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Set after "Student Counsel".

It's the first day of Spring Break, and Spike is ready to have a whole week of relaxation. But, it gets ruined by Twilight when she gives him another set of chores, and they seem a bit difficult for him. So, he gets the idea to create clones of himself and have them do the chores for him.

Took a year and a half to write, so please no hate, I've worked real hard on this story.

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Is this based off an episode of jimmy neutron?

It's good that you did it like that since I didn't like the end of that episode where the malevolent clone was still alive

"No, Guys, it's ok.", Spike assured. "I actually want to hang out with you all." He frowned angrily at the list in his claws. "But, this list is getting in my way! I mean, I can't even get a break from Twilight sometimes! Everytime when there's an event or a fun opportunity, whether it's in Ponyville or some other place, I just had to be left out of it! It's always about Twilight and our friends!"

I'm sure she wasn't trying to be selfish to you spike it's just things just happen kind of reminds me of my situation sometimes it gets annoying but again it happens

"Uh, remember not that long ago, Spike, I don't like pies.", Rainbow Dash said, putting up a hoof dismissively. "So, no thank you." She then started to take off.

Well at least she admitted that she doesn't like pies not like the last time

You have no idea that I don't like her to waste them like this especially as Pinkie imagined it. Do you remember Dark Rainbow Dash?

Oh definitely yes especially with a laser eye vision thing lol

"Don't even get started with me about her.", Ocellus growled at the mention of the former queen of the changelings.

Something tells me that struck a nerve of Ocellus which I don't blame her she was mean and nasty

"Yeah, that is a good, Gallus.", Smolder said. "How are we going to find him?"

I think you kind of forgot to say good point just to give you a little heads-up on that

Well this was a pretty interesting story and this is basically a inspiration from Jimmy Neutron nice so Twilight kind of gave him a couple of chores that pretty much overwhelmed him so much but then the young 6 try to cheer him up then give him some idea about cloning himself which that gave him the idea to clone himself when Twilight had that cloning machine to be honest I thought we're going to go for the mirror pool but I guess cloning machine works I guess especially with the technology that Twilight she has in the basement so silver stream activated the cloning machine but unfortunately they have different personalities which that's not what that supposed to happen so they kind of went with it with mix resolve and unfortunately Everypony was not happy so the young six and Spike got the rest of the Clones but except for one which the evil one but they finally caught him and burn the rest of them but Spike was starting getting the blame for the Clones mistake but thankfully the young six and Princess Luna and Celestia save his tail and told Twilight that she kinda overwhelmed with so much chores which quickly she apologized and Spike also apologize for all the mess he made this was a pretty crazy story and I did like how you did not let the evil one get away this time so good job on that keep up the good work

I think we are forgetting that it was Twilight Sparkle never told anyone about a cloning machine?!

Well if you think about back in season one she has Technology's in her basement

"Plus, it's five pages long, and it's going to take a long time for me read the whole thing and analyze it."

Pfft! Add maybe ten pages to that, or maybe a whole class's worth of five-page reports, and then maybe I'd believe it'd take as long to read and analyze as you say, Twi. But as it's not either of those things, it really does kinda sound like you're just trying to dump your own chores off on Spike here. :trixieshiftleft:

Of course, I'd say Spike's one to talk, seeing that he apparently learned nothing from that time Pinkie cloned herself...but it was also Twilight's cloning machine that he was using, so...basically, she didn't learn the lesson either and is just enabling him at this point. :trollestia:

"Ok, finished!", the hippogriff declared. "And- Bop!"

No, no, it's boink--scientific progress goes boink. :rainbowlaugh:

"Spike would never speak French..."

You make it sound like speaking French is a bad thing. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, what's this talk about Spike never wearing cool shades?
I dunno about you, but those all seems like cool shades to me. :raritywink:

"We saw everything happen from Canterlot.", Luna said.

Because that's what they do in their free time--spy on Ponyville. I mean, it's just right there, practically right outside their window, and even princesses get bored and wonder what their neighbors are up to from time to time. :rainbowlaugh:

"Once we take you back to the lab, I'm going to make sure you turn back to how you started.", Real Spike growled at his devilish replica.

Why wait until they get back to the lab? They technically have an excess of dragons here at the moment, they could just toast him here and now if they wanted...and would probably work better for trying to keep this all under wraps, too.

The rest of the Spike clones looked at the new clone in confusion, they looked at Real Spike, then back and forth between the two a couple times.

Real Spike can tell that the clone was Evil Spike pretending to be him and doing the exact same voice as his. "I'm not Evil Spike, he's Evil Spike.", he warned. "He's trying to trick you all."

"That's a bunch a baloney.", the fake Spike said. "Everypony knows that I'm the precise and real Spike."

Quick, somebody point out the fuzzy wuzzy bunny!

"Spike, this is unacceptable, I'm very disappointed in you.", Twilight chided, calming her temper down.

Again, I must go pfft! If Twilight hadn't decided that she couldn't do her own chores, none of this would've happened, so, little unfair to pin all the blame on Spike or even the Young 6 here.

"And it isn't right for you to give Spike so many chores in one day.", Silverstream said.

Thank you, Silverstream! :pinkiehappy:

The justifications for the whole premise is a bit forced...but otherwise this was an amusing enough of a story. :twilightsmile:

This reminds me a lot of the Princess Spike episode, where although it's Spike whose supposed to learn the lesson it was really everyone else's fault that things ended up happening the way they did so it comes off as extremely unfair. Luckily in this, it was nice to see the student six and the princess stand up for him, especially when all the others started ganging up on him (that came off as really harsh).
Though the clones were fun to read, and having Spike interact with the student's is always fun to see so I had fun reading this.

Good story, and I like that Twilight realized her mistake by putting to much on Spike's plate.

I also know that while Spike does like to help his friends, even he needs some time to himself too.

And I was hoping for the gang to be mad at Twilight for giving Spike to much to do and that a 5-page paper was more important than anything else.

Too Many Pinkie Pies, Too Many Spikes.

Just let there not be too many Sweetie Belles.

I understand needing a promise. But , o don’t know just the idea of twilight pushing tasks onto spike unreasonable just feels wrong. Not sure it it be put of character for Twi but:.. shrug.

Also just saying line breaks are a thing. :pinkiehappy:

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