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Forget not that I am a derp.


Sunset Shimmer hates the magicless world of mutant apes she's been trapped in for the last four moons, but at least she's making some progress on improving her situation. Now if only the short-sighted fools surrounding her would stop getting in her way, she could show them. She'd show them all!

Note that this particular Sunset has yet to encounter the concept of the "mad scientist." Not until later today, anyway.

An entry in the Science Fiction Contest II and the Spring Fling. Thanks to EileenSaysHi for the original idea (which, full disclosure, was proposed in January, before the Spring Fling was announced.) Rated Teen for the occasional discussion topic that goes outside the scope of TV-Y.

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"Come on, Tia, the applications are obvious. The Department of Retrofitting will have those two set for life." Luna leaned back, imagining the reverse-engineered, civilian-friendly version sure to come. "Mark my words, crystal mecha-wolves will be the luxury vehicle in five, ten years tops."

So Mas Science is commonplace in this world. Neato!

I ship it!!

"I'll show you! I'll show you all!"
--First sign of Malign Hypercognition Disorder, found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) Otherwise known as Pre-Alicorn Syndrome in Equestria.

Fools! I will destroy you all! (ask me how)

Sunset was gratified to see Twilight had just as much trouble navigating out of the maze of whiteboards that they'd inadvertently created. Neither remembered even pulling them out of what had been a carefully organized storage room, much less filling them with equations that had as much to do with Mr. Vector's lessons as architecture did with wooden blocks.

The spontaneous manifestation of Pinkie Pie's abilities among the general public would probably be its own, deeply rewarding field of study

Looks like Spike has a hell of a girlfriend now!

Sunset and Sci-Twi as full-on mad scientists... yes please!

Comment posted by The Sleepless Beholder deleted Apr 3rd, 2023

I love this so much

This right here.
This is the perfect marriage of mad science and romance and I am here for it :pinkiecrazy:

I need more!

I didn't know I needed a Girl Genius x EG crossover in my life, but I have it. And I love it.

Bravo! I have always been fond of Mad Scientist! Twilight, and there are far too few fanfics featuring her.

Lovely. Competition with the “Rainbow Djinn” setting for which new FoME AU I want to see explored.

Ah, good old SRMD. A Miracle of Science was always one of my favorite webcomics.

Twilight was racing for the lab now, Sunset not far behind. "—and the lack of a single inflexible focus throws off the field calculations—"

As one, they cried, "—unless we use a prosthetic!"

And then in the next scene, they learned that Twilight had already been making Sunset a different kind of horn.


Now THIS is a shipfic! :pinkiesmile:

I'm just trying to figure out how many things this is and isn't a (subtly implied) crossover with.

Semi-villainous Sunset, sarcastic and sassy Twilight, Amazingly Embarrassing Mother Velvet, science-out make-out session, giant mecha puppies. All the ingredients for one of the best Sunset-Twilight romances on the site.

To ’Best of Romances’ this goes! And all the best in the contests.

And on today's episode of Things I Didn't Know I Desperately Needed In My Life: Unreformed Sunset and Hyper-Isolated Sci-Twi Mad-Scientisting each other into love, fulfillment and a potential future of being vaguely functional in society.

On the next episode of TIDKIDNIML... I have no idea, but I'm looking for to it, FoME!


Huh, someone else got to the Soon I Will Be Invincible reference before I could. You know, normally I'd complain, but given this means someone else knows of and hopefully read that book, I really can't be mad.

Plus, it's always nice to know who the competition is. And soon the world will know of the contest.

"Mark my words, crystal mecha-wolves will be the luxury vehicle in five, ten years tops."
I want one.

Thanks for reminding me why I love this genre.

“No. No, you’re not. How do you not know about Science Related Memetic Disorder in this day and age?”

Thank the stars SRMD was revised in the latest edition of the DSM. "Mad Scientist" is a hateful stereotype and a slur :duck: Society has moved on, I don't know why some people can't.

(not she ever felt more human than that,)

Feels like a word is missing here.

A glorious romance whose aftereffects will be felt for a long time, and can be measured with a geiger counter. Thank you for writing it :heart:

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The psychiatric community remains split on the proper terminology for the condition. And, of course, there's the contingent who insist that it shouldn't even be considered a disorder. After all, if it were, then they'd be mad!

Oh, the whiteboards already existed. It's just that both girls were so caught up in their science fugue that the act of pulling out ever more of the things never made it into long-term memory.

I'm sure he's thrilled about her. We may find out for sure if Twilight lets Sunset perform those uplifting procedures she's so excited about.

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Strictly speaking, this isn't a crossover with any particular property, but it does draw inspiration from several different takes on mad science, including the ones you identified.

She'd been low-key doing that since Audio Hut, but Sunset has some concept of subtlety.

Very flattered to hear it. Thanks much. :twilightsmile:

High praise indeed given the source. No comment on whether this world has a Department of Jetpack Suppression. :raritywink:

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Full disclosure, I have no further plans for this one... at the moment. Goodness knows there's plenty of potential to this setting, both with the happy couple and the rest of the world. To say nothing of whether Sunset actually does finish that portal override...

