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I've spent almost twenty years of my life writing fanfiction. Something is clearly wrong with me, especially if I'm writing about pastel cartoon ponies now.


This story is a sequel to To Err is Divine

It took years of his life and most of his fortune, but the great architect Arkhimedes has finally completed his masterpiece, a tower to commemorate the accomplishments of all of mortalkind, celebrating the great feats they can accomplish using their own two hands, without help from the gods. It is a tower that will last throughout the ages, reminding mortals of what they can achieve through their own merit-

Wait, what's that in the sky?

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Poor man, what does one even do after something like that? Accidentally being rendered pointless, oi.

there's a fair chance they'll just abandon the thing as a shrine to the deities.

:rainbowlaugh: Mortal or divine, she's still Twilight Sparkle. So eager to help. So blind to reasons why she shouldn't.

On the one hand, I feel bad for Arkhimedes here. On the other, it really does seem like it was just an accident, and she did try her best to fix it.

Ol’ Archy should at least be comforted in the knowledge that the gods can screw up and make mistakes too.

what he really needs to realize is that the tower exists because of him, whether or not Twilight recreated it. If it had not been there she would not have built one where her star crashed after all, she would have just maybe fixed the hole in the ground

Now that is just sad...
He spent his entire life on getting this tower build... and then twilight came, destroyed it, and replaced it with a near perfect imitation.

Atleast she was kind enough to give them all longer lives... so that can start all over... for another lifetime...



They'd need to do some renovation for that, since there are few (if any) idols to the divine in the tower. It was supposed to commemorate mortals, not gods, after all.
Typical Twilight Sparkle. Still, what would have been worse, for her to do what she did, or to not even offer to clean up after herself?
Isn't that even more horrifying, though? When a mortal screws up, it's usually something inconsequential and not a big deal in the long run. When gods screw up, sometimes stars fall on your head.
That's not the issue. The issue is that he and his followers spent most of their lives trying to make something as testament to the enduring power of humanity. Then she accidentally destroyed and fixed it with zero effort, rubbing in their faces (without meaning to) how completely and utterly pointless all their efforts are in the long run.
I imagine they'll all spend a lot of their now-longer lives with their heads in a bottle. What's the point of doing anything, after all this? After all, the gods can do it easier, faster, and better than they ever could.

Well, I suppose the other bright side is that Twilight isn’t as casual with erasing memories as Sunset was in your other fic.

In any event, the fact that someone can do something better than you, isn’t a reason to not do a thing and doesn’t rob your own actions of worth. There is ALWAYS a bigger fish. That the gods are above mortals doesn’t rob Archie and friends of their achievement in building Babel, and even though Twilight may have instantly fixed the thing she still notes how impresssive it is in and of itself.

Like, I’ll never be as good a writer as Tolkien or Shakespeare or King, but that doesn’t change that people have read my stories and enjoyed them in their own right.

Also and finally this outcome is still vastly better than “BEHOLD! For this is only the beginning of what they shall do, and in time nothing shall be impossible for them. Come, let us make them speak many languages, for apparently we’re dicks like that.”

I may have slightly paraphrased Genesis 11:7 there. That is my preferred wording of Genesis 11:6, though.


A fair point. And certainly neither Twilight or Sunset would pull off a Job!

Though there was a big flood at one point, but that was right after their daughter died, so...yeah, a lot of used tissues and inclement weather...


I get the comedic tone you are going for, but at the same time Twilight is so overpowered that there is effectively zero tension or sense of danger.

Ri2 #10 · Nov 26th, 2019 · · 1 ·

There wasn't supposed to be.

Eh, the Tower of Babel narrative comes at humanity's lowest spiritual point when it was apparently normal to boast about committing homicide. It would have been a supremely bad idea for humanity to have been united under a single government-and still would be.

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