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This story is a sequel to A More Subtle Touch

There are so many things Twilight could have pursued an answer for. What actually made the region dependent on ponies when the other countries run wild? What is the origin story of the changelings? Can other pony races learn to cast spells?
Instead, she turned to a volatile subject. Once more, she targeted Pinkie Pie. Her changeling test-subject is all to happy to help her answer that question, as well as one of his own.

"How many times can you prank an alicorn before you end up on the moon?"

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Actually Twillight is a retard in science department, regarding knowledge as an absolute is the biggest act of stupidity one can make. I don't like her described as intelligent, reading some books and repeating them as a cook book is not a sign of intelligence, nor freaking out when something does not fit your strict world view. Science as a concept is a model which contains actually very high degree of unobserved error as our means of observations are flawed. The said model actually does not work for the most of the time rather than working as intended.

If it is supposed the cringe me like you said in your post, it actually enraged me. I would have taken far more agressive and merciless approach rather than your character if my life were to be threaten. Most protagonist in stories forgive too easliy as it is in this case, some extreme flaws cannot be and should not be forgiven.

I would like to see someone tie sparkle and burn all her library right next to her and explain her that her whole world view is wrong and that science is actually nothing more than an act of intellectual masturbation as the induction (the basis of science) is the shame of philosophy and fundamentally wrong. Then slap her and laugh as she cries. (I would also taste the tears or save them for later use)

I am sorry that I am filled with hate and reflect to you but I had a very shitty last 3 weeks and I became obsessed with certain concepts and the misuse of those certain concepts triggers me.

I rather enjoyed this piece. I am a bit curious though: did Max agree to this stuff beforehoof, or did Twilight demand that he submit himself for experiments, such that she'd almost blow a gasket for being five minutes late?

7456793 It's fine. I don't know if I could hate someone who almost killed me if they didn't know what they were doing or thought they knew what they were doing and were wrong. I had someone point a gun at me while at a firing range and after jumping out of the way, calmly explained that you don't do that shit. Ever. Even if it IS unloaded. So I don't get angry until I end up explaining the same basic rules seven times. Then I'm going to hate you...and probably call you a retard.
Twilight is pretty smart, but not intelligent. At least that's how I see her. She's excellent at research and book-knowledge, but when trying to apply it she loses a bit in translation. This means that she doesn't take into account things that most people would realize as being a problem (like her wondering why Max would be upset about her keeping her Bunsen burners next to her hydrogen storage. The tanks are spelled against fire-damage after all). That entire science thing was from her perspective, and I'm pretty sure she thinks of herself as very intelligent. Fairly certain she'd flip out if something she held to be true was disproven, which is why she reacts so badly to Pinkie.

Speaking of Pinkie, I can see that fiasco spooking the pink pony a bit. I know I'd be a bit wigged out if my friend went nuts and strapped me to a bunch of weird machines.

7457047 The time thing is something that I see as a part of her character. Timeliness is everything. The part about the experiments is an ongoing thing between Max and Twilight. Usually they're pretty interesting and both of them learn something in the process. Sometimes Max has to blow up the equipment to prevent the mare from accidentally killing him. Such is life.

Well, that was a thing... I am now kind of curious what would happen in Twilight's mind. If nothing, then Max can just don a different disguise until the time is there to travel with Spike, and then just tell the princesses to ask about them. Twilight would flip out.

Twilight is now German?

There was no cringe in this story. What gives?

Hah, nice. Nothing like some good ol' mental scarring.

They should totally send a copy to Chryssie, she'd get a laugh out of it.

7457492 next chapter of Twisted will have cringe. I wasn't actually thinking about this one, in all honesty but then I sat down and pounded out the last few hundred words.

Comedic gore. My Irish approves.

Sometimes graphic demonstration is the only way to get through to some people...

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