Going by how they normally act, I’m deeply concerned about Pinkie and Rainbow. Pinkie as she would 100% be a mad scientist, and Rainbow as she would definitely try to emulate Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer!

You know, I had thought Luna's talk of a "blot out the sun" device early on was a lot even for a teenager to delude themselves into...but in a world where Mad Twi-Science is this common it makes a bit more sense!

I wonder if Twilight Velvet is an award-winning cookbook author in this universe. If ever a 'verse needed the Casserole Unfathomable, this is it!

Absolutely bloody superb!

Weirdly sorta canon as well, considering Micro Chip made a deathbot

Help me, I've been trapped in the hold of this ship since Oversaturation and the door is blocked with MAGITECH!

'Plug at first sight' has a very different meaning where I come from.

This one was very fun indeed. Pre-reformation Sunset and Sci-Twi interacting was a treat I didn't know I needed.

I am a Fan of most everything you write.

“You want a date? Then science will be our chaperone."

I love this line so much.

This whole world of Mad Science is wonderful.

But will Spike get his robot girlfriend?

There are two things in this world that never fail to please me; SciSet, and bratty Sunset Shimmer.

Absolutely saving this one, brilliant story!

“I’m making a carefully constrained AI so my puppy can have a girlfriend. Can't start that up on household current.”
“Ah. Giving him what you can never have." Sunset nodded. "Very charitable.”
The other girl didn't look amused or hurt, just tired. “Congratulations, you’re the thirtieth person to make that joke.”
Sunset boggled at that. “Wait, really?”
“Yes, your biting wit isn’t nearly as clever and original as you thought."

Personally, if I was Sunset I'd be shocked she told more than thirty people she was building a robot dog.

And Vinyl Scratch's transforming car.

It is very easy to what a piece of work Sunset was when she first came to Equestria. Bonus points to the author for both being savvy enough to constantly humbled (least she become unbearable) and for making Sci-Twi the (relatively) normal one in the relationship.

“I may be neurodivergent, but that doesn’t mean I’m gullible.”

I'm gonna start saying that now...

I'm pretty sure Dash would veto any plan that requires her to kill Pinkie. Unless Pinkie's been really obnoxious today, but even then, it'd just be a brief temptation.

No, if we want someone who sincerely believes the world would be better without mad scientists despite being one, we should consider Starlight...

I was trying for the Sunset-Luna conversation to play out differently on the second read. Glad to hear it worked.

Given J4-V3R7 (since the friendlier toaster droid was JVJ-24601,) Microchips may well have fled from this universe to canon in an effort to escape Sunset, only to run into one less distracted by her own genius and thus able to devote more of her time and energy to bullying. Poor guy can't catch a break.


Yeah, I only realized the less savory interpretations of the title after someone pointed them out to me post-publishing. :twilightsheepish: Part of the risk you take with a last-second entry is that you don't have time for a prereader to point out that kind of thing.

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Knowing where she goes from here makes pre-reformation Sunset go from shallow bully/evil Skylight Lightverb archetype to a fascinating and tragic figure. Her hubris buries her better nature in her pursuit of a doomed ambition, one where her failure to understand the true meaning of her goal means her every move takes her further from it. Having the other Twilight knock her off her high horse was a lot of fun. If the rainbow beam of coherent friendship isn't an option, go for a girlfriend with huge... research space.


I love this line so much.

I'm quite happy with it myself, along with the follow-up.

But will Spike get his robot girlfriend?

What do you mean? She's fully operational in the last scene! :pinkiecrazy:

On that note...
I don't know if I was consciously thinking of your work when I had Luna approve of giant, magical wolves, but I'm willing to give you credit for putting the idea in my head.

Oh, Twilight didn't mean to tell anyone. She just didn't realize her internal monologue had gone external one day and the Crystal Prep rumor mill did the rest.

Given your avatar, I'm not terribly surprised you enjoyed this. :raritywink: But yes, the character dynamics were fascinating to work out here. Clear, undeniable superiority in a field she respects will cow pre-reformation Sunset. In this case, it was vastly outstripping her in resources and knowledge of local physics rather than subverting a magical artifact she thought she'd subdued.

It's fine, I just thought it was funny. Keep up the good work.

You’re right, Rainbow is much more likely to try to be the next coming of the Heterodyne Boys

my first thought: Sunset managed to get Twilight's SRMD to switch tracks without burning out the meme, first...

Twilight took her hand again and tugged her towards a garage larger than Sunset's apartment. "Come on. You've been subsisting on..." She shuddered. "Public education for long enough. It's time to give your brain a decent meal."

As an IT specialist in public education, this is way funnier that it has a right to be, hitting as close to the mark as it does :rainbowlaugh:

I will happily take the blame for that.

The one thing I'm wondering is if she has her book I mean Twilight did the portal override via it and if it's canonical that she brought the book with her through the portal sunset May figure out how to do the portal override via the book method well before Twilight of Equestria ever thinks about it thanks to her Twilight of the human world

They already did make it the mecha wolf is as the author has confirmed the girlfriend that Twilight to make for Spike

Bitches love cables!
Anyways, I loved this, great job!

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