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When one of Twilight's spells goes wrong, Rarity finds herself perceiving the world in a very different way. She must overcome her new found perception in order to try and restore herself to normal. That might be easier said than done.

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Awesome song, thanks for showing me that. Not sure if it's a compliment that you posted it as a comment, but I will take it as one!

You know.. Celestia really needs to have Twilight see a therapist about that OCD.

Welcome to hell, Rarity!

Really cool concept. I feel like you spent far too much time positing question after question after question, though. Might have been a little better off a read if you cut down the post-spell pondering to just Rarity puzzling, then looking at the clock to figure it all out.

I rather felt that all the content presented was necessary to really appreciate the story.

I mean, I wondered about it myself, slogging through questions after introspection. "This is taking forever!" I thought to myself.

And then, I got it.

This is true.

Quite frankly I'm jealous. Maybe its my insane idealization of any form of immortality, but I think I would get used to it. An yeah it did drag, but that really was to impress on the reader just how slow this is, and how it felt.

Reading you say that makes me really happy. I'm glad to see that people other than my friends think it was well delivered.

Ehg... is that a Slenderman reference? Feels really out-of-place.

Everything else is still very good, though. Good to see Rarity get done relief from the incredible frustration of the time displacement!

The bloodbath was... also weird. Not quite the direction I thought you were going to take the story, but I'll stick with it!

Well, this was cool. Love the time displacement idea. Not sure if I'm going to stick around for the rest, because the idea that Rarity is still stuck waiting hour after hour after hour for every word she hears or speaks just kind of depresses me. Plus, I haven't read any of these other stories, so I'd be lost.

Enjoyed it for the most part, though!

Great story, but it hurts my brain thinking about this happining

What if they had already been stuck slow motion for so long that the clock had already wound itself down?

Then again the battery could have already been low on the clock, or worse yet, dead before Twilight even began casting the spell.

/sigh :facehoof:
This part was a bit jarring. Batteries? Really?
The term 'wound down' comes from when clocks had a spring that needed to be wound up with a key in order to work. They used mechanical energy that would be lost over time and would eventually run slower and slower until they stopped, hence 'winding down'. If they weren't constantly wound up -- ususally once a day -- then they would lose time. No batteries (electrical or magical) needed. This the type of clock that I would expect to find in a place that still uses steam trains and other late 19th century tech, magic or no.

Still, the story is keeping me interested so far. On to the next chapter.

Finished the story.
I may check out the other stories later, but I've got a lot on my plate at the moment.
You may want run this through a pre-reader or three to catch the things that even editors can miss.

You repeatedly use retaliative in the place of relative. They don't mean the same thing.
Also, there are quite a few typos throughout the story.

Still, the story took a turn that was rather unexpected, and I'm not sure if that was a good or a bad thing for me. I'll let ya know when I get around to reading the other stories. I'll just not assign a like or dislike for now.


Yeah, you should see it before I get people to correct it! Thanks for the corrections, when I get a bit of time I will go correct those. The use of the word retaliative is entirely the fault of the stupid spell check in open office. I'm glad to see you kinda enjoyed the story.

Glad you liked it!

Knock her unconscious. :ajbemused:

Twilight, you have no idea how much she wishes she was unconscious after waiting so very long. :ajbemused:

2 minutes is 1.3 days. :raritydespair:

Your solution until help arrives is a large heavy book applied to the back of the head.

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