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1654252 Blimey....!

I haven't had chance to play that game yet, although I've played most of the others. Suffice to say that the Saints Row games are very strong satire, but they've never done a Disney style musical before. That's just bizarre, although maybe not entirely unexpected. I'm just amazed they haven't yet included any MLP references in the games! :pinkiehappy:

1553118 It was! I never knew she had such boopness. :fluttershyouch: I've not seen that story before, and when I get a moment I'll have to read through the chapters properly, but skimming through that first one it seems like a very unusual idea for a story!

1553103 Aha! You admit that it was Fluttershy behind it all! *cough* Anyway, there's this: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/183258/lets-boop :derpyderp1:

1552426 Eeep! Such boopness. :yay:

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