• Published 15th Oct 2014
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Perception - Xz Hacker

An accident leaves Rarity's mind moving faster than ever.

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“Days Gone By”

Chapter Three: “Days Gone By”

Twilight smiled. “I need you to concentrate really hard on keeping time. Close your eyes and start counting. Try keeping it even.”

Rarity closed her eyes. “One, two, three...”

“In your head.”

She began to think the numbers. One, two, three, four, five. Twilight began her spell she had been working on all afternoon. “That's great Rarity!”

Twilight was almost finished. “A little more!”

Twilight finished and looked over at Rarity who was staring at the clock behind Twilight. “That was perf...”

Before Twilight could finish the sentence Rarity snapped her eyes and head toward Twilight, and her mouth flew open. She began making several strange sounds in rapid succession, her mouth never closing, and her tongue moving rapidly.

Twilight began to walk towards her, unsure of what was happening. “Rarity are you...”

She was interrupted again as Rarity began making more long drawn out noises, but still each one lasted only a second or two.

“Rarity, your scaring me.”

Rarity turned her head around wildly and quickly, as if frantically looking around the room. She then made a dash for a table across the room. Grabbed a pen and paper, and began scribbling something at high speed.

Alarmed but curious, Twilight walked over to take a look at what she had written. By the time she had taken even a few steps Rarity had already finished and turned to stare at her as she walked over.

When she got there, she carefully past Rarity and leaned down to read what was written. Somehow despite Rarity's insane haste, the penmanship was near perfection. The note read:

“Twilight, it worked, I'm still fast, help!”

Twilight stared down at the letter for several seconds before it clicked what it meant. Rarity's thoughts were still moving at their universe's previous speed.

She turned to Rarity. “Oh Rarity, I'm...”

Rarity furiously wrote more on the paper. “To slow, cant understand”

Twilight nodded, and wrote down. “I'm sorry, I will get Princess Celestia.”

Twilight teleported up stairs and frantically wrote a letter to Celestia explaining the situation. Spike sent it immediately seeing Twilight's rush, then asked what was going on.

Twilight teleported them both down to the basement and had Spike read the note's written by her and Rarity.

“Oh my gosh, Rarity hang in there!”

Rarity quickly rapped her forelegs around Spike, but only for a brief moment, before withdrawing. Rarity wrote once more. “Glad your here.”

Spike grabbed another pen himself. “I can't believe what is happening, are you OK?”

Rarity's pen was touch the paper before Spike had finished his question mark. “Waiting was painful, so alone.”

Celestia burst through the doors at the top of the stairs. She ran down and read the paper they had been writing on. “Twilight? How could you do this without talking with me?”

“Princess, I...”

Rarity was writing something and held it up to the Princess before Twilight could speak. It read: “You are angry, fix this first.”

The brevity of the message was more than sufficient to distract Celestia from the scolding she was about to deliver. She levitated the pen, and quickly wrote. “Yes of course.” Then teleported them all to her castle. She ran and awoke Luna, quickly explained the situation, and then ran back with her to fix this mess.