With the Ritual of Sacanas complete and the alicorn magic successfully usurped, the Storm King's chief enforcer anticipates her long-awaited reward, while it seems only a miracle can prevent the sacking of Equestria's capitol...

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what I make of it is there's literally nothing to it but "what if the worst happened"

A neat little hypothetical, even if there’s not much else to it. Think it could’ve benefitted from an extra paragraph or two of Twilight’s thoughts as she looked upon the shattered remains of her friends, but the story works regardless.

Now, if you really wanted to do the damage, you may recall that Spike was launched up with the rest of the Mane 6 as well...

Part of me wonders if this fic will appear as a bad dream in your next Tempest story?

Damn, this certainly fits the dark tag well. :twilightoops:

I'd be okay with this, it'd be fitting if the story is about her redemption. So I suppose it depends on what the story is about.

Yeah, Twilight's only line being "Gods damn you!!!" with a few thoughts is pretty weak for seeing her friends murdered in front of her.

Although, it's not as if there's some kind of plot device that can miraculously revive anypony shattered while petrified. Wasn't the Storm King alive even after his most fortunate end?

Oooh, bad ending indeed. I like this, though, it's a tragic take on everything. Yet hope is not entirely lost, either. Good writing, excellent read.

There's a sequel if you like. Thanks for reading!

Freaking terrifying cuz you know that would probably happen if storm king wasnt so big a dick

Oh gosh, this would’ve and could’ve actually happened if the Storm King kept his word wouldn’t it? But more importantly Spike Nooooooooooo! I mean I’m also sad about the Mane 5 but still.

A very chilling and realistic take on what could have resulted if the Storm King had kept his promise to Tempest, thereby ensuring her loyalty thereafter.

Even with the loss of the Mane 5 and the glorious Spike, I still like this story, though I must say, the Storm didn’t calm down when the Storm King used his staff in canon, but it’s excusable since this is needed for the story.

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