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When Discord decides to retire, he hosts a contest to decide who will inherit his power and become the next Lord of Chaos. Of course, Pinkie Pie wins.

First time posting a story as I write, forgive me if I seem slow.

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Interesting Concept

EDIT: Read the first chapter, your paragraphs need more spacing and the speech spacing needs to be sorted, also some capitals and stuff missing here and there

Good job! The writing felt a bit rushed, especially in the beginning, but its a very intriguing concept. Here, have a mustache. :moustache:

This description is well written...

This is weird but it also strikes me as the sort of thing that Discord would do as the final "F-You" to the Princesses and Equestria in general.

Pinkie is an odd one. I can honestly say that she hasn't got a malicious bone in her body. Unfortunately she also has the mental and emotional maturity of a 3-year-old. Oh, and she's now a Equimorphic Manifestation of one of the fundamental forces of creation. She would never intentionally hurt anyone but her idea of 'fun' being inflicted universe-wide in an innocent attempt to cheer everypony up? That could be very, very, very bad. One long party can stop being fun after a while.

Interesting premise is interesting.

pretty nice and interesting i will follow this i dont know but in every fic i have read that pinkie gets a power up in a fic it has the dark or the tragedy tag , is a nice change

"Keeping Pinkie Pie from going crazy with power was going to be more difficult than she realized."

"Keeping Pinkie Pie from going crazy with power..."

...Can't go somewhere else when you're already there. :pinkiecrazy:

I would love for more proof readers, if you, or anyone else for that matter, is interested, please PM me.
I have this weird thing to always start with a bang. I think my style comes from too many horror movies (read zombie movies)
You seem to think like me ben
Ty I guess? I try to be relatively unique.
I don't write dark. I hint at dark possibilities. But I try to keep it friendly. That's the appeal of MLP to me, upbeat with subtle hints.

I read the description and simply though, "What the fuck?"

Well, I'll get to this when I'm free. Curse my horrible never open schedule and perpetually growing Read-it-Later list! GRAH!

The thing is that everyone forgot an important fact: Pinkie Pie's new abilities will always follow the rules of Chaos!

That means that things are annoying, disturbing, distracting, down-right dangerous but, on a certain twisted scale, are funny will continue to happen with little rhyme and no reason. Pinkie will probably have very little control over it, really. The most she'll be able to do is guide it into a grand pattern but she'll remain a nucleus and focus of Chaos wherever she goes. She certainly won't be able to undo any of it, because returning Chaos to Order is the reverse of what her powers do!

Things could be able to get very, very weird.

This is part of the of the reason Discord went insane (well not insane but maybe acted crazy), hearing EVERYTHING. It was kinda inevitable. Nice addition to Discord's power lore.

Damn it! Now all privacy is lost!

This makes me really wonder if Pinkie will be able to control that power. Hopefully the fact that she already was so chaotic to begin with will help.

Pinkie Pie as the lord of chaos huh? Seems legit:pinkiecrazy:

Almost lost me for a second there.:ajsmug:Not bad.

Geez.. that is a lot of power. Surprised she didn't go nuts. Looking into infinity must be crazy.

My mind is a total cluster-fuck. What the heck just happened?

Being as absent as possible and a keyboard that glitches. I finally remembered that I had not placed this one in my favorites.

The good: A well-ordered and well-organized story, with a fitting beginning and middle, and a rushed but acceptable end.

Pinkie balances nicely between funny and creepy. Even without a dark tag, I spent much of the story afraid of what she might do next.

The bad: Simple, straightforward sentence structures seem a bit unfitting for a story about chaos unleashed. My guess is that you're still relatively new to writing, and you don't have much experience with the more anarchic structures of writers like Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams. (On the plus side, this is the writing skill that's easiest to develop, both through practice and through reading stories with a wide variety of styles.)

While fine when taken independently, some of the characterization is iffy when compared to canon. In particular, this Pinkie might be a little too childlike (more like the copies from Too Many Pinkies than like the original mare we know and love.)

The verdict: Liked, but not faved. I'll follow you to see how your skills improve.

Truly constructive criticism at its best. Thanks for an honest review, with a good amount of feedback.
I'm surprised at the number of comments some of my older stories have been getting lately, how did you come across this?
Final comment: Yes I am very very new to writing, which is why I'm glad so many people seem to like my work already.


Remember when you left a comment on "The Assumption of Applejack" saying that you'd done that plot first? I followed the link. Your writing looked a little rough, though, so I decided to start with your most recent story, then go back to earlier ones if it looked polished enough. (I think I'll just leave it at this one for now, since you're still learning your craft.)


Interesting though yes the end did feel rushed a bit.

Oh great Pinkie you just filled the room with cakeon particles.

Whoa. I never really realized just how powerful Discord is, or was. I mean, Pinkie can already create anything she want after a day of practicing. After the thousands of years Discord has had his power, there was probably nothing that he couldn't do. Absolutely nothing.
It's a scary thought.

I have a bad feeling.
I predict five days before she basically becomes Discord.

I'm terrified they're going to do something completely crazy, like turn Pinkie Pie into a statue.

So...basically Discord still has his powers, but Pinkie has them too?
How is that possible?

Wow, haven't gotten any comments on my old work in a while, it figures it would be this one though.

To answer this question, I felt like that his power would not just be instantly transferred, it what come a little at time. But "a little" of what would amount to near infinite power would be a lot at any given second. That's why it may seem like he kept his power, and she had it too.

I hope that explains that! It's funny, I haven't checked fimfiction in a good bit, and I suddenly had this feeling today to check it, odd coincidence I guess. Speaking of, I'm always curious when this happens, what lead you to this old story?

Good job! Amazing! You did their personalities perfectly! Keep going!

Thank you very much. My series has been a little stalled as of late due to my insistent job schedule, and my personal life having tons of distractions. I really want to rap it all up soon and move on.

Glad you liked it, have you read my others?

Of course Pinkie would win, Pinkie is about as similar to Discord as you could get while being a pony.

I love it,i love pinkie

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