but well if hell hath no fury like a women scorned a goddes scornned has to be far worse.

My god, this was awesome!

So, you're a beeeeyeeeetch who likes.... BANANAS!

That was gold. But nopony gets it, sad.

Sadly I saw that, too. Such a dark chapter of my being on this world...

I must admit that I did quite like this up until the twist :derpyderp2: . Celestia, portrayed as a strict teacher, works very well canon-wise when considering her appearance and actions near the end of "Lesson Zero".

Also, while I admitted that the twist pretty much killed it for me, I still appreciated the dark humor in the end, even if I would have preferred a different ending :twilightsmile: .

*Brohoof* Pretty cool story :trollestia: .

Honesty This was an okay fic,but i really think that the ending was twisted.

The M dark Night Shamalamalayan would be proud of the:twistnerd:

God freaking damnit! I'm guessing the banana thing is a Mollestia reference? It's bucking everywhere and I just don't care for the story at all. Tried reading it, couldn't feel like it was worth setting aside much better fics :fluttershysad:

Anywaaaaay, knew it wasn't Celestia on her mind. I had my money on Luna, but hey AJ is fine too :ajsmug:

Soooooooo the Goddess of the Sun is possessive of her student?

What's everyone whining about in this comments section? I was expecting and hoping for TwiLestia just as much as everyone else (I even got to this fic through the TwiLestia group) but I thought the twist ending was hilarious!
It looks like nobody can take a joke anymore...

I love Twilestia fics, and even though this didn't end that way... it earned a favorite from me! That ending was spectacular! And honestly, I must agree with Lemming... nopony can take a joke!

Not a bad story. I even liked the twist ending. But that last paragraph went a bit too far. :twilightoops:

Funniest sh:flutterrage:t I've ever read, and I will a

Look what you did, you monster.
Celestia's crying.

She's just trying to stifle her mirth from thinking back on her insidious actions. That picture was taken just before she lost her composure and let loose a peel of diabolical laughter.

1140486 Awwww, come on. I admit, I thought that the Trollestia/Molestia/Tyrant Celestia was funny, but now, it's downright demeaning.

:ajbemused: Celestia.....:ajbemused::facehoof:

Oh, no one doubts the potency of the humour, that was well played.
Very well.
But with Twilestia it's like a well played WW2 or 'Nam joke that hides till the punch line, then the emotionally questionable punchline blindsides your feels, calls you names and dumps your Exodia deck off the ship.

Hilarious! Loved it, one of my favorites.

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