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I was thinking for like the second silent hill movie/ one of the games she comes close to dying or is dying, and Pinkie saves her.

I'd like to read over the project once you've completed it so you can get another author's opinion on it. I will go for it with the mindset of cupcakes.

I hope that Octavia isn't dying! That'd be tragic, especially after she helped Pinkie overcome her own trauma remember?

I will admit mine has a bit more…gore in it

Honestly very slowly, and I am making it very detailed too, but I’m also reaching some writer’s blocks with a lot of portions. I need to go back to silent hill games and movies for inspiration to be completely honest. I will send you the unedited project in this coming month so you can see what you’d like to change if you’d like

  • Viewing 2 - 6 of 6
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