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Twilight discovers the pain of the many and varied eccentric laws written by King Sombra in the most unspeakable of languages.

Set between seasons 3 and 4.

An entry for Aragon's Comedy is Serious Business Contest.

Edited by Dreams of Ponies and Level Dasher

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 21 )

Cute, amusing, and quite a fun little romp.

“Huh? The cat’s got it with the salad.”

lol. Cadence, why are you channeling Button Mash?

“I told you my name is just Twilight.” I frowned at him.

“Yes, the Just Princess Twilight.”

I will never get tired of the little wordplays.

I'm stupidly proud of myself for being able to predict the chapter title based on the cover image.

In any case, most enjoyable from start to finish. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

Couldn't they have used the moustache twirling law to break the rest. If it it was illegal to change them wouldnt the moustache law counter the change?

Thanks! Good luck to you too!

Ignoring the fact that I completely missed that? Yes and no. Thinking it over right here and now, there might be a few complications with that.

The first is that it might involve constant mustache twirling in some cases because the magically enforced laws are constantly checking if ponies are breaking them. While breaking curfew, for example, they'd basically be stuck with three hooves which pretty much removes the pros of being able to break curfew.

The second is that requiring a pardon doesn't say anything about when the pardon occurs. There could be a layer of red tape where Cadance or Shining would need to be informed, grant the pardon, and then save the lawbreaker. There would at least be a small period where offenders are stuck facing punishment, and no pony wants that.

There could be more, but I think a better point may be that whatever out Sombra used for himself was much more likely to be iron clad than any silly whim like the mustache twirling law.

I need a sequel with Twilight's evil and funny rule and those laws which make her rule this way. PLEASE.

big problem, ponies don't have hands to twirl the mustaches.


I might have considered crowning Shining King - temporarily - (because I wouldn't trust Sombra not have have a pre-prepared gender clause on hand) and then revoking the laws by royal decree - but I suppose that would require first knowing where the magical enforcements effects are located and accessed and whether that would be possible.

That might be the more long-term solution, though, Twilight's solution would certainly be the short- and possibly mid-term solution. (I mean, you wouldn't want to keep that stuff around forever, lurking in the background for your technical loop-hole to miss someone down the line...)

I admit that I had to read the story when I saw the cover image and the title of the "chapter." Not often I seen þ.
Amusing idea. I wonder if dissolving the Crystal Empire and turning it into the Crystal City-State or Crystal Principality would nullify the laws? I like the idea of Twilight looking for something revolutionary at the end. She's plotting. I think she needs to be laughing and twirling a mustache herself. :rainbowlaugh:

“Alright, let’s see if I can find something revolutionary. ”

Time to revolution, comrades!

The obvious conclusion here is for Twilight to throw up her hooves and just declare the princesses to be citizens of the Crystal Empire until they come back and do their jobs again.

I saw one from Tennessee that said shooting game from a moving car was illegal unless it was a whale.

But I think that one was clearly a joke meant to poke at people who complained about the law's original form: "Oh, you want to be able to shoot something from your car? Ok, you can shoot whales! There! Now it's law! Trololo!"

“Huh? The cat’s got it with the salad.”

Asking Button Mash to fix your nation's laws probably ranks somewhere between asking Discord and asking the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

This was fun. I'm a little proud that I was able to read the chapter title.

“Look, Twilight, a dragon’s cave is a personal thing, you know?” The rubbing intensified. “The last thing I need is you both literally and figuratively tearing me a new one just because I slept in.”

“Yes, well,” I coughed, “I’m sure that would have been awkward for the both of us.”

Gee, you þink?

Lol that wacky don ta the old coot

This story clearly didn't get enough good attention.

Sequel of Twilight's reign please

Seriously sequel please.

Sequel of Twilight's reign please?

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