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What do you get when you mix an earth pony lost in the woods with a sprained ankle, and a witch prone to fattening her victims up to immobile blobs?

Well you get a fun situation for at least one of those ponies.

A secret santa I wrote for Liquid Savage, in about 48 hours, and is entirely unedited... hope y'all enjoy.

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Inspired by PPG1998's Team VTP - Vehicles Turned Ponies, and WiseFireCracker's Gold and Brimstone: The Ultimate Team of Destiny. Go read them, I'll wait.

Blue Beetle never asked for this. He was a simple car, his owner took care of him and his mechanic made sure he was roadworthy, he was perfectly happy with driving away from monsters, ramming into monsters, and occasionally being driven by monsters. All until some demon decided to play "Will It Smash?" with him and some overly pompous Jaguar and found the answer to be an emphatic yes.

Fortunately for him the powers that be decided to give him a new body, which happens to be just as patchwork as his old body, and a new life in a realm so far disconnected from his old life that every new sensation, experience, or discovery is giving him whiplash.

Now if only he could figure out why everypony keeps on retching at the sight of him, that'd be great.

Conflicting Tags - Adventure (just a little bit)

Edited by -
Moongaze 14
Lord of Dorkness

Cover art by Tulip

Featured in the Non-Mature list on 5th June, 2017. What am I doing right, and can I teach others how to do it so I can make a bajillion dollars off of teaching people how to get to the featured box?

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Inspired by a conversation with Lord of Dorkness and Moongaze14, blame them.

After making a blind jump from the Nevernever, Harry Dresden ends up in Equestria, surrounded by attractive females; given his track record with the fairer sex this would be a terrifying proposal even if they weren’t obviously inhuman.

Now trapped until he can find a safe entrance back into the Nevernever, he must attempt to play nice with the local powers (all attractive females), explain his magic to the pre-eminent scholars in the field (all attractive females), and avoid the malevolent forces that seek to use his knowledge for their gain (all attractive females).

Chivalry, it can get a guy killed.

Takes place after Book 11 "Turn Coat" in the Dresden Files, and the beginning of season 3 and beyond.

Pre-readers are Lord of Dorkness, Moongaze14, and Appletank
Wlam (as of Chapter 3)

(Sex tag is for sexually charged situations; actual nookie may or may not happen and will include a ratings change)

Tags are: Anthro, Human, Crossover, Comedy, Adventure, Sex?

Character Tags will change with Arc

Featured 2nd Sept, 2016 - 5th Sept, 2016.

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The title explains it all, these are snippets that arose from my conversations, or if I wanted to thank someone.

They're all short, disconnected, and on occasion, completely mad.

There may may be sexy times, connections to other fics, massive gore, or just "huh!?!"

Have fun, and if these inspire you to continue your own version of these be cool, be wild, and be groovy.

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