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Hello, and Welcome to my Profile! I am Valkyrie3, and to sum up how I got here, here is my story; I was no Brony, simply neutral. I, from much gossip on another website, decided to read the fanfiction "Cupcakes". I then, yet again out of gossip and curiousity, decided to read "Sweet Apple Massacre". After doing so, I decided to write a fiction of my own. To make it hood, I haf to get to know the characters better. I was then Part-Brony. Once more out of curiousity, I found FIMFiction and read "My Little Dashie". Crying manly tears, I had to give my thoughts and therefore signed up. I typed down my comment, and became Mostly-Brony. So there you have it. Reading fictions since then.


Dear Ponies of FIMFiction, · 9:14pm Mar 16th, 2012

My Fictions are nearly here!

Release Date for Fiction: April 15th

Release Date for Sequel: May 1st

Release Date for Prequel: June 1st

Release Date for Extras: August 15th

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First I was like: :twilightsmile:

Then I was like: :twilightoops:

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