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While investigating an old class mate for potential cheating, Rainbow Dash uncovers a secret that will change her life forever.

(Editing was a little rushed, but it should still be good, I hope you like it)

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Oh, RD just got Benjamin Button'd. Well, this should be fun.

Well, this immediately veered into territory I wasn't expecting, and then veered away from that just as fast. :rainbowhuh:

Reminds me of Gatchaman, where a game changing plot twist seemed to happen almost every episode. At least in the beginning, I didn't finish the series.

If you're refering to the ending you won't understand it unless you have read the rest of xzhackers stories. BreakDown in particular

You know I've been meaning to watch this, although I don't get the comparison.
Breakneck pace change, its kinda my signature writing style. I'm a roller coaster baby!!!
As my good friend Scorch explained, its a reference through-back to the ending of my story Breakdown, and Discord's Resignation. (They are kinda linked, sorta, they will be shut up)

You know..... OK you win, I didn't even think of that.


Well, for that chapter anyway, her forward temporal momentum was carrying her into the past. The heading into the future part of it was next chapter.

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