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Odd, but I interesting.

I sense a pattern. :twilightsmile:

So many snippets of stories that might be told. Excellent diction as always.

but practically speaking they are a curiosity, like industrial diamonds or self-driving carriages.



You should know that you are responsible for this story, and I am very deliberately aping the things you've done in the Leroverse here :P

You made Blueblood sound both likable and in character in the space of three lines. Talk about a strong first impression.

I am so happy to see that pony Turing gets a happier ending. Seriously, I made an audible sound of glee. (I'm a bit concerned about Twilight turning herself into a Nightmare, even in laboratory conditions, but Turing having a boyfriend helps.)

Oh God, wanton cruelty to the common comma. It hurts to look at, but it makes so much sense.

Funny, I thought Lemon Hearts would be the one who collaborated with A. Beaker. :raritywink:

In all, this has earned the Random tag as few other stories on the site have. It was fascinating to get a glimpse of Luna's mind through her recent work. Thank you for this. I look forward to the other parts of the series.


I am so happy to see that pony Turing gets a happier ending.

Oh snap I didn't even catch that allusion.

Ah, well, the RSVP's nothing to worry about. When Pinkie sends an invitation, she knows what it means when it doesn't come back.

7287792 Yes, I wonder if Chuck has read Friends Forever 26 with Blueblood and Shining Armor. Basic summary: Blueblood is indeed a self-absorbed jerk but he's also a highly capable master diplomat and he does put what's best for Equestria first in his negotiations.

ten outta ten.

That is some high quality Twiluna.

The game.

-Cel (I tried right-aligning it, but I couldn't figure out the code)

This was pretty entertaining. There are a lot of different voices here telling many-and-yet-one story, and they're written very well. I feel that having Princess Celestia sending notes to her shows some signs of reclusiveness, or at the very least not feeling like she can be included. I was pretty enthralled at the style of the poem. The reason I posed that quote above from your story is because it's the only one where I didn't have an inkling as to its meaning—if not counting the wheat sketch.

I'll admit that I don't think I completely understand what happened, but it kept me engaged. I 'm actually curious as to whether or not the order of how each document is presented is significant. I'll swell on that some.

clearly this luna likes twilight sparkle after all theres what 5 images of her

I like the science references, though as a chemist I must point out that cis/trans stereoisomers are generally not chiral.

Clever, funny, and nicely varied. You seem to be setting your Equestria up for a computer mega-abacus* revolution very soon, if I didn't misread those references!

It's hard to pick my favorite element here, but possibly it's the journal excerpt on divination by "fructic haruspex". :pinkiehappy:

* And is that an allusion to the old, pre-Luna Eclipsed fanon? Abacus lives! :yay:

I positively adore this. The way you characterize Blueblood, making him more than just a generic jerk, is gorgeous. The magical science bits were fantastic as well--you kept it delightfully in-character for Twilight, what with the endless book recommendations and all that.

Two questions:
Is "Token Jar" a reference to J. R. R. Tolkien? And are the other stories in this series going to be more of Luna, or instead letters to other characters? (Celestia's inbox, etc?)

Applejack's letter reminded me of Carrot's letters to home in the Discworld books - he too committed wanton cruelty to the common comma (I will omit the link to TV Tropes).

I find Blueblood pretty easy to write: Treat him as if he were a PG Wodehouse character, and it falls into place nicely. Rummy business, that!

Ponies deserve Turing more than we did. Also, pony Ada Lovelace lives well into her eleventies.

In a strange way, Applejack is a Carrot at heart.

Glad you liked it, this is a mere appetizer for the second act!


There's a few. First person to catch them all get a virtual cookie :pinkiehappy:


She's a party planner per excellence, after all


I've never read the comics, but I'm always glad when they line up with my headcanons :D




Pshaw! Speculation and conjecture, nothing more!

She's a good study for composition and shadow, honest!


Funnily enough, I had intended the opposite from Celestia and Luna's notes to each other--Celestia is utterly informal, flinging off quick messages to invite her down for cake or tea or cocktails, and slyly tries to fob off annoying royal duties on her, and Luna happily sends childish pranks like "the game"

(if you see the game, you lose)

The poetry is very loose skaldic verse--no rhyme, but consistent line length and lots of alliteration and kennings.

There is no significance to the order whatsoever :P


I got the two things mixed up--my knowledge of chemistry is seven years old and ends at A-level


I do have a love of sneaking in early-fandom references in my fics XD

Ina Garten voice: "If you can't make your own meat-free entrails, store bought is fine too!"


The Blueblood stuff is me, but the magical science/pony academia things are heavily inspired by Archonix's work. Fun to write, though :D

Good job spotting the Tolkien ref! And the two following stories are about Luna.


I feel like Carrot and Applejack are kindred spirits.

And I'm sure the fruit drawing was just because she was waiting for the delivery from Sweet Apple Acres. :trixieshiftleft:
It's the only logical explanation.

[A sketch of half a fresh fig]

She keeps that in her desk? Kinky! Who knew Luna was bent that way?

7289171 Out of curiosity what's your headcanon for the way Blueblood treated Rarity at the GGG? Oliver's analysis is one of the best I've ever seen so I don't feel the need to retype it. The gist is that Blueblood deliberately sought out Rarity to antagonize her specifically. Why?


