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Midnight Quill

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Returning from her banishment and taking over Equestria had been the easy part. Ruling over it, Nightmare Moon had come to realize, was the real challenge.

One fateful night, an assassin gives her a dilemma that shows her just how great a challenge it will be.

My thanks go to Chaospaladin and AlicornPriest for their help with the story and to MiesDo for the cover art.

This story is part of the Shadowverse alternative timeline.

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Comments ( 9 )

Hmm, I have to admit the biggest question I have is just exactly what is the Shadowverse other than obvious nightmare moon is in charge?

The Shadowverse is my original verse and a bit more complicated than just "Moonie is in charge".
This whole project has been under construction for almost two years now, and if you stick around, you'll see the full extent of it :raritywink:

I'll probably go a bit into detail about it in my first blog post as well as on my user page.


Ah should be interesting where it goes then and how it will vary from other settings where Nightmare Moon returns and seizes power beyond the usual like dash and rarity being in her service, I mean I can see one change(Poor Shiny and Cadence's doomed relationship) but it be interesting to see the other changes.

Let's put it like this: the Shadowverse doesn't have it's main focus on Moonie, but the "Kindred Spirits" series does. It's one of three series that make the verse. Mechanics and historic canon stay the same, while location, timeline (blame Starlight) and main cast of the other series will be different.

As I said, just stick around, it's going to be quite the ride.

There's never enough Nightmare Moon stories, much less good ones. Thanks for your effort and have a like.

A strong start with a pathetic ending.

Y'know, it would be more of a help if you'd share your thoughts on the why. If you were expecting an action thriller, well, this simply ain't one.


I've found that most authors only want praise and get really defensive otherwise. And no. I wasn't expecting an action thriller.

I'm not doing any of this for the praise, but simply because I want to.
And as I said, if you'd actually share what you didn't like about the ending, I would be given the chance to think about it and maybe discuss it here. After all, for any creator feedback is the best way of improving oneself.

However, if you keep posting pointless remarks, I'll start deleting them. I'm open to criticism, but this isn't a place for pointless rambling.

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