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S08E20: The Washouts (Spoilers) · 7:01am Yesterday

Well, they actually made a Scootaloo episode that wasn't total garbage. Nicely done.

Got a 7.5/10 for me, and I'll be rematching it in English later today, but even subbed and in French, it was a wonderful episode, and a nice break where along with Road to Friendship, had as little to do with the school nonsense as possible.

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1802603 Good reasoning :rainbowlaugh:

1802602 I watch people who I find interesting for varying reasons (with the often futile hope that y return the favor). I'll admit I've never read any of your fics, and can't be sure if you read mine either; you do comment on them though. Checked out your profile, decided to follow. Why the hell not? :scootangel:

hey, thanks for the watch! May I ask why you chose to do so?

omg thinks for the follow :scootangel::scootangel:

Hey, thanks for raving To Love and Cherish.

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