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A standalone side story to Just a Little Batty.

Babysitting sucks when you could be out on a friday night. Babysitting a pair of deviant, little reprobats sucks even more. Guarding the cookie jar has its perks, though.

A Batty-verse Story

Edited and proofread by: Dreams of Ponies and Jowijo

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I've seen the cover art pic before and i still find it to be bloody adorable :pinkiehappy:

Not what I was expecting out of a sequel, but it was as always a fun and interesting read. :heart:

Relieving the pressures of a thousand years of governance via finely honed Momming of the staff.

Well, now I want to know what did happen to Silver Fang.

Great story but whose this Echoe friend? I don't recall her in the prequel and whatever happened to the colt.

The flashback happens in Canterlot before the 'prequel' (and I use that term loosely) ever took place. I actually had to go digging through the original to find the names, but Echo and Fang were her Canterlot friends, and there is in fact at least one line that mentions Echo and Fang in Just a Little Batty. They just never really showed up before because the prequel never really looked at them. That may or may not change in the actual sequel, and I'm already thinking about another one shot where Night takes Diamond up to the Undercity to have Echo carve a sculpture of her.

God I love these batfics.

9720956 Probably fell to the eeeeeevil swarms of CHERNGELERNGS!!!:pinkiegasp:

10/10 Bat story.

Bat really, what happened to the thief? Celestia can't possibly have eaten him and the cookies? :trixieshiftright:

Fantastic slice-of-life batpony story :)

This story is adorable and amusing as always, but...

“Gemeiner unhold!” My wings flared wider as I prepared to lunge. “Bei dir haben!”

“Screep!” Snatching up the cookie in his mouth, he dropped like a rock as I jumped to tackle him, his back hooves scrabbling at my tummy as he slipped under me. “Kotzbroken!”

Oh, my poor German heart.

Wrong wording? I tried to use as little as possible since I was only using google translate. Mostly tried to stick to individual words, phrases, or sentence fragments because I didn’t trust translate with getting grammar right.

"Have at you!" as a phrase doesn't really have a direct translation, so it just translated that word for word.
"Gemeiner Unhold!" isn't wrong as such, but it sounds kind of archaic which is hilarious if you imagine bat foals running around squeaking curses from the last century.
"Kotzbrocken" was missing a c and is also kind of hilarious to hear as a swear word on it's own because it's usually only used in a full sentence. I'm also kind of curious just what English equivalent you were translating there.

Mostly it's just funny after the first moment of literary shock.

P.S.: If you need some German Batbabble for a story again sometime feel free to hit me up for translations.

i like this universe and omg silver fang sounds cute

When you've got Canterlot thestrals calling their northern kin racist you know its serious.

can anyone translate?
I don't speak Threstral

technically, its german, so you can run it through google translate, but for the most part I try to keep it so anything said in thestral is short enough that people can get the gist of it from the english narration. What are you looking for specifically?

Scree!” I hissed a bunch of Dad’s favorite words at the sight of an empty cookie jar. “How?!”

I mean, you did eat a few :moustache:

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