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Pinkie Pie invites herself to spend time with Twilight, who seems lost in contemplation. At Pinkie's insistence, she confesses her thoughts on the meaninglessness of life. After some consideration, Pinkie presents her own perspective on the matter.

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A great Idea, unfortunately you have too much fluff when it comes to your discriptions. The overuse of adjectives makes it difficult to read at times.

LOL'd :rainbowlaugh:


Holy hell, that was awesome.

I respect anyone who takes on doing Pinkie and does her right. I'm scared to death or writing for her knowing I slp up at every turn I try to make her sound legit - but rather end up just being a friggin tryhard - and here you come and do not only an awesome job with her. But Twilight as well, the slipping in of difficult words for her to define was a nice touch that I've never really considered when writing her myself.

Faved. Thanks Man for writing this.

This was brill, but - in my opinion - marred by too much forced alliteration and 'wittiness'. The idea and the expression were good enough to stand without the self-conscious writing, I think. It would have soared higher if it had just been written balls to the wall sincere, in total earnestness.

That said, the basic concepts, and most of the emotions, were powerful and had impact - certainly Pinkie Pie was done well, and the message is timeless and on the nose. A useful thing to read in times of stress, or self-doubt.

Overall, well done.

These are my thoughts.

This. This and more this. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:


lol, what the...

I don't know... on one hand, it's quite well-written. On the other, it doesn't seem that much like Pinkie, not in beliefs, but in pure language. Serious Pinkie is difficult to write though, so I can understand.
However, I agree with a few of the readers that it's really a bit wordy for the content- wordy enough, by pure coincidence or otherwise, to just meet the word-count required by EQD pre-readers.:duck:

Very, very enjoyable. And I'm going to buck the trend here, and say that I actually found your utilisation of spectacular vernacular to be pretty much spot-on for Twilight. For Pinkie, the sheer scope of vocabulary involved might strech disbelief to a certain degree (given her usual temperament), but never excessively so. I personally don't think that using the language to it's full extent is cause to call a work of fiction fluffy-all it indicates to me is that you know how to express your meaning to the most diverse and fullest extent. In short, really enjoyed the story, and keep it up!

I found it preachy, although the sentiment is nice enough I suppose.

Personally I found the answer much simpler: we are purposeless, at least on an existential level, that's what makes it all so fun. Personal purposes are a different subject and seem to be what Pinkie Pie was talking about.

I'm going to read the fuck out of this as soon as I have time.

..... Having a life isn't all it's cracked up to be......

That was a nice little thing.

Twilight yelped as she fell backward into her desk. The desk did not budge, so she then fell on her rump.

It took me way too long to interpret the paragraph that says this. Otherwise, I love a good philosophical Pinkie.

Prepare yourself sir. If there is one thing I love more than reading fanfiction, it's argument. And this entire fanfiction is an argument. My interpretation of Pinkie, and yours are so incredibly separated from each other, that they are like the east from the west. In the same way, our philosophies are far removed from one another: You believe that what happen after death does not matter; that only how one's experiences affect him is meaningful. Well I am here to tell you sir that I could not disagree with you more.

You have invoked the spirit of Passion and thus I must respond. Expect from me a response to this; written in the same fashion; another to argue against this. But realize also, that I praise this work for its impassioned argument. Thus, my counter-strike will come swiftly and terribly, but know that I respect you greatly and laud you for your opposing views. Soli Deo Gloria

TF2 heavy: PINKIE IS ├ťBERPONY (or what ever the equine equivalent of ├╝bermensh is, for philosophy embodies her argument quite well and I get to reference TF2 in stating this)

I love it when Pinkie Pie does that. She's so deep and I love Philosophy. I'm an idealist, after all. :pinkiesmile:

Yes, Pinkie is 100 percent right. We are unhappy because we think of a fictional world and then we try to bend everything around us to fit the world as we see it. The point of life is to accept the world as it is and just be happy. I loved your fic :twilightsmile:

That was cute. Plus insightful!

Interesting. This was recommended to me by others, and I must say it was an interesting read. Not precisely my cup of tea, but certainly worthy of thought. Far better than most works of fanfiction, at least.

wow... that was beautiful. I loved this story. I really did.
somehow i got a bit misty eyed there at the end of the story.
keep up the awesome work!:heart::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

In summary: denver.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/img/mlfw4081-fuckyourshit-pinkieholmes.gif
But in a really fun way. :pinkiehappy:

Like some of your other readers, though, I'm not feeling so great about Pinkie's sudden torrent of vocabulary. Her explanation of the real meaning of life feels like an argument somebody else is speaking through her, up to and including the part at the end where she finishes speaking and acts confused, not knowing what came over her. The argument is sound, and it's one she would make, but this really doesn't feel like the way she would make it. (I'm currently trying to figure out what that way is, though, so thanks for that- maybe I'll post it eventually.)

Also: this is the library, and Twilight is here, so where is Spike in all of this? I can think of only one instance since the start of the series when he was neither with Twilight nor at the library (Look Before You Sleep), and the writer there took the time to explain his absence. This just feels like you didn't think of him because you hadn't given him a role in the story, a la Sweet and Elite, and that always bugs the crap out of me.

This rant was very out of character. Not that I think that the content is wrong, or even not pinkie, but I don't think that is at all how Pinkie would say it.

301487 totally agree. Good story, but seriously was the author hit with a shelf of thesauri?

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