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This happened after the 2017 MLP movie. Twilight has a nightmare about the Storm King being alive again, Tempest joining him again, and Spike getting killed by her. She wakes up, crying and rushes over to him. Spike comforts her, telling her that there won't be any way of her losing him.

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Someone call the wambulance.

Ok this is coming from someone who hasn't read the story yet, and not gonna lie, the concept genuinely does have me intrigued. But the description seems to spoil the entire story.

Here's an idea for the description.

One month has passed since the Storm King and his army invaded Canterlot. And if not for Tempest saving them, the whole group very well might've died at his hands. One night, when Twilight wakes from a horrible nightmare, she starts to realize what could've transpired that fateful day. Lucky for her, her number one assistant is there to help.

Ha, this is actually ironic, cause Twilight does lose Spike in my MLP story, Spike dies trying to save her. Also, Tempest dies doing the same thing.

This is a good story though, I admit. 🙂


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