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The Monarch of the Sun has, after a long and glorious life filled with joys and hardships, finally stepped off the mortal coil. As ponies gather for the state funeral to say goodbye to the longest ruling, beloved ruler of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle starts the procedings with an announcement that Celetia requested delivered on her death bed.

This story is based on the following internet comic: Follow after reading the story.

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Granny Smith sits in her rocking chair, recalling memories of her late husband.

(My one shot for the month.)

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Every few decades or so a series of books, journals, pieces of paper and sometimes even pictures gain the ability to send and receive messages from the planet Earth to the land of Equestria. No one knows why this is, but with time and patience we have managed to start collecting records of all letters sent or received starting from the date of March 18th, 2012 between the two realms.

The results are open to the public.

(Will add characters once mentioned. Accepting submissions for new 'letters' as we speak. The Dark warning is more for 'Mature' then anything. Things connected to the human world generally are.)

(The Picture isn't mine. I'm not really sure who it belongs too, to be honest.)

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When the truth about the origins of Pony kind is discovered, questions arise and answers are needed quickly as those who played key roles in the history of all life return thousands of years later. They are not amused.

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