That doesn't surprise me, if only because Celestia's desk is clearly clean. APPEARANCES!

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now #82.

My review can be found here.


Perhaps they are a follow on component of the "Applied Augury for the Social Sciences, page 178" Threat analysis matrix.
The page shown requests 6 Persimmions...maybe Figs are a later component?

Also Fig's are delicious.

I'm really digging this format. It's a window into the character, the world and it's lore all at once.

"Luna, Princess of Less Space in the In-Box!"

Doubt Twinkleshine would err in a scholarly publication:

but the field is facing a its own Grassmeadow-Bluewing problem

facing its own

Somebody read his Thucydides!

And I hope I know exactly what's going on with Luna and synonyms for lavender and poetry and such. I think we've seen it before and if I'm right, I can't wait to see it turned into a proper story. You, I trust to do it justice.


With your permission, I should like to share your theory circles with Lovely Lace and Chopped Cabbage, at the Canterlot Clockwork Institute. I’ve mentioned their work on the difference engine before, and though not a magic bullet (again, excuse the pun) I believe your work might turn their theoretical Supermassive Mechanical Mega-Abacus out of the theory stage.

Now I want to know which pony makes the conceptual leap to conditional branching—Lovely Lace, Chopped Cabbage, or Twilight Sparkle? Two words: analytical engine.

If such technology could be scaled down, well, that is the realm of speculative fiction†.

Two more words: rod logic.

Totally confusing, downright mechanical, preposterously amazing. This is an extremely difficult writing style, and I find myself a bit jealous, but it's one I'd my favorites in a while.

... The auguric indices for the non-model threats (Pear & Compote, 967) are both correct and comparable, i.e. the thaum emissions for all are non-heterogenous, portents are normally distributed, et cetera ...

Sweet stars, Chuck, I've gotta go change my underpants now. Why didn't you label this Mature?


Fantasy academic publishing is my jam.

She seems to have quite a bit of art of Twilight Sparkle for some reason.

Part one of a three-part series.

Sounds like you mean it's a single story split into three chapters because FIMFic's rules don't matter, amirite?


Eat my ass, Paul Blart


...ahem. Sorry. Got carried away.

It is a great, nay, amazing bit of indirect storytelling. I was amused by Magical Statistics, but I love the little hints of things happening outside of the desk,l as it were. I tried to do something similar with the "Specimen Annotated Daily Schedule" but I think I like this better still. My hat, sir, is... hold on. *goes gets his hat* My hat is off to you, sir.

I know, right? I was reading it and thought "Pffft. Screw non-parametric. What you need is robust methods using m-estimators, sonny. Better get that magical computer built." And lo! and behold, that's what happens in the last bit.


My headcanon was that he was drunk and in party-mode, and he's an ass at parties.

Ah... one of my favorite literary mechanics to read. A glimpse into someone's correspondence. Very well done.

People often forget that many people sound different in their writing than they do face to face

7291936 Nah, you misunderstand me. You've got green hair, I've got money.

That was definitely interesting, and it's also a fun literary mechanic I rarely get to see done this well. I'd love to see where this goes.



The game.


LUNA YOU - *rages inconsolably!*

7292088 I am the same in both speech and writing. Only in real life, I tend to wander off topic a lot. Like the time I was discussing nickels with pictures of bees on them and how you'd ask for '5 bees for a quarter' way back in the days of yore and eventually ended up describing the styles in men's fashion at the time, which included wearing an onion on one's belt. You couldn't get any white onions, because of the war, so everyone had to settle for the big yellow onions which have a lot more of the tear-inducing syn-propanethial-S-oxide than the white onions, unless you can get ahold of the sweet yellow onions which are kinda flat and wheel-shaped. But back then, they were only locally available in Georgia during the summer and cost a full 12 bees up North, since transportation was so slow on account of all the wagons having square wheels. The round ones weren't invented for another 50 years. The octagonal intermediates were a step in the right direction, to be sure, but they still made for a bumpy ride.

Anyway, that's how I began the banking industry in the US.


Directions: Draw a casting circle in chalk under standard conditions, and keep relevant data on hoof. Gather wax, alum, a sharp knife (copper or steel, NOT silver), and five ripe passion fruits.

And all this time I've been using a samarium knife and 4 sour quinces... :facehoof:

[A crude caricature of Princess Celestia, guzzling an entire barrel of white wine while belching loudly]

Well, if it's Latin Vid Sauvignon Blanc, I can completely understand! That stuff is excellent with a delightful fresh and sharp nose, along with a potent crisp semi-dry green grape flavor and a touch of mineral accents.

Of course, the same can be said for a Cupcake Moscato, which has this richly, almost creamy-textured sweetness and delicate fruity/floral combined notes. Ah, if I didn't stop myself I'd guzzle gallons of it.

But the best of the dessert wines I've ever had has to be one vineward's Pedro Ximenez sherry. It's not a white wine, of course, so it doesn't count for this scenario; but the flavor is pure savory sweetness of rich fig and raisin with a touch of tartness on the finish, an addicting flavor that I must resist the urge to guzzle and remind myself that giving myself diabetes and liver failure simultaneously will be most unpleasant.

Oh my. It appears the Moon Princess has a thing for purple-smart :o

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