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Forget not that I am a derp.


For most people, BitHub is just a version-control service, used to share and track changes in code.

For this and many other reasons, Twilight Sparkle is not most people.

A highly experimental entry and second place co-winner in Bicyclette's Twilight Files contest. Rated Teen for implications that would not get past Discovery Family S&P.

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Who cares about that, we just confirmed the Many Worlds Theory today!

Not so fast, Midnight. You simply proved that alternate worldlines exist, not the falseness of wave-function collapse that MWT depends on. (Assuming, of course, that this refers to pony-Twi and human-Twi meeting in the Equestria GIrls movies and not any fanfic-only multiversal shenanigans of the kind I know you love. Though given how Midnight's an aspect of Twilight, I certainly wouldn't put it past her to get ahead of herself and assume she's accomplished more than she actually has. God knows I've done that in my programming.)


FOME, I read horsewords to get away from the staleness of sifting through Github repos, you can't just dump something like this on me!

Jokes aside, very cute story, and certainly one of the most unique presentations I've seen. Good luck in the contest!

Absolutely exceptionally fun. I'm not as experienced with Github as many folks I'm sure will be but this was still coherent and great fun.

Also yay for polycules!

all filed away in the list of things I need to not think about to put on my own facade of almost functional humanity.

This would hurt if I actually bothered to ignore it instead of finding people who will humor me.

Not sure what I was expecting from this piece, but surprise Sciset is best Sciset.

As someone who has tried and utterly failed to understand Github and coding over the years, this was fun.

thank you for it and best of luck in the judging

I fully approve of this type of experiment. This was much more enjoyable than my experiences with Github.

Oh wow, this...this is something new :raritystarry:

I think with the Commit on June 2, 2016 she ran into the Bug #3832 ("Commits sporadically attributed to author of previous commit", Regression from BitHub 1.07.49.RC3). She should really consider updating to most recent BitHub version (however be aware that while Issue #141 "Spontaneous Pinkie Pie" is marked as "closed" it is actually not fixed - I think the developers just gave up here)

(Also, thank you for the excellent story :pinkiehappy:)

Shenanigans ensue! Because of course they do :rainbowlaugh:

This is so wholesome and adorable, I want it to be canon! :heart:

For real, if they made Sunset AND Timber her canon partners, I wouldn't have a problem with how EQG left off :raritywink: This also went better than a large majority of my own correspondences at 7AM.

I dunno if I'll try this type of notetaking myself, but I must say, you pulled it off extremely well and made it engaging. You are a brilliant mad genius and the idea of Nice!Midnight coexisting with SciTwi is an awesome avenue to explore :twilightsmile: How many storylines do you have, btw?

Good luck in the contest!

Sunset doesn't snore, but she does sometimes snort or whinny in her sleep, and she can forget how many legs she has when she wakes up.

I have no words for how adorable that is

I had to check to see if "Spellfire Goggles" was an FICG card. (It isn't, but it should be). XD

This was so good. ^^ Like with so much of EQG, Twilight's dual persona was woefully unexplored. Seeing Midnight Sparkle brought to life like this was a real joy :)

Oh, great, here comes the merge conflicts.

bit rebase mares-gone-wild
bit commit
bit push --force

Best use of bithub I've ever seen.

Such a clever idea, and good character work to go along with it! I’m typically not a fan of the text-message format but using the BitHub repo just oozes SciTwi’s character, and the pure effort you must have put in to get the formatting right gets a thumbs-up from me.

Well this is probably the most unique story format I've ever seen.

Would being attracted to the hero who thwarted your scheme for world destruction be considered a form of Stockhorse Syndrome?

...wait, they're humans.

Well, then again horse puns are universal.

Place names are still horse puns for some reason. Which is why they still have hayburgers.

I'm your gift horse, Twi.
No dental exams, please.

...goddamn it that's an amazing line.

A good story indeed, even for someone like myself who doesn’t ship them :)

The Twilight/Midnight conversation was wonderful, and in an innovative format (for fiction, I mean).

And while the Twilight/Sunset conversation was in a more familiar style, it was just as good -- if not better.

Well, I was like. "Ha. Wow. A Github pun. This unexpected. Most likely gonna be interesting, what with these characters and Sunset chapter title!" :pinkiecrazy:

More professional tone; this isn't a journal
tsparkle committed 7 weeks ago


I will overlook any unscientific, reflexive rejections to it.



The browner Twilight of the nonpurple pair scrunched up her nose. “Do we have to call it ‘magic,’ though? It’s just so… unscientific.” That got several nods.


Silly Twily
msparkle committed 6 weeks ago

- 4 +
- 5 + All this work and you don't mention me even once? I'm hurt.

