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After a being severely injured in a battle with Discord, Applejack needs to be healed by the Elements of Harmony, however after getting back on her feet, Applejack begins to undergo strange changes.
(I asked one of my friends to challenge me to write an original story, and he gave me this pitch, I took it and ran with it, however it got a little out of hand and became this, this can be considered part one, the rest is so radically different I decided it needed to be uploaded separately, I hope that doesn't break the not uploading chapters as separate stories rule Part Two: Retexo)

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Seriously, why should the Sisters do anything? If anything, Applejack's Earth Pony heritage might mean that she could become the Goddess and Princess of Nature, in which case living amongst the farmers would be important, even vital.

I just want to say that you have defintely got the characters just right in their reactions to this situation and even how you're writing their dialogue. Well done!

I think this is best; as capable as Twilight and Rainbow are, Applejack's powers are going to be orders of magnitude greater still. She'll need Celestia and Luna's experience to ensure that she is able to develop sufficient control over them. Rainbow's first Rainboom and Twilight's magical flash-flood both demonstrated just how dangerous uncontrolled release of power could be.

Hold on, your nan helps you to write a My Little Pony fanfic? Im i the only one a bit confused by that?

My grandmother is a very supportive person, and I'm quite open about my love of My Little Pony. But to answer your question, no she didn't help me write it, she simply fixed my atrocious use of words and incredibly long run on sentences.

1117555 oh, ok, it just confused me because im not on good terms with my own grandmother

I have lived with my grandmother my entire life. She is practically my mother, but sometimes we act more like best friends. And sometimes we argue like best friends too.

“But AJ, you were going to do that anyway, or die first. You need to look at this the other way around silly. It's not that you have to watch everypony grow old and die, it's that you get to watch everyone you know live out there whole lives, and not worry them with your own death.”

Best way to help cope with immortality EVER

Yeah, Fluttershy may be my favorite pony, but god I love Pinkie Pie sometimes. She lets me have fun and be sudo-serious like that.

I suppose your right, but I'm still sad to hear your not on good terms with yours...

1117709 ahh its fine:twilightsmile: its been that way since i was very young

Holy Carp, Pinkie just countered all of the immortaliangsty in one fell swoop. I am stunned.

Two things on that. One, that is pretty much my view on immortality. Two, no one else but Pinkie Pie could possibly have said it better. No realy, I let the characters right their own dialouge in my head, without her, I could have never put my own thoughts into words.

*Grins and claps* Very cute. The grammar needs work but overall a very cute story.:yay:

You gotta be kidding me. The grammar needs work? Shoot, I reviewed it a lot. Can you tell me where you saw some errors? I'd really appreciate it. Unless you're talking about in the dialogue, in which case some of it is intentional.

1135445 :fluttercry: Sorry >.< I'd have to look more closely over things to let you know but I think most of it was dialogue. It was really jarring to have the pony use contractions and formal speech in the same sentence and didn't feel like it necessarily fit with the character.

I'll read it again and see if it was just dialogue that was bugging me or if there was other stuff I noticed.:twistnerd:

Yeah, I tried hard to stick with the characters standard speech model, but occasionally switching back and forth between characters like AJ and RD, and Twi and Rarity, caused some funky problems, I appreciate your efforts though.

1136986 but all of them speak with contractions so that doesn't make any sense as to why the characters would use casual and formal speech in the same sentence. :derpyderp2:

Well maybe my view is biased, I am actually from Texas, so I am quite used to seeing that sort of thing regularly. More than likely it is the cause of my dialogue being back and forth like that. From now on, I will attempt to stick a little better with speech patterns, thanks for the critique.

1142458 Really? That's fascinating.:pinkiegasp: I'm a Canuckian from up North so I'm not used to it. For me contractions are for everyday speech and not using them indicates more formal speaking like in a lecture paper or somesuch. so combining the two comes across as strange but if it's normal for you I can definitely understand why that wouldn't seem out of place.

Definitely looking forward to more of your works and glad I was able to help.:twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

First fan fic I read. I really enjoyed it, not just because A.J is my favorite.

LOL, it's the first fan fic I've written. Glad to here you liked it though.

Look up: actor panel highlights part 1, somebody requested Ashleigh Ball say:

Ferget you! Ah could eat all these apples!

And then everybody freaked out in excitement.


Yeah I've seen it, it's a reference to the Apple.mov video by hotdiggedydemon (way to lazy to check my spelling on that)


Yeah this was my first ever fic, so I can be predictable. Read my newer work, people LOVE perception. And Discord's Resignation, but I prefer Perception by far.

Wow, all of applejacks friends are assholes in this story. Im done.

Sounds like Rainbow is upset that AJ could match her easily.

“What do you call ponys like Celestia? Ah mean being a Unicorn and a Pegasus like that?”

The multiple of "pony" is ponies.

Okay, with that out of the way, I can't imagine that any of the ponies of Equestria would fail to know what sort of pony their princess is.

Anyway, I'm enjoying this story!

Now I'm wondering whether they could talk the princesses into helping them pull off a quadruple rainboom. I don't know whether Cadance could get in on that to make it a quintuple though. If not--that would be sad.

It sounds as though Sweet Apple Acres is going to be left abandoned. It might have been a better idea to provide hired help to take Applejack's place at the farm. Or maybe transfer ownership to some other members of the Apple family.

Twilight levitated out another letter and Apple Jack telepathically grabbed it and began to read.

Telepathic implies communication. I think you want "telekinetic," which would imply motion.


People still read my work?


Anyway, thanks for the error spots. I probably won't edit them anytime soon, but if I ever get the time to jump start my series back to life, it will get done.

That's actually rather good title for her.

Too little information for a first chapter, imo.

Twilight looked at the scene for a moment, and laughed and said, “Applejack what are you doing, you can't eat all those apples.”

Applejack taking this as a challenge said, “forget you, I can eat all these apples,” and began to eat them all at a blinding pace. When she was done she sat there for a minute then fell on her back.

“Ah got a stomach ache,” Applejack said, almost smiling seeing how funny the situation was.

Half smiling Twilight said, “well you proved me wrong, I guess you CAN eat all those apples.”

D- did you just reference that Ashleigh's quote and Apple.mov?

“But AJ, you were going to do that anyway, or die first. You need to look at this the other way around silly. It's not that you have to watch everypony grow old and die, it's that you get to watch everyone you know live out there whole lives, and not worry them with your own death.”

Okay this is unironically really beautiful

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