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Princess Cadance and Stellar Flare meet for the first time in a coffee shop in the Crystal Empire and they talk about their abilities of motherhood.

An entry for the May Pairing Contest 2021

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Gotta say I'm a little disappointed you skipped over Cadence explaining what it's like haveing a Alicorn baby, or how Sunburst is her Crystaler and all that involves. We only briefly hear Stellar talk about the events of the episode "The Parent Map". I don't want to say the story is bad it just feels incomplete, like they should have arrived at the spa and exchanged several stories during the treatment rather than just one.

I’m really impressed with your improving writing skills :pinkiehappy:

That Stella Flare vector looks familiar. :raritywink:

Cute little one shot, mate. Well done. :scootangel:

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