Revert "Silly Twily"
tsparkle committed 6 weeks ago

Woah. Oh no. Woah. Took me a few to grok "Msparkle". She got an account. lulz.


The only ways I can communicate with you that you can't ignore are dreams and messing with the sanctity of a readme file that you don't plan on letting anyone else read.

Smart! Private Repo!


... Fine
tsparkle committed 6 weeks ago

- 10 +
- 11 + I can make something in experimental_logs. But I am still cleaning up this file.

Ha! ... Well, the Sunset Shimmer chapter is gonna be REAL interesting.

Bithub account acknowledged! ... I wonder what Bitbucket is in this universe. Or if they're merged.

Moondancer remembered!

Ship! Lol for abandoning the Ship for Science!

- 231 + By the way, Timber's still not the one you dream of.

LOL! Priorities! Midnight can dream too. Lol if it's Midnight's dreams instead of Twilight's.


She always leave her queen's rook exposed in chess.



Your question on line 243 demonstrates something undeniable: You can be incredibly dense. Therefore, so can I.

Niice! Ship humor into deep thinking!


Ending is Ship time tho! :heart:

Twi, the closest thing I had to a friend when I was growing up was Cadence.

What? How?

Pony Cadence
Who was dating three different colts and a filly at one point.

Huh. Interesting. Both of Celestia's students share a Cadence connection.

But by Pony Twilight's time, I guess she's sticking with Shining?

I guess you mean Ninjadeadbeard's


Just checking.

Hmm, so Sunset got an account too! :heart:

I guess it's just a private repo for the two of them, instead of unleashing this onto the world. I wonder if Moondancer and others are following Twilight on Bithub...

This was great! Almost made me feel like I was at work, but then I got invested. You scoundrel.

I'm your gift horse, Twi.
No dental exams, please.

Yeah, Twi, save that for the second date! :rainbowwild:

The Sciset shipper strikes again! Fun Midnight Sparkle. Me likey.

I don't even know what GitHub is or does, but I was able to understand this story well enough to figure out what was going on. So I'd say you'd succeeded.

Ah the old arguing with yourself over what you find attractive. Ignore the drool. There is science to be done!

Definitely a case of Midnight getting ahead of herself. She does have a tendency to leap before she looks. In her defense, she's used to having wings.

Twilight's done that as well, though at this point, she hasn't fully realized it.

11324760 11325048
The more Midnight thinks about the wealth of new data at her disposal, the less she has to think about stupid Sunset and her stupid, perfect smile. Everyone wins!

Bug found and addressed. Thanks for the report; I'd have run this by QA if I weren't deep in crunch time. :raritywink:

As has been noted, this is at least semi-canon.

The bulk of it started around 8:30, which definitely helped. :raritywink:

11324584 11324860
Honestly, I thought this was one of the cheesiest things I've ever written, but I'm glad to see it's going over well.

Cadence has always believed in following her heart, but she needed some time to figure out where it was leading her. Especially when she was still new to Canterlot.

Spellfire Goggles UR
Enchantment — Aura
Enchant creature
When Spellfire Goggles enters the battlefield, scry 1 and enchanted creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
Enchanted creature has prowess and "Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, scry 1."

11324211 11324952 11324293
Very glad to hear this made sense to those less familiar with the service...

11324196 11324316 11324477 11324794
... and was still an enjoyable read for those too familiar with it. :derpytongue2:

Oh, I stopped trying to keep track of all the different offshoot timelines I've created long ago. It's more fun to just make them on an as-needed basis.

But yeah, I can't recommend GitHub as a journal service.

The writers' failure to explore the material's deeper implications just mean that I have more opportunity to do so.

The key was remembering that the [mono] tag exists. [code] wouldn't allow any additional formatting.

I try not to be obnoxious with my OTP, but I still have it.


As has been noted, this is at least semi-canon.

A bonus grumpy sleepy Sunset Shimmer? I'll take it!


Spellfire Goggles UR

I'll take this too, thanks! :raritystarry:

I know nothing of github, but this was delightful.

Now see here, I get enough of this at work, now work is creeping into where I go th escape from work...

(sort of kidding. I love this approach, very unique and inginuitive)

Just wrapped this up, and definitely got a chuckle and a smile out of me (especially the comments from all of my fellow programmers, I didn't know there were so many on this site).

Thanks for the fun read!

I know I've said this before. I don't hate Timber. I don't like him, but that is for two big red flags. One: he is clearly older that Twilight, which means he has nooo problem hitting on jailbait. Two: related to one, how many other times have cute girl campers come and he put the smooze moves on them?

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