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Dusk Shine has been in a crazy relationship with Eris ever since she decided to crash his birthday party two years ago. Their opposing nature has made every day of their love just as exciting and unorthodox as the first day it started.

Follow Dusk Shine as he tries to keep his sanity with the girl that drives him crazy in more ways than one.

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Stuff like this should totally be a full blown story, if I may be so bold.

On top of that, I like Dusk a lot. He's best R63 pony. :pinkiehappy:


3000748 Check out my story "Twilight at the Disco" (if you haven’t already) and your boldness will be satisfied.

already have it faved :twilightsmile: Looking forward to seeing what happens next, too.


3000793 XD im working on that right now. I'm at 7,000 and still have a lot to put in. chapter 4 is going to be huge.

screw that the other one focus on this not I must nag the mod to make a discord stash:moustache:

I'm all for this being a miniseries full of humor and fluff :pinkiehappy:

I Like To Much This Fic :pinkiehappy:

This is a Crazy story.....................

I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3000982 forget the other stories and focus on this one:eeyup:


3001073 do you know how many bronies would be angry if i cancelled Twilight at the Disco? lol but if this one keeps getting the attention that it is i might take up both projects

Ahhh, the heartwarmer of the day...

:ajsmug: Oh god! now THIS is something I can greatly appreciate :D :pinkiehappy:

I think this deserves a fave, like, and watch!

I hope you really meant that A/N about this becoming more than just a one-shot :moustache:

Soon... :moustache:

Very sweet. Lots of grammar/word choice problems though.


3001722 i know, like the A/N this was not meant to be taken seriously, no editors or proofreaders i was just having fun. I might have to change that now....um I have to do this on my mobile device so I can’t see the feature page; is this story on there? Because it’s getting a lot of attention and I didn’t think it would blow up like this.

3001814 I'm aware of that, even though I did not explicitly state it in my comment. My mind keeps suggesting "he could let someone edit it" as a solution, but that just ends up in a loop.

Your story has indeed been featured. Congratulations.

I haven't read a Discolight R63 before. but I like This one, especially Eris. All the things she does just makes me laughs. :rainbowlaugh:


3001836 Thank you for letting me know that was very nice of you :D (i cant even use ponycons)

3001814 Yeah it's featured.

aawww no sex? :fluttershysad:oh well. still a good story.:twilightsmile:


3001970 that might change, never done a clop scene but nothing done nothing learned

I'd like this to be a mini series of humor and fluff. It's just so cute :twilightsmile:

This was indeed a nice, light-hearted read, but it's riddled with errors. I understand that you weren't serious about it, but I'd highly suggest getting a proofreader/editor if you do plan on continuing. I loved your characterizations and the idea, but the grammar was distracting.

Overall, good story, but needs some work. I'll favorite to see where it goes. :moustache:

this is amazing X3
when i read the description, i fell in love with the idea, i rusherly doge mature ones, this is the 1st mature one i faved that didn't start as a teen

lol X3 im now a Eris X Dusk Shine fan and im not really a Discord X Twilight fan X3


3002605 i honestly wanted to make it a teen but the admin said no, i think it was because the suck my d*ck joke


3002605 thats so cool you made my day...besides being featured.


lol cool X3
it's sad that i don't think there is going to be many Eris X Dusk Shine flics, it might only be this one 3=

what's featured


ohhhh X3
lucky i didn't lissen to the mature X3
that is a shame as this is now one of my favs X3 and teens can't reed it, well good little teens can't

The grammar needs double checking but apart from that it's a sweet little romance.:pinkiesmile:

I've never read an Eris romance before, so this was a breath of fresh air for me :pinkiehappy:

Good job :twilightsmile:

That formatting... no.

Jesus Christ your wife sounds amazing I congrudulate you I'd love to do stuff like that !


3003307 I told her your comments and she said that she is only amazing for one day, I asked her what about the next day....she just gave me crazy smile and silently went back to what she was doing

its not every day you get such a good story birthed out of the fanfic archive

Berry once said that Eris had taken the stick out of Dusk, but was still holding onto it. Eris, of coarse, responded with, “Kinky,”

Should probably be "of course"...

Eris shoved her face into his. “You’re on, pretty boy!” she said. “But I…wheres the art museum? I never been.

Sounds like it should be "I've never been there"...

“Any other colt would be in the loony bin by now, so yes,” she dug her body deeper into his. “You can take me.”

Maybe it's just me, but I think that this sentence sounds a bit off. She was pinning him against a wall, and now suddenly she is inside him? :rainbowhuh:

“Why do you go get Scooteroll and go visit the Apples, Spines already there?” Dusk said to Sweepy hoping to spare his innocents.

Something like this would look a bit nicer; "Why don't you go get Scooteroll and go visit the Apples? Spine's already there." Dusk said to Sweepy, hoping to spare his innocence.

Eris turned and looked at him smiling at her. “You still smell of sweat peas and something new.

Now I'm not a girl, but I think I'd find that kind of offensive :rainbowlaugh: Try sweet instead.

I'm not trying to be a nitpick or something. I enjoyed the chapter alot, and I await a new one with a smile. This was done simply to show you some of the errors, whether they were unintentional or not, that you made so that you can consider them in future chapters! Especially since you're doing this without a prereader or editor!

Anyways, please do not think of this as critisism, but instead think of it as helpful advice!

That would be everything from me! And I hope you release another great chapter soon! :raritywink:



3003661 Wait what? what's the fan fic archive

3003683 please continue this story,
maybe exploring gender swapping(or other sheinangians)

Great stuff! This story really captures what really creates chemistry. Spontaneity!

I thought that was really cute.
When I change it back to Twilight and Discord in my head, it's just fricking weird though.

buck it, so goood :pinkiehappy:


3003903 lmao:rainbowlaugh: I just did the same


3002431 I have a really good proofreader that has already taken care of all the problems I'll have it updated tomorrow

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