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The dark tag isn't for a midnight dies at the end or something effect right nore of the whole nether of the two are accepted thing?


Well it's primarily there for the whole self-destructive, 'semi-realistic' aspect to this 'romance'. I honestly have no clue where this is going until it gets there, mostly because Gladi is the one steering.

mmm love it hehehe, i hope Midnight can has belly rubs?

It's me, the gladi.

I can't wait to see where this goes. Another interesting story premice with Midnight Blossom. I can't wait to see how large she gets.


The Fat Bat Rises.

Also, big, like no hooves on the ground big at the very least, don't think she'll ever get to "The Mass" sizes though.

Yeah, I smashed that star button before even reading...the potential is real.



That slow, inexorable waddle to more Fat Bat!

What's our banner?

Wow... That escalated quickly, not that I'm complaining. Some great stuffing and the breaking of the bed whilst Valient watched was really nice, then you had him sleeping on top of her.

I have got to say that I'm really looking forward to where this is going, especially when she dosen't care that she's going to become an immobile blob of a love source, only growing fatter and fatter as love is drawn from gargantuan blubber filled body.

Keep up the good work!

Comment posted by Shanenator deleted Mar 30th, 2018

Oh this is going to be so good. Can't wait for when things start REALLY getting out of hand!

she's so fat at this point you need a tractor trailer to haul her around,
that's hefty


And you'll get to see that number... next chapter

Wow, Midnight is gonna get so big! Especially if she keeps eating and drinking the way she does. I love this and I can't wait for the next part. Keep up the good work.


Well Chapter 5 is done, and in the editing pipeline, you'll get to see just how big she's getting...

Next chapter MUHUHUHAHAHAHAH- *cough, wheeze* Laughing maniacally is hard.

you should not laugh mechanically then it might impede updates.

Oh man, I can't fuckin' wait until things start REALLY getting out of hand.


Neat. When I read the title of that chapter, combined with the disclaimer, I was actually afraid that her stomach would rupture. Thankfully, it didn't come to that…yet.

This is so fucked up... But so sexy at the same time.


Then that means Midnight's cutie mark magic is working on you... It is too late for you, obey your FatBat Mistress.

It had been almost a month since Midnight had arrived at Wildcard's ranch


Wildcard had managed to inflate Midnight at a rate of over ten pounds a day

Sounds reasonable. And hot.

All told, and including the almost lethal feast she'd had on her first day, Midnight was creeping up rapidly on the twelve thousand pound mark

Um, WHAT? Wasn't she at either eight or nine HUNDRED last chapter, well, before she drank 30 gallons of milk?

"Heaviest cow is four thousand pounds like I said before, Midnight. How long do you think until you break that record?"

So she already broke it?

Sounds like a typo, she should be around 1200 for this chapter.


Typo, what typo? It says twelve hundred. It's always said twelve hundred.

Thanks for the catch guys.


I hope you enjoy where we're going, it's gonna be a ride.

I have very mixed feelings about this story. Your writing is quite excellent, but this is far too dark for me to enjoy the way I would similar stories.

I can't stop reading though, morbid curiosity I suppose. (No pun intended)


Thank you.

Yeah this is pretty dark, health complications are Gladi's kink, and they make writing this fun because they're a pretty good way to show just how big sh's getting without using purely sized based descriptions. (Although I'm slowly growing to hate ellipses more and more)

The ending however, should be good.

Well, I think that this story is becoming one of my favourites fetish stories on this site. This poor mares body can barely take any more, yet she still pushes on, striving to become such a massive pile of blubber. I hope that we will see more of Zamboni (and sone special zebra fattening potions hopefully ;)) . Can't wait for the next morbid part!

Ps, why is a section of your text larger in size towards the start of the chapter?


I'm not sure, might make a Zamboni story itself, just a short one, but I don't think she'll be returning to the story until the final chapter, which isn't far off.

Maybe play a little bit of homage to where the name comes from (Champions online, a canadian terrorist group is shipping out explosive laden Zambonis to hockey games) and have her stuffed with Maple Syrup and Poutine.

Google docs Copy + Paste shenanigans, should be fixed now though. Thanks for the catch man


All things must end, that said the planned ending is open to a sequel, if'n you wanna take a shot at it.

I ain't gonna stop you, maybe even edit for ya.

Do you have a release date for the next chapter?


Nope, but once it's ready it's going up straight away.

Ditto. We're way past the point of what I could consider attractive, in fact I feel a little pukey, but I want to read this til the end. It really is morbid curiosity, nothing more,

RP as a way to break writers block? I am intimately familiar with this concept! ;3


It's also just fun, if your partner is just as into the whole thing as you are. Requires good communication skills though.

Oh yes, that is rather a handy quality as well!... and a necessary skill XD

I'll admit, some parts late in Chapter got to me a 'little', though it's mostly because I haven't seen it before, it takes a little time to adapt, but when it comes to 'fantasy', There are extremely few things that I can't adapt to accepting people's interests in XD [it usually involves things I won't really mention publically due to their actual content and specificity being enough to be rude to bring up, even in expressing distaste for them.]

Aside from the bits that got to me for a little while, I'm rather enjoying it so far XD Though I'll admit, my preferences lean more towards affection and romance, I can see how it would appeal to some anyway ;3

Man you are killing me with the wait xD

Looking back on it, I was hoping you could elaborate on something a bit.

It was the chapter where Midnight was still mobile and went to the restaurant to binge. She. he, or the narration accused the owner of trying to kill her. My question is:HOW?

Maybe I'm WAY over thinking this, or maybe it's the feeding conceit that I loathe(that food is instantly converted to fat, no digestion required).

No matter how much her stomach can stretch, her GI won't get any longer so there would be a ceiling where she won't gain any faster.

So why would she have a heart attack while stuffing her face, and why would it be blamed on the owner.

But hey, clop, I'm probably greatly overthinking this!

Sigh, only 1/10 of blob stories really do anything for me, and it's either normal skinny ponies or blobs, almost never an in-between. Cie la vie.

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