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After the events of Commutatus (Part One of this story) Applejack finds herself staring at the horizon of a potential world wide crisis, and can't help but blame herself. (Part One: Commutatus!)

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Actually, I'd have those samples placed under a high-energy gamma ray flux then put in a solid lead box and dropped in a volcano. I'd also have the doctor's memory erased and Twilight put under a geas that will kill her if she ever tries to discuss her findings with any mortal. I don't think that you can over-react to a threat of this magnitude! :raritydespair:

This is literally the worst-case scenario: a God serum! Something that can turn an ordinary pony into an Alicorn! Ambitious ponies would be willing to kill to possess such a prize; let alone what they would be willing to do to poor Applejack!

Burning isn't a guaranteed kill on some viruses. Trust me, gamma-ray exposure is the way forwards here.

The real problem here is that some viruses are called retro-viruses. They pick up bits of their host's DNA and can carry it onto the next host. C1 doesn't have to be a 'God Bug'; all it needs to do is pick up the right bit of Applejack's RNA and carry it to a new host and you've got a new mutation. Of course, C1 would be unlikely to be able to transfer all the variant Alicorn genome, so you'd have partial transformations with the next iterations; that's still potentially dangerous and could easily lead to an X-Men-style 'mutant explosion' with ponies developing enhanced capabilities.

Hmm... as I suspected, C1 wasn't able to transfer the entire genome. Of course, Aden probably didn't want to start creating Alicorns willy-nilly. The problem is that we have a probable narcissistic megalomaniac running around with something that can induce macroscopic mutations on a timescale of days. Weaponise C2 and you could easily, for example, turn every unicorn in the continent into Earth Ponies.

Oh... horseapples. This is what I was worried about. C6 is a Zombie Apocalypse Virus. :raritydespair: I'm serious; it turns ordinary ponies into dangerous, mentally-unstable virus-carriers whose likely primary purpose is to spread the infection further. That's the scientific definition of a ZAV.

This is a Jericho Trumpet scenario here; I think, that Celestia and Luna might need to seriously consider sterilising the Las Pegasus area with either a stellar core fragment or a mid-size meteor.

Okay, yeah he's nuts. That's unfortunate but it doesn't make him any less dangerous. I wonder if Nightmare Moon's old digs on the Moon are still usable?

I mean it: He's still got the knowledge even with C6 and C7 eradicated. He might not be able to replicate the virus, especially as Applejack is 'cured' but he can try and that could easily lead to pretty ugly problems later down the line.

Nice job on the reset button and possibly even scientifically plausible. However, I would have thought that C1 would have been immune to the R2 antigen as it is an older virus and would have different physical characteristics than the weaponised C6 and C7.

Whatever; this was a well-written story that kept the mind focussed on the story and never ceased to be in-character. Nice job!

You sure do comment a lot, but seriously though thanks for all the feedback. These stories are the first thing I have ever written seriously and took a a lot of time to write. I'm just glad to see someone likes it. I was afraid that the mood changes I tend to write with would scare some people away.

It felt appropriate, although I have been accused of being an Alfred Hitchcock.

Home made Bio-Weapons, made by the Elements, coming right up :pinkiecrazy:

Nah, since R2 and the C-line are basically advanced versions of C1 and R1. :derpytongue2:

Alfred Hitchcock could make another one out of this :P

Oh, and have a 'stache :moustache:

Let's have fun with this! Inject Cadance with the virus! See if it takes effect, or even infects Shining Armor!
No, really... Why would having an entire nation of Alicorns be a bad thing?

Right at the moment, burning the lab might be enough.

So, the physical changes were permanent in one case, but not another. Because of the different forms of Retexo?

I both loved and hated the end...
Loved because it's not a bad spot to end
.... hated because it's a terrible spot to end,
I want so much more of this!


The idea was actually going to launch a series, that I never finished. All my works were supposed to tie together.

I got one for each of the main six finished. (If you are clever enough to find Flutter's story lost in editing limbo.)

Glad you liked it!

7947048 ok, you definitely have my attention. And a watch.

Back at Canterlot, Twilight was still trying to get her head around what was happening, “she's going to use my brother to quarantine the entire city. There gonna seal off an entire city like...”

Twilight trailed off for a moment, and Applejack finished the thought, “like a giant tomb.”

Slightly reminds me of Dying Light

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