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I Thought I Was Toast

Insanity is just creativity to the nth degree.


The newly reformed changelings have been given a mission by their visionary and benevelont King Thorax: they must snuggle all the ponies in Equestria. Most ponies take to this with gusto. Someponies are more... difficult than others.

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An Entry for CategoricalGrant's CuddleFic Contest

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Thanks for your submission! So unique!

It is unique...

I honestly think the show is missing a grand opportunity in not having introduced some changeling nymphs into the CMC/other foals circles of the show. Some bugfoal goofballs trying to work out how to friend would be wonderful.

Oh yeah. This story. Utterly delightful syrupy goodness.



I need to stop telling you about contest entries...

That was so adorable!

And that pun at the end - I have no idea whether to love you or hate you. But I love puns, so I'll stick with loving :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh! Stitches like!

We want more Tibia"s action!

That last line :rainbowlaugh:
I hope you can pay Nasa, for my sides are in orbit right now :rainbowwild:

It was also cute as flutter butter on spring rolls. More soon, please? :pinkiehappy:

Dear I Thought I Was Toast,

I Thought This Would Be Crap. I Thought Wrong.

Good story. Added to Watch, and Liked.


P.S - I LOVE that cover art.

Whoa! A Story Approver!?!

Has this site always had one of you guys?


I... uh... yes? :unsuresweetie:

We look at the stories of new users, or anyone who manually submits stories to the moderation queue.

No offense but...when I used to care about writing stories on this site, I always had the option to moderate my own stories. I just thought this was a new thing that was introduced recently. Is it? How long have you been a story approver?


None taken. And you do have the option to moderate your own stories, and it’s called “auto-approval.” We just tend to people that don’t have that feature, new users and users with a record of misconduct.

I’ve been an approver for a few months now. :twilightsmile:

Oh right, I get it now. Well, welcome to the site if you can excuse the lateness of the welcome.


I’ve been registered since 2015 my dude. :unsuresweetie:

I'm not your dude, dude. I could be a friend, but you probably don't need any more right now. Which is cool, it's fine.

Well, I'm not going to stick around and bother you. You've got other stories to approve of and I'm only wasting your time. It was nice chatting to you, Jack. I'd say I'd enjoy talking to you some more again, but it seems unlikely. Besides, this isn't really the best site for friendly chatter anyway. Thank for the small conversation though. Have a pleasant day or evening, whatever your time zone. :)

And again, to the author of this fanfic, you done good. Thumbs up to you.

The last line made me laugh because sjin from the yogscast had been using that line (except for the snuggloo) for his terraria series.

On a side note, are new nymphs hatched unreformed, and then they have to reform themselves by being taught to give love? Or are they hatched already in skittle bug form? So many questions about the changeling reformation, so little time...

awwwww a super sweet story, i love it.

Soon…. Soon, I would experience Snuggaloo Two—Electric Bugguloo.


Alondro gets hugged by a cherngelerng... he then sues for sexual harassment, because it's so easy to do!


I, for one, welcome our cuddly overlords.

Yet another cute adorable story where the power of love and cuddles overpowers coolness. Scoots can deny it all she wants, we know she loves cuddle time. Rainbow was just a nail in the coffin for her ego. :scootangel:

Whoever downvoted this doesn't have a soul.

We need more huglings.

8570632 As a redhead who upvoted this fic, I take offense to that! :P

I loved this!
This was really good. And even though I will always prefer the design of the unreformed changelings more, I still like the new version. Having said that, the cover art is amazing! Definitely downloading it.
We need more Cuddlebugs and Snugglelings, they make the world a better place. But what's with Rainbow Dash; What's her story? I WANT TO KNOW!!!

I know right! That would be great for season 8!

Now wanting to snuggle and cuddle with a cute changeling and crying on the inside because I can't,
Signing out, VShuffler42

Aww... Fluffy and sweet, just the way I like it! Kudos good author, thou hath pleased Us and left Us feeling warm and fuzzy inside!

Also, what do rainbows taste like? *spots a certain blue fast pegasus* Hmmm...

If a changeling went to that much trouble to try snuggling with me, i’d give it to them. They deserve it when they put that much work into it

Rainbows are spicy according to the show itself. Pinkie tasted one in the weather factory during the episode where Rainbow made a Sonic Rainboom.

Oh yeah. I completely forgot about that. In my defense, it has been a while...

How disgustingly adorable.

“Of course, it doesn’t.” I smiled. “Nopony is too cool for snuggling!”

So cuuuuuuuuute! Tibia looks so fluffy! :3 :heart:

She smirked, the taste of sugar in the air growing stronger. “You try way too hard when it comes to handling nuts.”

This can be taken in different ways... :rainbowwild:

8570457 I like cuddling lions. I love them and squeeze them and call them George!

'Tibia' as a changeling name? Cuddling changelings? I wonder where I've seen these things before...:moustache:

Very cute! :twilightsmile: Definitely a policy Thorax would come up with. :pinkiehappy:

Excuse me while I grab my insulin.

Ahh...much better! :raritywink:

Anyway, all diabeetus aside. This is a great cuddlefic. I really like the interaction between Tibia and Scootaloo, and it feels right. One small nitpick I did have was how harsh Scootaloo was near the beginning, but then again she did come around to it. Also I will admit that I'm a bit behind on my seasons, so I really can't judge her too harshly for this. I also like the rainbows are spicy reference, as well as the end line.

There really isn't all that much more for me to say here except that you did a great job.

Keep up the good work good author, and also have a like and a favorite for the feels! :twilightsmile:

So this fared well in the contest. You should submit it to the Reviewers Cafe.

Comment posted by Ephedianroyalty deleted Jan 24th, 2018

I saw this and was like “track, like, favorite, then read.”

She also looked delicious, but King Thorax said ponies didn’t like to hear that until they were older for some reason. No idea why. I took great pride in the fact that my brood siblings all thought I was the tastiest of us.

OH. MY. GOD. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


Just adorable!

Soon…. Soon, I would experience Snuggaloo Two—Electric Bugguloo.

Does...does that mean...possible sequel?

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